The Triple A of Telemarketing, Article 1: Attitude


One of the major points of emphasis in telemarketing training sessions is the fact that prospects do not see the telemarketer they’re talking to. That’s for agents to realize that since their voices are the only representation of their personality, it’s very important to keep a pleasant attitude at all times.

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People have a general idea of bad attitude, and it’s almost common across most cultures. It can be born out of a recent bad experience, a sudden realization of worthlessness, a feeling of discomfort towards a particular place, person or situation, or perhaps something much deeper. But despite of its “subconscious” nature, an attitude is still, at the end of the day, a simple mental process.

Can we control our attitude towards something?

That’s a yes, according to Chris Widener, a New York Times and Wall Street best-selling business author and speaker ( Widener said that even though we do not control the circumstances around us, we can choose how we perceive and feel about them. Ultimately, the choice of a right attitude would open up new and better circumstances.

If you go to work despising the fact that you have to suffer for 8 hours, will people attempt to have a chat with you or sit beside you during lunch? Probably not. But if you spend those 8 hours with a contagiously positive attitude, things happen around you and opportunities are drawn towards your existence.

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Attitude in Telemarketing

You don’t need to see one’s face or observe one’s actions to make an assessment – you can draw an impression from the choice of words, the way sentences are structured, the timing of pauses, the indistinct sounds, and most importantly, the tone of voice.

Prospects almost recognize immediately if a telemarketer possesses a certain unpleasant attitude over the phone. It’s something that can be as explicit as a sound, but can also be as subtle as a gut feeling. Going into a call with a negative attitude can spell doom for a telemarketer. Attitude affects the way spiels are delivered, questions are answered, and objections are handled.

So how do you do it?

Stay healthy and well rested. In order for your mind and body to function stress-free, you need to have sufficient time to rest before you start calling people.

Contemplate on your job. Being a telemarketer involves several goals – both qualitative and quantitative. Take time to look at your level of satisfaction in performing your tasks, your plans of execution, and what rewards you will get if you succeed.

Avoid complaining. Every time you feel like whining about bad stuff happening around you, pause for a while, take a deep breath, and gradually let go of the negative thought and focus on the good stuff.

Smile. Before you pick up that phone, think about the things that make you happy, and make it a goal to share that attitude with whoever you’re going to talk to. If you start and end something with a happy face, you have nothing to lose.