5 Lead Nurture Tools to Turn Cold Singapore Prospects to Warm

Lead Nurture Tools to help Marketers Turn Cold Prospects to Warm

Lead nurturing plays an important role in your overall marketing effort. Nowadays, prospects tend to research online before they make a decision to purchase whatever it is that they need. If a prospect is not ready to buy, it is best to nurture him and walk him through every stage of his buying process until he decides to purchase from you.

Here are my top 5 lead nurture tools that can help your reach out, engage and build the relationship with your cold prospects to turn them into warm leads.

1) Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool by Callbox

Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool is easy to use tool that lets you launch a multi-channel campaigns in minutes. Capture your prospect’s attention, educate and engage with them by delivering personalized messages they need to receive at certain points in the sales process.

Callbox Lead Nurture Tool

How does it work?

Step #1: Automate behavior-based actions.

Take control of your process by defining your next move for any actions – send email, send SMS, send postal mail, prompt to call.

Step #2” Create personalized marketing messages across all channels.

Customize email templates, landing pages, postal mail contents and SMS message.

custom email - callbox lead nurture 4

Step #3: Respond to prospects in real-time.

Touch base with your prospects right when they are more interested and ready to hear from you.

lead nurture tool 3 - callbox

Step #4: Track all activities of your sales team through Callbox Pipeline.

lead nurture tool 4 - callbox

Learn more about  Callbox Lead Nurture Tool!

2) Pardot: B2B Marketing Automation Tool by Salesforce

pardot - lead nurture tool

Pardot lets you;

  • Accelerate your sales cycle and close deals faster by:
    • Identifying your best leads
    • Track engagement with campaigns
    • Improve follow up speed
    • Combine your marketing and sales to turn your leads into loyal customers for life
  • Generate and fill your sales pipeline with high-quality leads by:
    • Creating landing pages and forms
    • Run a highly-targeted email campaign
    • Personalize your buyer’s experience from click to close
  • Build meaningful relationship with your prospects
  • Track all campaign performance and marketing ROI with a customizable dashboard

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3) Act-on

act on - lead nurture tool

Act-on is a SaaS, cloud-based marketing automation solution that lets you;

  • Manage and optimize all stages of the customer experience.
  • Track each prospect’s activity from initial engagement to closed sales and beyond.
  • Measure report on all campaigns

You can use Act-on for the following;

  • Inbound tracking
  • Keep track of who is visiting your site, even if they haven’t converted
  • Lead scoring
  • Email campaigns
  • Automated email drips
  • Salesforce Integration

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4) Infusionsoft

Infusion - lead nurture tool

Infusionsoft is a CRM for small businesses and helps them with their marketing automation. It lets you;

  • Import and organize all contacts that come to your business (both online and offline) with tagging and segmentation
  • It collects data about contacts’ behaviors, score them based on marketing interactions, and prioritize hot leads and ready to buy prospects
  • Build relationships and track engagement with your audience
  • Creates personalized messages and automate when to follow-up your prospects.

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5) Eloqua by Oracle

oracle - lead nurture tool

Eloqua is a lead and campaign management tool and is more popular to large enterprises. It lets marketers engage to the right audience with the right message at the right time while providing real-time reporting and insights.

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Regardless what lead nurture tool you’re using, your main goal as a marketer is to nurture your leads on every stage of their buying process. These lead nurture tools can help you guide your prospects until they’ve reached the final stage of their buying journey.