Don’t Bore Your Prospects to Death with your B2B Social Media Posts

Don’t Bore Your Prospects to Death with your B2B Social Media Posts

Have you ever visited a business-to-consumer (B2C) page on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest?

These social media pages are usually fun and entertaining, because they can pretty much post anything that’s trivial or funny or just plain attractive. Consumers don’t really demand for things that dwell so much on the product.

But for business-to-business (B2B) social media pages, it’s a different scenario.

These pages are mostly viewed by corporate managers, executives and small business owners. It’s also where certain field specialists and techies scout for product and software information. There is that demand for intellectual satisfaction, and little to no tolerance for anything otherwise.

For B2B, it’s strictly for business.

That, though, doesn’t mean marketers should bore the hell out of their page visitors. With the right balance between professionalism and creativity, social media posts can also be pleasant to the senses. How?

#1: Insert relevant keywords into titles

Regardless of what you are writing on, you need to incorporate the words that your prospects are using when discussing about your product, business and industry. Find the right keywords for people to use when searching for your topic. These keywords are helpful for the search engine to relate it to your article.

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#2: Include images that are captivating

Sometimes, words aren’t necessary. In some social media channels such as Instagram and Pinterest, people communicate purely with pictures. Never use the same stock photography images such as that of a light bulb or a group of people around a conference room table. Instead, find for interesting images that are related to your post. Make sure your images are helpful to your target audience if you want them to be shared a lot. There are lots of captivating images online, just make sure to give credit back to the photographer.

#3: Don’t promote your product.

Engage with your prospect. Start a conversation and ask questions. Social media is meant to be social. Try solving prospects’ business problems. B2B prospects visit your page or read your posts because they are trying to find answers to their problems. If you expect results, you have to be social. If you only promote your business and do not engage at all, your success will be limited. Be human.

#4: Share customer stories

Customer stories are candid. They’re not there to promote a product but real, human stories and experiences. Ask your existing customers to share their stories of how you’ve helped them solve their problems.  

Yes, social media marketing isn’t easy but that shouldn’t stop you from letting the world know about your product. Tweak your approach with the strategies mentioned above. You’ll find out the results will be worth your efforts.