Want to enhance your SEO? Google+ to the Rescue!

Want to enhance your SEO Google+ to the Rescue

Coming out of the shadows of Facebook and Twitter, Google+ seems to have promised itself a rare distinction as not just a social media site, but a tool for online marketing altogether.

This is obviously because Google+ is the brainchild of the people who gave the gift of Google to the world, so that makes it a highly useful instrument in SEO, plus all the benefits of your run-of-the-mill social network, to establish a powerful lead generation machine. Imagine the power of gaining good ranks and maintaining a solid social presence at the same time.

Google+ itself describes its service as connecting social, communication and people designed to build your website’s ability to rank higher on search. If you’re a business blogger using this site, you can associate your content to your own authorship, as provided by your Google+ profile.

Optimize your profile. Google provides every chance for you to perk up your page by providing all the necessary details (much like Facebook), and also the ones essential for back links, such as website URLs, business bios and descriptions. In Google+, readers almost automatically associate the post to its author, and that’s why you’ve got to hit your mark in terms of making your profile credible. You can even ask Google to verify your page to raise your credibility.

Social extensions. Fortunately, Google+ is not an exclusive platform. The search engine would easily associate your business website to your Google+ page once you add the badge or the “+1” button directly on your content page. You can use the snippet of the code for your page and connect it to your Adwords campaign as well as to your social extensions.

Post high-quality content – consistently. The site is basically the integration of content creation and social media identities, but of course, since it is Google-based, the quality of content is still the determining factor to search rankings. The more you consistently provide them relevant information, the more people are likely to follow you and assist you in getting your desired spot.

Stir up the buzz. To make it into a real game, you have to find ways to make your posts engaging to other people. Share your thoughts in comments sections of other Google+ profiles and especially your own. Sparking up these interactions give more weight to your efforts to be recognized by search engines.