Callbox Profiles Key In-House List for Government Agency, Lifts Email KPIs

Callbox Profiles Key In-House List for Government Agency, Lifts Email KPIs

The Client

The Client is the head office of a government agency in a Southeast Asian country. The Client develops and implements foreign trade policies, as well as regulates the country’s export and import industries.

The Challenge

As part of the government agency responsible for overseeing international trade in its home country, the Client facilitates trade relations with private companies overseas. The Client maintains an extensive database of key contacts from exporters and importers located in partner countries.

The office’s foreign companies list consists of around 25,000 contacts acquired from different sources, such as signup forms, internal research, tradeshow events, and publicly available documents. The list makes up the backbone of the Client’s promotion activities and information drive, as well as the main distribution list for the agency’s monthly newsletter.

The Client recently started a planned update and migration of its various data resources. A data audit revealed that the agency’s foreign companies list contained a very high number of potential data quality issues, including missing values, duplicate entries, and outdated fields.

With tight timetables for the data migration project, the Client sought the help of a third-party provider to scrub and update its foreign companies list. Following a thorough procurement process, officials chose Callbox after taking into account price competitiveness, data management capabilities, and track record.

The Callbox Solution

Callbox carried out a data cleaning and data profiling campaign for the Client. The campaign was designed with the agency’s very particular requirements and timelines in mind.

Data Cleaning

  1. The data cleaning phase of the campaign was scheduled and completed during the first two weeks.
  2. A battery of database scrubbing activities were performed on the Client’s foreign companies list, including de-duplication, error correction, and record standardization.
  3. The data cleaning workflow consisted of both manual and automated processes which made use of Callbox’s suite of list health tools.

Data Profiling

  1. After completing the data cleaning activities, the Callbox team verified and updated each list record through one-on-one calls with contacts, which consisted of senior and C-level executives from multiple countries and locations.
  2. Desk research helped enrich the Client’s database by supplying missing values and appending new information mined from different sources.
  3. Accuracy of each list entry was guaranteed through cross-referencing with Callbox’s own records and using different data sources to validate fields.


The whole campaign took two months to complete (or 44 days), which was well within the Client’s required timeline. The first two weeks were spent on data cleaning, while the remaining six weeks were allocated for data profiling.

The Callbox team profiled a total of 24,952 records and worked to achieve 99.5% accuracy for the final list.

Three months after receiving the cleaned and profiled database, the Client reported 1.3x higher delivery rates, 70% fewer bounces, and across-the-board improvement in their email engagement/response metrics.

Callbox Seamlessly Pivots Campaign as HR Software Firm Rebrands (Featured Image)

Callbox Seamlessly Pivots Campaign as HR Software Firm Rebrands

The Client

The Client is the Asia-Pacific arm of a UK-based business services and software company that offers cloud-enabled solutions for recruitment and talent acquisition. The company primarily sells to mid and large-sized US and UK businesses across different industries, and is looking to increase its presence in the APAC market after carrying out a recent business pivot.

The Challenge

With over 20 years’ experience providing award-winning recruitment software to the likes of Morgan Stanley, NBC Universal, and other high-profile customers, the Client recently underwent a major strategic pivot. The shift in focus sought to realign the Client’s various offerings in its US, UK, and APAC divisions under a single global identity.

As part of its new business direction, the company also unveiled a new suite of enhanced talent acquisition tools. This move aimed to further strengthen the Client’s position as a key technology partner for modern HR and recruitment teams.

To support its recent refocus and product rollout, the Client planned a series of marketing initiatives designed to:

  • Increase awareness of its new value proposition through live events, especially in markets that still offered room for growth
  • Generate opportunities with companies that show a clear need and fit for the Client’s offerings through targeted marketing campaigns

The plan started out with Southeast Asia as its main priority. The company decided to look for a third-party agency that can help it quickly gain a foothold in all three markets

The Callbox Solution

Callbox partnered with the Client and put together a campaign plan jointly with the company. The plan originally consisted of an event marketing phase and an appointment setting phase. The event marketing part of the campaign was intended to boost signups for the Client’s series of webinars scheduled for the second and third quarters.

But the company’s ongoing business pivot meant the campaign requirements could change at any time. Prior to the start of the event marketing phase, the Client decided to prioritize targeted opportunity generation through direct outreach instead of live events.

As a result, both Callbox and the Client agreed to replace event marketing with a thorough database profiling program for the campaign’s first stage. Without altering the campaign timeline or incurring delays, the Callbox team put together a revised campaign plan which the Client reviewed and approved well before the original starting date.

