10 Fresh Email Marketing Ideas You Should Try Today

10 Fresh Email Marketing Ideas You Should Try Today

Email marketing is not dead, but over the years, a few unsavory email marketing behaviors have soured a lot of recipients to the email messages that were filling up their inboxes. On the other hand, consumers jump for joy when they actually get an email that is interesting, helpful or innovative.

There’s an art on how to craft an email newsletter that recipients will actually read, so we’ve put together ten examples of some awesome email marketing ideas that may convince you to reexamine how you think about using email today:

1. Ecommerce Email Marketing

Truly great companies are always changing and evolving, and it’s something your customers expect. What they don’t expect is to be told ahead of time about those changes. It’s unusual indeed if you’re going to change the way you communicate with a lead or customer, to give them clear and fair warning. That way, if they aren’t happy with the proposed changes, they’ll just make the necessary adjustments to keep their inbox clean.

2. A Sense of Urgency

You should create a sense of urgency with a call-to-action. If it’s done right, that’s what makes a lead take action. However, often, the call-to-action is positioned in such a way that makes urgency look like being pushy.

3. The Compliment Sandwich

There’s nothing better than asking for as well as receiving feedback from your users, even if they aren’t exactly a power user. In fact, the power users are often the ones who can make your product or service even better. They have identified roadblocks to success that other leads and customers might be facing.

4. AmazonLocal

Email from AmazonLocal is short and sweet, with only one call-to-action. When you click through email you can tell them what you like and dislike. That way, the deals they send you in the future can be more in line with what you are more likely to actually want.

5. ModCloth Style Whiz Quiz

AmazonLocal’s method of to personalize email content is very effective, but props should be given to e-retailer ModCloth with its Style Whiz Quiz email. The end results are precisely the same, both ModCloth and AmazonLocal know what their email recipients like, and they can better segment their email lists in order to provide more relevant content. But ModCloth’s email lets recipients take a fun survey to get their answers.

6. Focus Pointe Global

Focus Pointe Global provides focus groups so your business can get some meaty market research. Their email asks you to participate in one of their online surveys, and it’s the simplest email you could possibly imagine. All of the information you need to know to determine whether you want to participate is called out in bold, with extremely short copy that explains everything immediately afterward.

7. Zipcar

Zipcar’s abandonment email calls the reader back to their website with some lighthearted copy that nudges you in the right direction. It also reminds them of the value of using Zipcar, being so economical and helping our planet. If the visitors to your site are abandoning shopping carts or landing pages, then use your email marketing in this same way to remind them that they have some unfinished business on your website.

8. ModCloth Referral

If you have a referral program, do your customers know about it? ModCloth’s recognizes that even engaged customers might not know you offer referral benefits. Email marketing can be ideal for ongoing communication with prospects and engaged leads, never forgetting about keeping them in the know.

9. UncommonGoods Lets Customers Sell

UncommonGoods leverages the power of social proof to beef up their Mother’s Day email marketing campaign. This email provides recommendations for those who struggle to decide on a gift, but it also can highlight what other customers have to say about them.

10. Zizinya Web Solutions

Zizinya Web Solutions uses email in one of its lead nurturing email series, and it’s a great example of a principle that so many email marketers forget: Your inbox recipients don’t always remember who you are.

Use a reminder somewhere in the first paragraph of your email to tell the reader who you are and why they are being contacted. Reminders like this are critical to preventing deletions and unsubscribes.

These are just ten examples of some unusual email marketing ideas that may help convince you to reexamine how you think about using email in today’s marketing universe. Try some or all of them in your next marketing push. You might be pleasantly surprised at the results.