B2B Social Media: Don’t Ask if it Works, See if it Fits

Who would have thought that even after nearly a decade of internet dominance, social media as a tool for B2B lead generation is still a “cyber myth”? People say it cannot be measured. Some say it doesn’t define a clear ROI. Others say there is no universal system for social media marketing. The rest? They’re getting all the benefits they could ask for. For a business that’s still in the stage of deciding whether or not to join the social media army, the question that lingers would be: does it really work?

But you see, that’s the wrong question to ask.

It’s like asking if Lady Gaga’s music is good or not. If you ask that question to a 50-year old pastor, you will most likely get a very different answer as compared to asking it to a 16-year old cheerleader. Social media marketing’s effectiveness is on a case-to-case basis, and therefore you can never really generalize whether or not it “works”.

An All-inclusive Catalog in choosing your Social Media Weapon this 2013

The more appropriate question would be: Will it suit my business? Or is it the right marketing strategy for my business to use?

B2B lead generation can take many forms, and if you choose to bank on social media, you might want to perform “tests” first before you give your full commitment. You see, while social media can be so powerful when used compatibly with your business, it also has the potential to ruin it if you don’t put enough thinking into it.

Because social media is not a one-size-fits-all piece of clothing, you’ll have to “try it on for size” to see if it is “right-fitted” for your business. Evaluate your capabilities and resources. Do you know how it works? Do you know the rules that govern it? Is the nature of your business fit to have a presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest? Do you have enough people to execute this campaign?

Then there are technical questions, ones that concern the lead generation aspect of social media marketing. Do you know how to measure your social media efforts? Do you know how your social media supporters would be converted to leads? Do you know what type of content you need to produce for your prospects?

Supposed you’re able to provide the answers to these questions and you’re able to assess your capacity to carry out the tasks, that’s the time you could reasonably tell whether or not social media marketing will work for your business. Don’t just ask if it works – you’ve got to see it yourself.