Going Native In Online Lead Generation And Advertising

Going Native In Online Lead Generation And Advertising

Advertising and marketing have evolved. There is no question about it. From the content of our message, to the medium we use, and even to the audience we wish to reach, marketing today is way different from marketing done in the past. It could be a challenge for our lead generation campaigns, especially online. In a medium that was supposed to help us, this is exactly where we have a hard time generating qualified B2B leads. It sure makes us wonder where we went wrong.

To tell you the truth, most of the problems we have in online marketing and appointment setting could be traced back to an advertising premise we all thought is true years ago: people online want to interact, want to have a conversation with marketers, and want to engage with brands. In theory, it sounds right, so we have banner ads and pop-ups developed to attract customers. The end result? Low returns on the initial investment. In case we do reach our quota of potential sales leads, it takes a long time for that to happen.

This is the reason why a lot of marketers are going native in marketing: returning to the roots of marketing, in all its traditional form. Be it in content creation, dissemination, or strategies, using traditional means to handle the online marketplace seem to be the best option at present. Native advertising calls for creation of relevant, updated, and entertaining content for the audience, shared at the right time to the right people. The medium of delivery also matters, with the intended audience the basis for what communication tool to employ. If it can bring in sales leads, even if it is telemarketing (a traditional form of marketing), then use it.

Marketing may have to go modern, but you have to admit that the old ways can still be the best.