Pipeline and HubSpot

A seamless collaboration – as we find and qualify leads for your business using Callbox Pipeline, you convert them to deals through HubSpot.

Revenue-winning lead generation, nurturing and management

We give you access to a unique union of marketing technologies to drive your campaign management, lead nurturing and sales.

Callbox Pipeline is the multi-channel lead management and marketing automation platform that powers your Callbox Team’s lead generation and sales prospecting activities – from the first touchpoint up to the lead hand-off.

We provide and help you set up your HubSpot portal. It is where your Callbox Team hands off qualified leads to your sales team who will be able to leverage HubSpot’s full stack of tools to engage your prospects and turn them into customers.

Through Pipeline, your Callbox team is able to:

Manage contact information

  • Store, update, and enrich contact information
  • View contact details, company information and communication history in one place
  • Get a real-time view of all of your campaign’s touchpoints as they happen - calls and email between your Callbox team and your prospects

Generate leads and set appointments

  • Assign leads and appointments to your sales reps
  • See your most up-to-date availability so that appointments don’t overlap
  • Automatically send immediate alerts for every booked appointment

Communicate personally

  • Automate prospecting outreach and follow-ups using lead nurturing schemes
  • Control your marketing message by customizing your emails, landing pages, and forms

Report relevant data

  • Deliver weekly reports so you get full visibility of your campaign’s performance
  • Monitor email marketing and lead nurturing metrics
  • Generate custom reports based on the most important and pivotal data
  • Enhance and refine your campaign based on insights from detailed reporting

Through HubSpot, your Sales Team is able to:

See relevant lead data

  • Segment your leads and contacts using smart lists and filters
  • Identify and prioritize the most qualified leads by assigning lead scores automatically
  • Track information about an individual person or business/organization

Nurture and follow-up without hassle

  • Do away with task duplication as emails sent from Gmail, Office 365 or Outlook are automatically logged in your Hubspot Sales Hub
  • Get real-time alerts when your lead opens an email, clicks on a link, visits a page or downloads a document
  • Book meetings faster by eliminating the back and forth of meeting scheduling
  • See every touchpoint between a lead and your company in one timeline
  • Nurture leads closer toward conversion with hyper-targeted emails and content
  • Queue personalized emails and follow-up tasks to nurture leads over time
  • Track, predict and get a detailed picture of your potential revenue
  • Use sales report data to optimize your team’s routine and performance

Adopt a unified approach

  • Unify sales, marketing and services data for better overall prospect/customer experience
  • Build a library of sales documents, get notified when prospects interact with your content and identify the documents that win deals
  • Integrate tools you need for your business. Sync HubSpot with your organization’s CRM (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, Close.io, SugarCRM, Insightly, Pipedrive, etc.) and keep your databases aligned

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