Email is Madonna, Facebook is Lady Gaga: 16 Ways That’s True

Email is Madonna, Facebook is Lady Gaga 16 Ways That's True

Email is Madonna, Facebook is Lady Gaga: 16 Ways That’s True

According to Jay Baer, president of Convince and Convert, you don’t have to like just either. At last year’s MarketingSherpa Email Summit, he showed how email and Facebook can be fully maximized in reaching your market by integrating them.

Click here for an excerpt of his talk from the summit as seen in MarketingSherpa.

00:10 “If somebody is subscribing to your email newsletter on your website, on your thank you page, why not ask them to also like you on Facebook?” Jay asked, citing many brands he has audited have not tried this approach.

2:26 Jay explained why marketers who are doing advanced segmentation should turn to connecting Facebook accounts to websites to collect information from customers. Instead of having customers fill out a lengthy form with their information, allowing them to connect their Facebook accounts makes it easier on them to give up their information and faster for marketers to collect this essential data.

You may watch Jay’s full free presentation from Email Summit 2013 here:Jay Baer Email Summit 2013

And the slides to his presentation can be downloaded from here:Email Summit 2013

Have fun harmonizing your marketing efforts with Madonna and Lady Gaga!