Customer Profiling

  1. The Client submitted a list of 300 companies (100 from each target country) for Callbox to profile.
  2. Callbox then identified all relevant decision makers (persons in charge of HR, recruitment, and talent acquisition) from each company, using records from Callbox’s in-house database and through desk research.
  3. Callbox also provided additional contacts from other organizations that matched the Client’s target customer profile.

Appointment Setting

  1. Callbox carried out integrated appointment setting that combined email and phone calls to connect with and screen prospects for fit and purchase intent.
  2. The Callbox team prepared all campaign materials in close collaboration with the Client.
  3. During the first month of appointment setting activities, the Client rebranded under a new name and identity. Callbox seamlessly pivoted the whole campaign without any disruptions to the project timeline.


The two-part campaign has already completed the Database Profiling phase and is currently in the second month of the Appointment Setting stage. The profiling activities (which ran for one month) resulted in 565 contacts profiled and 147 potential accounts identified.

The campaign’s appointment setting leg has so far delivered 12 qualified appointments after one month of activities. Most of the appointments were generated near the end of the third week as the initial outreach and lead nurturing efforts done at the start of the program began converting.

Vibration Test Leader Handles Tough Competition with Callbox Help [CASE STUDY]

Vibration Test Leader Handles Tough Competition with Callbox Help


Vibration Test Leader Handles Tough Competition with Callbox Help



The vibration and shock testing industry will not be as strong and reliable as it is now without this one company’s 50-year existence that continuously provides advanced vibration and shock system technologies to the market.

This leading vibration test equipment provider is composed of a team of engineers with vast exposure and professional experience who pride themselves in having been recognized as a major force in the industry and currently, globally servicing 30 countries with a broad range of vibration solutions and equipment.


Location: Singapore
Industry: Manufacturing, Engineering, Construction and Oil & Gas


The Client is driven by a goal to provide affordable and timely professional service thus giving them all the rights to confidently claim success for 50 long years.

However, the need to innovate and expand grew as competitors aggressed with new and different products and services that quickly mushroomed in the market. The Client, in order to not just keep up but to get ahead of the competition, carefully studied the competition and came up with strategic steps designed to address their concern:

  • First, conduct a market survey to profile accurate contact information of the target decision maker who would be the best recipient of the offer letter via email.
  • Second, introduce and promote specific products like Conditioning Monitoring Systems and Test & Measurement/Engineering Services.

With no amount of fickleness, the Client decided to outsource their marketing efforts but was quite skeptical on who would be the right lead generation provider who could design the best solution. There were three providers on the list but the Client chose Callbox.


Callbox tailored a Multi-Channel Marketing solution according to the Client’s requirements which started with:

With the use of the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool, the Callbox team sent test mail to all contacts in order to test activeness. Inactive contacts were immediately replaced, scrubbing off DNE and DNCs and revalidating bounced emails, while active ones were promptly called to be profiled by updating the contact details: contact name, business address, phone numbers and emails. This list management activity was done all throughout the campaign period.

Once the target decision maker is profiled and agreed to opt-in for information, the agent sends out an initial copy of the Client’s brochure which contains CTAs like query box, website link and downloadable forms and product-specific brochures.

Callbox targets a one-call-resolution at every call made, so after the target confirms receipt of the information on his email, the agent proposes an appointment for him and the Client’s consultant, otherwise the call will be disposed as a follow-up for a couple of days (or at the prospect’s preferred schedule to be followed-up).

The appointment setting part contained two (2) sets of probing questions needed to be answered by prospects in order for the Client to uncover important information that will further profile the target business as to which product or service would address their needs:

A. Conditioning Monitoring Systems (strictly for Construction, Oil & Gas, Facility Management, Civil Engineering industries.

  • Do you have a monitoring system?
  • Are you facing problems in building maintenance? If yes, what kind of problems?
  • Do you have a maintenance engineer? In-house or outsourced? If outsourced, who? Contact name if possible.

B. Test & Measurement / Engineering Services (for all the other industries, such as: aerospace, automotive, chemical, medical – pharmaceutical, marine, plastic & polymer, consumer electronics, defence, communication, energy, healthcare, manufacturing)

  • Do you have in-house R&D?
  • Do you have in-house Quality Assurance Specialists? Do they do tests?
  • What kind of tests?


The campaign returned the following results:

  • 273 were Completely Profiled
  • 47 Appointments were set and received tailored proposals
  • 10 Leads were completed and currently in discussion with the Client’s consultants

The profiled contacts, appointments sets and leads completed apparently showed that the Client made the right decision to conceive and implement a much aggressive marketing strategy that resolved their business challenges and achieved the following successes: accurately profiled contact information of the target decision maker who were the best recipients of the offer letters and specific products like Conditioning Monitoring Systems and Test & Measurement / Engineering Services were fully and clearly introduced and promoted to target prospects.

