Using Gamification In The Lead Generation Experience


Lead generation is not really a hard activity.

Actually, this is an important part of any company’s marketing efforts. The difference here among firms is its effectiveness in gathering sufficient sales leads. There are a lot of tactics that you can employ here, be it social media, email, or even telemarketing. An emerging trend in some companies is the use of gamification to increase customer interaction and publicity.

Theoretically speaking, gamification is a form of marketing and promotion in business, using an action and rewards system for people active in your social network. People love games, and using that as a medium of promoting or facilitating your business can be pretty useful in easing up your appointment setting efforts. If the games you have set up is good, then people will talk about it. There is not much need for you to talk about your business at length anymore.

Which all comes down to the gamification system itself: what kind of system should you set up? You have to examine first what kind of audience you have. Suffice it to say that how they use your website, interact with your sales people, as well as talk to your business managers, will tell you what kind of call-to-action you can make, as well as the reward that you can offer them.

As long as it is for the generation of B2B leads, you should try gamification in your marketing processes. Who knows, it might be a nice addition to your current lead generation arsenal.