Facebook Hashtags: How Will It Help Lead Generation?

hand holding hashtag symbol

With social networking giant Facebook introducing the hashtag feature on its pages, social media marketers have been given another tool in their lead generation and appointment setting efforts. With the hashtag function, Facebook users can now consolidate all information available regarding the tagged topic. This could be very useful for businesses seeking more customers from the social network. Being able to monitor trends and discover content has always been Facebook’s major weakness, a frustrating situation for marketers in search of new sales leads.

Similar in function to the hashtags you see on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr, Facebook’s hashtag feature can now add more contexts to their post, or link their post to a larger discussion already happening in the social media site. By clicking on the hashtag, users will be bought to a feed displaying what others are saying about that particular event or topic. Companies can take advantage of this by adding hashtags to their relevant posts. If their post is attractive enough, it will entice visitors to view their company page as well, leave their contact info, and leave the rest to the telemarketing team.

This is an important innovation in terms of mining for B2B leads.

There are plenty of marketing and lead generation opportunities that your business can explore with Facebook’s new feature. Yes, it is still in the testing stages (with only a few users given permission to use this feature for now), but you can expect this to roll out in the near future.