Why Family Can Screw Up Your Lead Generation Campaign

Before anything else, I just want to tell the readers that I have nothing against family-owned businesses. In fact, I encourage them. In these trying times, we need more entrepreneurs to power the economy. What I do have against family deals with efficiency issues, especially in lead generation efforts.

Really, having family members manage the generation of qualified B2B leads might not be a good idea at all.

To start with, no one really has the heart to criticize family members, right? Be it your kind uncle managing your telemarketing team, your savvy sister monitoring social media networks, or probably your wise mother who knows the ins and outs of the appointment setting environment, you really cannot say anything in case they screw up. Come to think of it, because you live close with them, you might never notice that they have made some mistakes. Now that would be an even worse scenario.

Still, family members’ contributing their best to the business is a sound idea. It is ensuring that the quality of business that comes your way that becomes a problem. In cases like these, having an impartial helper in lead generation is a good plan. Good for you if you can partner with a professional appointment setting firm, since this will ensure consistency in marketing performance. That would be a winning arrangement.

Just be sure that your family really helps. Letting slackers in your business is a sure-fire ticket to ruining your future and mess up all your lead generation efforts.