Telemarketing Lessons From The NBA Play-offs


With all eye focused on the NBA Finals, perhaps this is a good time to also discuss about the implications it has in the future of the game. Not only that, it might be worthy of study, for all aspects of our lives, even business and marketing are no exceptions. To be honest, you might learn a thing or two here that can help manage your lead generation operations. Even if you have to take a page out of sports, if it can help improve your ability in generating more qualified sales leads, then you should do so. Now, what lessons can you glean from this?

First off, you have to consider tactics. Yes, even in a job as regular as appointment setting, you still have to make plans. Just like in a basketball game, you need to know who you are playing against, where you will play your game, as well as the kind of game play that you will display. Convert these concepts into business terms, and you have a fairly good idea where to start.

Secondly, you should also think about your people. Different people have different styles or strengths, so their game might look different. Just make sure that they are all heading to the right direction. For example, if someone is good in telemarketing, then use him to get in touch with prospects on the phone.

Lastly, make sure you deliver. The NBA achieved its current level of popularity because it delivers what basketball fans demand. It is the same way with your business. If you want B2B leads to continue coming in, you need to make sure that you deliver what you promise to those you currently have. This will build up goodwill, as well as create a positive perception of you and your business.

Now, who said you cannot learn anything in basketball, anyway?