Going Viral – Lead Generation Lessons From Sesame Street


Who among you has never heard of Sesame Street? More likely than not, each and every one of us can recall Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, and the rest of the puppet gang. Despite the years, they still command a sizable presence in their audience – seemingly viral when it comes to spreading their content. Is that not what we also want for our lead generation campaign? How do we create viral content that will get the attention of countless potential sales leads?

Taking a page out of Sesame Street’s playbook, we can glean three timeless rules:

  1. Educational – basically, the success of Sesame Street is based on its ability to educate, to inform viewers. It is the same thing in marketing. People dig fresh and informative content. You have to make sure that whatever information you share is actually what they need.
  2.  Balance – to keep the interest of your B2B leads prospects, you need to strike the right balance between serious and fun content. You should offer content that entertains while, at the same time, adds credibility to your appointment setting campaign.
  3.  Audience – a content that goes viral is simply content that appeals to the right audience. Tapping the right communication tool, like telemarketing or social media, also helps in increasing the impact of your content. How your audience accepts your message is the final test to creating viral content.


Once you satisfy all three points, then your lead generation content has a higher chance of going viral. Try it and see for yourself.