Shocking Statistics in Content Marketing in Asia for 2017 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Shocking Statistics in Content Marketing in Asia for 2017 [INFOGRAPHIC]

So you know who and how many are reading and sharing your content but have you got any idea on how your marketing efforts compete with other Asian counterparts?

If you feel like finding your feet on your current marketing efforts, wait til you see some shocking statistics in Content Marketing in Asia in this infographic:

Shocking Statistics in Content Marketing in Asia for 2017 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Transcript here:

Key Statistics Revealing The State Of Content Marketing In Asia Pacific In 2016 Marketers in Asia Pacific believe in the power of content marketing to generate ROI

49% of businesses in APAC intend to increase their content marketing resources during the rest of 2016.

Business in Asia Pacific are doing content marketing, but haven’t quite cracked it yet.

70% of APAC businesses feel their content marketing efforts are limited, basic, or inconsistent

62% of APAC businesses are creating more content in 2016 than they did in 2015.

50% of businesses in APAC are doing content marketing, but have no strategy.

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The key issues with managing content in this region are the creation of quality content and developing a strategy

57% of APAC marketers say producing quality content is an obstacle to their success.

56% of marketers in Asia Pacific struggle with content strategy.

53% of marketers in APAC struggle to produce enough content.

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APAC marketers are finding success with blogging and promotion on Facebook.

47% of marketers in APAC have the most success with blog posts and articles

35% of APAC marketers rate e-newsletters or online magazines as effective forms of content marketing.

37% of marketers in APAC find Facebook advertising to be the most effective form of paid promotion.

Asia marketer are focused mainly on top-of-funnel when it comes to measuring the success of their content marketing

69% of APAC businesses use website traffic to measure of content marketing success.

62% of APAC marketers measure their content success using social shares.

Additional content marketing stats that you should know:

Only 40% of businesses in Asia are convinced of the value of content marketing & can measure its ROI.

62% of businesses in Asia struggle to create sufficient volumes of quality content.

51% of marketers in Asia plan to increase investment in promoting their content via earned media (PR & social sharing).

58% of marketers in Asia struggle to define the best content & influencers to build reach and support conversion.

The current statistics in Content Marketing will help marketers discover which aspect should they focus their efforts on, cope with the challenges and create action plans to improve strategies in 2017 .