What Good Can B2B Telemarketing Give to Event Management Companies

What Good Can B2B Telemarketing Give to Event Management Companies

Organizing events is a tough job. But letting your audience know about the event and getting their commitment to attend is tougher. I bet event management companies in Singapore couldn’t agree more.

As an event managers, you have to find ways to attract participants and gently persuade them to attend.

Instead of focusing all of your time and effort, why not outsource event telemarketing?

Let B2B telemarketers do what they do best – look for the right audience, convince them to attend and participate.

Speed has always been the biggest asset of B2B telemarketing. Singaporean firms that outsource lead generation services can attest to this. They have been served with qualified b2b sales leads without even exerting a lot of effort online and face-to-face interaction.

The same is true in event management. Invitations are done at faster speed, which optimizes productivity. Engaging a dialogue directly with the potential attendants lets the caller identify if the prospect is really interested and persuade those who refused to attend by providing relevant information about the event.

Here are 5 steps on how B2B telemarketing provide better and faster results.

  • Send out emails about the event.

B2B telemarketing companies don’t just make calls. They do multi-channel marketing approach to reach out and nurture prospects. Once you’ve identified your target audience, you can ask them to send out and let your prospects know about your upcoming event.

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  • Telemarketers call these hot prospects to see if they’re available to attend the event.  
  • Telemarketers will continue to call these prospects until they were able to speak to them and invite them personally.
  • B2B telemarketers do confirmation call 1-2 days before the event to make sure of their attendance.
  • The best part is, telemarketers can walk through and help attendees register for the event.

What else? You can even ask them to reschedule unavailable prospects if necessary.

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If you don’t plan your event right, you’ll get harassed and stressed. That is why most event management companies consider B2B telemarketing to help them target the right people and boost their event attendance so they can focus more on planning for the big day rather than getting people to attend.