Singapore Lead Generation Tip From Albert Einstein


Albert Einstein was a man ahead of his time. His contributions to science and physics has redefined the way our world moves today. While his personal life is anything but rosy, his professional mark can be felt in all aspects of our lives. But what does he have to do with lead generation in Singapore?

He once said that, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

His words ring true even until today, no matter what business or industry you belong to. And it has served as a very useful guide for those looking trying to generate qualified sales leads. A lot of appointment setting representatives make the mistake of simplifying terms and ideas to listeners to the point that their discussion sound too basic. A little complexity will not hurt at all, especially if there is no better term to describe something.

Simplifying things applies not only in the selling part but also to what is being offered as well.  Business prospects are not that interested in bells and whistles. They do not need a multitude of buttons or choices. They only need something that will make their lives easier. And if you can give them something like that, then your telemarketing campaign would be much easier.

You can say that simplicity is the greatest achievement a marketer can reach. There is a beauty in simplicity that attracts the attention of B2B leads. As long as you know how to do it (without reaching the point of plainness), then you have sure captured your market.