Lead Generation for Financial Companies

The right SME prospects for Financial Lead Gen Campaign

Lead Generation for Financial Companies

Do you have the right SME prospects in your list?

Financial lead generation campaign for small & medium enterprises requires accurate prospecting and such is actively done by your Callbox telemarketer by profiling the list during live calls.

Let’s get to know more of “who” should be the right prospects for you in this article. The following qualifying questions will filter the right small & medium business prospects for your financial lead generation campaign:

How long has the business been operating?

Stability of a business will determine its strength to withstand any problem such as churn, sales decrease or capital loss. It is important to know how stable the business is that you target to ensure trustful commitment between you and the prospect.

How much are you looking at?

Ask your prospect of this question and start customizing from there. Your prospect should specifically know how much he needs and must be aware of the payment scheme he is capable to cope based on your agreed contract.

What would you use it for?

Almost all small businesses would need some cash injections at some point of their trading life and the purpose would typically be for Growth, Consolidation, Acquisition and Restructuring.

How soon do you need the loan?

Prioritize prospects who mostly qualify on all 4 questions. Prospects who would not give out a quick reply of “the soonest” or “now” would most likely turn cold in the latter or are just simply comparing notes and does not really have an immediate demand of cash assistance.

Set standards for your business services but keep up with your targets’ trading needs by simply customizing deals for them. Along the way, you may infuse “promotional offers” and “PR help”. With this, you are assured of getting the right targets for your Financial Lead Generation Campaign.

Small but not Pitiful: Top Lead Generation Boosters for SMEs

Small but not Pitiful Top Lead Generation Boosters for SMEs

Don’t be too pessimistic. Small and medium enterprises can gain leverage in their respective industries despite the existence of large corporations. The only problem is that some of these enterprises lack a thorough understanding of the importance of B2B lead generation processes.

Resources are not much of a factor here. Considering that social media has made possible the free movement of information, creation of compelling content and unique ideas for customer engagement matters the most.

Then again, SMEs are at a loss on how best to approach lead generation and come up with strategies that pose a high ROI. Using social media is less easy and simple than most marketers think. It makes use of processes, considers analytics that put into account past and present market trends, and emphasizes the need to make the most out of one’s financial inputs.

This only drives home the fact that lead management is a complex, highly specialized task. On top of these complexities, one is also hard pressed to find better solutions with regards to generating high quality B2B leads, complicating the desire to hike up revenue generation.

It’s a tough thing for SMEs to encounter these problems, but again there’s no need to be pessimistic here as long as these lead generation boosters exist.

Expert insights through videos.

Information is central to customer awareness. In their search for solutions to certain problems, your prospects base their decisions on the way you present your offers. For startup businesses, webinars and video-based campaigns are excellent lead generation devices. They enable you to engage your customers indirectly and allow you to present your take of the industry through the visual medium.


Digital books are also great marketing tools that your prospects can use as reference material. And because information is he underlying principle behind an effective B2B lead generation tactic, it is imperative that you produce your eBooks with a desire to impart knowledge in the form of tutorials and case studies. They are also advantageous in terms of effective lead nurturing.


Often, the best ideas come from the very people to whom you focus your marketing efforts. Many successful campaigns were possible through the use of crowdsourcing techniques that can provide your campaign with value. Especially through Twitter, effective calls to action that encourages your audience to contribute might just improve your lead generation as well as lead nurturing campaign.

It’s a big world out there. But for SMEs possessing a good balance of creativity and ingenuity in terms of generating and managing B2B leads, big benefits are possible.