How To React In Social Media (Without Jeopardizing Lead Generation)

A smart phone and icons of social media reaction

How does a company react on an external crisis through social media? That is a question that leaves a lot to be desired. Remember the Twitter fiasco during Hurricane Sandy? How about the Epicurious Twitter gaffe after the Boston Marathon Bombing? Knowing where to tread the thin line can be a challenge in lead generation. Tragedies may be huge topics for discussions, but to anchor your promotions on that can be a serious false step in generating sales leads. So, where should you place yourself then?

To put it simply, you need to be human again. As what Scott Goodson, founder of Strawberry Frog, said, “Ten years ago, brands just sold stuff… Now they’re like your friend.” No matter what marketing medium you use, be it social media, email, print advertising, and even telemarketing, going down to the personal level, appealing to the human side of things, connects you stronger with your market.

So when a tragedy or a disaster strikes, you should also react in the same way a simple human being does: empathize. Share the pain. Not like you have to go to the extent of a social media black-out, but sharing an understanding message will do the job. To start with, social media is all about the conversation, not the appointment setting. You do not generate a lot B2B leads from this medium, anyway.

That is pretty much it – putting the human touch back to social media again. Anything that smells of blatant selling will only kick your business back to the lead generation drawing board.