No Email Love? Revive your B2B Email Marketing Campaign

No Email Love Revive your B2B Email Marketing Campaign

Every day, billions of emails swim across the vast information highway right above our heads and inside the fiber-optic cables below the ground. For marketers, it’s a battlefield, and sometimes we tend to forget about the competition and become contented with mediocre emails.

And then we wonder why we never get good responses from prospects.

In order to gain attention, emails need to stand out from a barrage of other marketing mails. If your current email format is outdated and uninviting, you may need to consider total alterations and see how significantly it affects prospect responses.

Consider these things as starting points in breathing life back into your terminally ill email marketing campaign:

  • Be concise and crunchy. Get rid of wordy paragraphs and tall tales. Emphasize only the important things, based on the target audience and how your company is viewed by the industry. Ditch the parts that readers would normally skip.
  • Dazzle from the onset. Your reader must be hooked into reading your email even after just a few lines, just like evoking a feeling when they’ve just received a letter from a dear friend. Keep it relaxed and try not to sound too official.
  • Urge interaction.  Ask questions. Make them share opinions. Allow them to participate in polls. Your email doesn’t have to be a one way street. Giving them something that encourages them to respond obviously increases your chances of click-throughs and conversions.
  • Deliver what is promised. If the email says “Get a Free Demo” and clicking a button would route them to a page where they have to fill-out an enormous form, make sure you follow-through with what was offered. Do not lure them into lead-capture traps without giving them something to take away.
  • Don’t put too much links. While links can do help in shortening an email, putting unnecessary URLs or other external addresses can also smear its overall appearance. Only provide links to useful content, such as industry information, subscription pages, or social media connections.
  • Follow-up quick. You don’t have to wait for a couple of days to check on the progress of an email campaign. Create a follow-up system that monitors on a regular basis the development of responses and to normalize an already-established line of communication. This ensures that no opportunity goes by un-grabbed.