FREE Virtual Event: Social Media Strategy

FREE Virtual Event Social Media Strategy

FREE Virtual Event: Social Media Strategy
This Friday, August 9

How to Use Social Media to Engage Customers, Drive Leads, and Increase Sales

Sessions include:

  • Social Media Ringmaster: Directing a Three-Ring Strategy—In our opening session, you’ll learn how to be a ringmaster who successfully navigates the three rings of the social media circus. We’ll also share key steps for developing a solid foundation for your social media program.
  • KEYNOTE: Why Social Media, Content, and Great Websites are Today’s Key to Business Success—Shelly Kramer will walk you through the basics of how social media and relevant content contribute to a vibrant online presence that will drive more leads and increase sales.
  • Ten Commandments of Social Media—If you’re looking to get started with some building blocks of social media, then our final presentation is for you. Broken into two sections, this session will provide five ways you can engage customers using social media, as well as teach five invaluable lessons you will never want to forget.

When you claim your FREE virtual event pass, you get access to:

  •     Three actionable sessions
  •     Live, interactive Q&A
  •     A fully stocked resource library, filled with special attendee-only extras!