Why Does Social Media Suck In Lead Generation?

Why Does Social Media Suck In Lead Generation_done

Tragedies are terrible things. Hurricane Sandy, Boston Marathon Bombing, Sandy Hook Massacre, are horrific events. Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites are abuzz with these discussions. While the topics covered are mostly related to the event, there are a few (shall we say ‘idiotic’?) marketers who used the tragedy for their lead generation campaign. Just like what American ApparelEntenmanns’s, and probably KitchenAid, learned the hard way, social media can be a very bad place to generate sales leads.

To start with, why do companies (and their marketers) spend so much time and money on social media marketing? The most obvious answer would be the huge size of the audience. Just imagine the millions of people who could see a single tweet, post, or comment on these social pages, and any marketing guru would be salivating. But, as Bob Hoffman said in his blog, social media rarely brings home the bacon. To be exact, it causes sales to plummet. So, why the disconnect?

Here is the secret: social media was never meant to be a selling platform.

It was only supposed to engage people in a discussion. Sure, companies can use social media to tap into their customer base, communicate with them, learn what the latest trends are, as well as glean information that can help in planning. But for active conversion of B2B leads into business deals, other marketing tools are necessary, like telemarketing. Using social media as the main appointment setting tool is only an invitation for disaster.

You might as well invest on better lead generation tools.