The Anatomy of an Effective Landing Page for APAC Businesses [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Anatomy of an Effective Landing Page for APAC Businesses

Your landing page is arguably the most important component of your marketing campaign. After all, it’s the one that makes visitors into paying customers. For Asian companies that want to make an impact in the region, it pays to have a highly effective site.

Still, in order for that to happen, you will have to be familiar with the qualities of a good landing page. It’s challenge for many marketers in terms of allocating resources to the right components.

So what makes a truly effective landing page?

The Anatomy of an Effective Landing Page for APAC Businesses

A catchy call to action.

Don’t just put a subscribe button for the heck of it. You wouldn’t want your audience thinking, “ Why should I?” You need to convince them into taking action by showing what they
would expect after they take action.

That and a good CTA design will essentially boost your site conversions. Not sure how? Well, you can always consider customized CTA’s since they are sure to give 42% more conversions.

An alluring headline.

What does your article talk about? Well, your headline describes that for you. It also lures a prospect into reading what the content actually says.

What’s more, at least 90% of site visitors who read your call to action also read your headline. tweet this!

So, a few things about making content titles: keep them short, simple and strong enough to pull prospects in.

A compelling design.

While minimalist design schemes are the trend today, not all of these work well enough to keep prospects asking for more, good design is basically a principle in digital marketing, and not investing too much in this aspect may cost your leads. Also, learning the principles of web design can help you deliver more conversions from your landing page.

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Using unclickable graphics can lower conversion rates, as is the case with companies that render only 58% of their graphics clickable.

Testimonials and reviews.

Why should prospects want to purchase your product in the first place? Before they become paying customers, they want compelling reasons to trust you. 

Which is why at least 90% of B2B marketers consider testimonials and reviews highly effective. tweet this!

With this in mind, you can use testimonials and reviews from previous and existing clients to give your brand the level authority it needs to boost its lead generation.

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Relevant ad copy.

Aside from making the headline irresistible, you also need to make an ad copy that outlines your service. At least 75% of marketers struggle in this area, which only requires using the right keywords to attract your target audience.

Moreover, make sure that the copy coincides with the headline of the article.

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An easy fill form.

46% of marketers consider filling form optimization to increase the impact of their landing sites. tweet this!

For this reason, these effective lead capturing tool should be kept short. Adding too many requests for information will only turn visitors off, thereby increasing your bounce rate. A safer way is to get only a visitor’s email address. That’s all you really need!