How To Turn Your Website Into An Effective Lead Generation Tool

SEO is an important prerequisite process for search engines to work efficiently. If not for SEO, search engine crawlers will have a hard time indexing web pages, especially Google, who boast of delivering the best quality content on their initial SERPs. As advanced as the algorithm seems to be, it would still not be able to fully comprehend a web page’s content if there is not any effort to do SEO. Surely, the site would be indexed by search engine crawlers, but the really quality sites will have a minimum chance of showing up at the top of search results. The only chance that your sales leads will find your site is for them to type the exact URL of your lead generation website, and that is nearly impossible, unless these leads have already been contacted through email marketing or by professional b2b telemarketers.

If you really want your b2b site to be an effective lead generation tool, you have to make it so that your business sales leads will not have a hard time finding it. By following these basic guidelines, your website will become the reliable sales leads generation tool that you’ve always wanted it to be. Use the following checklist to make sure that your b2b website has proper SEO:

Research your target keywords thoroughly. There is little point in entering a highly saturated and competitive niche, especially if you have no prior experience in online marketing or your product is not a proven disruptive innovation that could give you any significant advantage.

  • Use appropriate meta tags, meta descriptions and meta titles on all your content.
  • Provide a sitemap on your website. This helps search engine crawlers index your website and every page in it faster.
  • Use your target keywords on your titles, headlines, and adequately in the body of your content. Be careful not to overuse your keywords.
  • Add descriptions and titles on any images, videos or any other media used in your website.
  • Anything without a text description will likely be unindexed by crawlers.
    Make sure that links pointing to your website are reliable and reputable so that your website won’t be penalized.

Converting the sales leads who visit your site but don’t make an immediate purchase requires patience and consistency. Once you get their contact information, add them to your emailing list, or your telemarketing list—if you want a more direct approach—and send them to a reliable call center to be contacted for any updates.