5 Things Every Prospecting Email Must Have Before Hitting ‘Send’

5 Things Every Prospecting Email Must Have Before Hitting ‘Send’

There are 5 things you must do before you jump out of bed in the morning and sip your morning tea: express gratitude, set your intentions for the day, take a few long deep breaths, smile and flex your muscles and forgive yourself from yesterday’s mistakes.

Must dos and must haves are prerequisites to achieving or accomplishing things. In business prospecting, email communication is one tactical task that requires a certain process and must include substantial data to support the content of the message.

Hey,hold on….don’t press the SEND button yet instead double check if you have these 5 important things every prospecting email must include:

#1: Personalized Greeting and Charismatic Opening

“Hi” and “Hello” are sweet words to the ears but may not be catchy enough to use as a greeting in a business email as using their first names like:

“Hello Brian” which sounds more personalized and professional.

Keep the prospect glued to reading your message with a charismatic opening line that tells something about them, their product or their recent achievement like:

“I saw your latest product on your website…” or “Congratulations for the success of your…”, rather than first taking the stage to introduce yourself which would most probably shun the prospect away from reading your email. See more tips here..

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#2: Your Reason and the Prospect’s Reason

What other reasons would you have for sending your prospect an email but to make a sale. However, it may sound so straightforward to say:

“I am Fred, a salesman and I’d like to see if you’d be interested to ……” .

Make your message discreetly sound like you have the solution to their problem:

“We provide a full package HR solution from Consultation to Reporting which would be streamline all tasks from different departments”.

Thus, will give your prospect a reason to continue reading and crave for more substantial information in your email.

#3: Quick, Specific Call-To-Actions

Support your message with valid data so provide CTAs in your email to promptly address your prospect’s’ concerns. This way you’ll be able to track your prospects actions and take further steps to reach out to them even without them replying to your email.

  • Links to your company website
  • Chat/Query box
  • Downloadable Forms
  • Brochures

#4: Thrust on Gaining TRUST

There’s no better way to gain your prospect’s’ trust than telling them the truth and presenting facts.

  • Do a research and present validated facts in your message in order to boost your prospect’s confidence in what you say.
  • If you are not sure of the answer to their question, never assume, instead take a parking lot and get back to your prospect once you have the legit information.
  • Promise only what you can deliver


#5: Get close with your prospect before you close and sign off

Closing an email conversation is just as critical as the opening part. How do you end? What would you say to make the prospect warmly welcome your follow up emails? Again, this would lead back to how well you know your prospect:

  • Their interests
  • The circles they are in
  • Their engagements.

Take a look at the closing spiel samples below from hubspot:

“Always a pleasure chatting with a fellow Red Sox fan,”

John Doe

A pleasant extro connoting similar interests between you and the prospect is remarkable.

“Congratulations again on the [trigger event]”

Beth Smith

Leave an impression of valuing your prospect’s success. Take note of the five important things discussed  above when drafting prospecting emails by personalizing your greeting followed by a charismatic opening, provide yourself and the prospect as well valid reasons to continue communicating, include CTAs, gain the prospect’s trust by stating facts and establish a little rapport with your prospect even in your closing spiel.

Take these things as your business “must dos’ and “must haves” and you’ll definitely be successful not just for a day but for life.