If you think Social Media Marketing is easy, Take a Look at this

If you think Social Media Marketing is easy, Take a Look at this

When you do your daily rounds of social media-hopping, you may stumble upon several businesses and brands enjoying a successful following on Facebook, Twitter and other sites. Curious (and a bit jealous), you might think it’s an effortless feat to accomplish, since there are so many of them scattered around the web.

The truth is: setting up a team for social media marketing is not that straightforward as you think.

A Dose of Quintessential Online Marketing Statistics to Further Fuel Today’s Social Media Hype

In this year’s Ragan/NASDAQ OMX Corporate Solutions survey, they asked a total of 2,714 marketers how the manage their social media marketing teams, and these are the interesting things they found out, just to show how it indeed takes a lot of work:


  • Of all the companies surveyed, 27% have their dedicated social media team, while 65% delegate social media tasks on top of the regular job obligations. Only 3% of them outsource to social media experts.
  • 25% of companies have interns help with social media.
  • 42% of companies have only one person who works on social media, while 40% have two or three personnel.
  • Companies not planning to hire more people to manage social media next year: 78%

Marketer qualifications

  • 25% of the companies say the most sought-after quality in social media marketers is experience, while 18% say writing skills.
  • 45% say it should be both academic degree and experience.
  • 47% of them prefer 1-3 years of experience and 44% for 3-5 years
  • Preferred degree: Communications – 77%, Public Relations – 76%, Marketing – 65%, Journalism – 42%, Advertising – 28%

Execution and evaluation

  • 58% of the companies post content at least once a day, while 22% post 2-3 times a week
  • 86% of companies measure social media in terms of likes and followers.
  • 76% measure it by web traffic, while 58% use “brand reputation”
  • 41% measure it by customer satisfaction, and 40% measure it by the number of new leads

Goals and setbacks

  • Only 5% of companies are highly satisfied with their social media campaigns.
  • Increasing brand awareness is the leading goal of companies at 87%
  • 62% aim to increase traffic while 61% aim to enhance reputation
  • Only 45% and 40% consider generating leads and increasing sales as major goals, respectively
  • 65% say that lack of time is the biggest problem they have, while lack of manpower comes in second at 63%
  • Other problems include lack of budget (41%), not prioritizing (39%), and even the thought that the task is too overwhelming (23%).