Your B2B Content should be Audience-Centered and here’s why

Your B2B Content should be Audience-Centered and here’s why

Conjuring, developing, and creating high-quality content is a lot of work, and most of the time, the difficult part lies on making sure it will be compelling enough to elicit an audience response. That’s how lead generation works; but the machine will not run without kick-starting it first.

And in content lies the key.

But looking at it closely, isn’t it that the answer to this problem a bit obvious? If the purpose of content is to draw a response from the audience, then content should be focused on them – and them alone. In setting a rat trap, you use cheese, because rats love cheese.

Who is your audience, anyway?

To be able to cater to their needs you must first draw a clear picture of who your target market would be. Using modern marketing tools and basing it from your own lead generation experience, you should be able to define your audience and incorporate that into a strategy.

But aside from knowing who they are, you should also know what they want and what they do about it.  What is their buying behavior? What kind of information would they want to get from a content piece? What factors help them in making a commitment or a purchase?

Next, you have to know where they are. Before, marketers just develop content and wait for people to stumble upon it, but now, technology has given us ways to track their online activities. Which sites do they usually hang out at? What social networking site is popular among them? Where do they go for reviews? Where do they voice out their questions and opinions?

Expand your reach

Distribution channels help marketers spread the word and specifically target an audience. It could be a major hub like Huffington Post or a small niche blog that regularly hosts a multitude of prospects. Choose one that fits your content writing style, coverage and intent.

Enhancing your reach capabilities may take some time, especially for bloggers who have just started to go out of their cocoons. For a strong momentum builder, experts suggest a healthy venture with paid efforts, and sometimes even contributing content can take you places.

With Google’s new Hummingbird update, the emphasis on strong content has become stronger than ever. Marketers who refuse to create audience-centered content will eventually find themselves in cyber oblivion.