Now, the vibration test equipment leader isn’t only fully equipped to innovate and expand its products and services but is more than ready to overcome any challenge that may come its way.


Callbox Data Profiling: A Major Coup for Exhibition Leader [CASE STUDY]

Callbox Data Profiling A Major Coup for Exhibition Leader in Singapore


Callbox Data Profiling: A Major Coup for Exhibition Leader in Singapore



The Client is an exhibition and conference pioneer that withstood time and tide to become Singapore’s top and most successful trade event organizer today. They stage trade exhibitions that provide dynamic platforms for effective networking and business opportunity growth to the largest and longest running key industry sectors in the region.


Location: Singapore, Malaysia & Philippines
Industry: Communications, Engineering, Lifestyle, Mining, Construction & Building, Plastic & Rubber, Machinery, Processing & Packaging


Their four-decade reign as leader in the exhibition industry brought numerous recognition from different awardgiving bodies like the Exhibition City Approved International Fair (AIF) Scheme, and the Singapore Business Events Awards. Such has gained them much trust from the industry sectors they serve and increased their clientele list over the years.

Indestructible they may seem to have lived with a four-decade trade leadership in the region, what good reason did they have to still take the option to enterprise telemarketing into their current strategies? Why not stick with the conventional, but proven effective scheme of 40 long years?

Why Callbox?


Campaign 1 – Call To Invite

The first couple of Call-to-Invite projects aimed to gather attendees for Asia’s largest and most comprehensive business networking event for the Global ICT industry, which was participated in by international satellite communications and services companies in Asia, and professionals from Broadcast, Production, Post Production, Digital Media, Entertainment, Houses of Worships, System Integrators, Rental Houses, and Education.


Attendees’ takeaways:
The event was not launched for mere knowledge enrichment and ideas sharing purposes for the attendees, but a plenitude of beneficial platforms for ICT professionals were introduced like Big Data Analytics, Cloud, eGovernment, eServices, Security, Smartcard/RFID and Wearables. Also featured were the latest technologies in 3D Printing, IoT, M2M, Mobile Apps, OTT and more.

Campaign 2 – Call To Invite

The second wave campaign engaged key decision makers in the manufacturing industry to access the latest precision engineering and machine tool technologies available in the global market, and key decision makers from the international oil and gas industry to showcase a comprehensive product innovation.


Attendees’ takeaways:

Local parts and components manufacturers and service providers showcased their expertise at the Capabilities Hub, which brought prospective buyers closer to the suppliers via a single platform.

How Callbox streamlined the success

The preceding call-to-invite campaigns were successfully rolled out by the Callbox team which made an abounding progress in the client’s database. Both Callbox and the exhibition leader were responsible team players in completing the project thru multitouch, multichannel marketing tools and strategies.

The Callbox Pipeline, Callbox’s Lead Management and Marketing Automation platform, stored the client’s big amount of data. The callers updated the contacts with the most current information they uncovered during the call outs. Hitting two birds with a single stone – callers invited the prospects to attend the event and preregistered them on the client’s behalf and updated/profiled the list at the same time.

The Lead Nurturing Tool was activated. A scheme was customized to send out email invites to prospects, and once the invite was opened and read, a notification prompted the callers to do a follow up call and get the prospect pre-registered.

DM Outreached. Client’s own database came up to nearly 20,000,but almost 50% of that number was deemed “Un-contactable”.Both Callbox and the client agreed to add target contacts/job titles for the expansion of the list which resulted to a wider market reach and more email invites sent to target decision makers.

Campaign 3 -Data Profiling

A profiling campaign was set off by the client at the last quarter of 2015 which aimed not only to keep their database accurate, profiled and cleansed, but to prep things up for the next coming edition of events in 2016 and 2017, and which this exhibition expert sets to run again with Callbox.

So, ask again what good reason did this trade and exhibition expert thought of working with Callbox, despite their years of experience and proven expertise?

Why Callbox?

Clearly, the fitting reply can only be Why not?


Callbox Delivers a Grand Slam for Global Printing Giant [CASE STUDY]

Callbox Delivers a Grand Slam for Global Printing Giant

The Client

The Client is a world-renowned manufacturer of coding, printing, and laser marking products, fluids, and accessories for the product identification industry. Their company has over 325,000 units installed worldwide, serving 135 countries, and is widely considered as the leading expert in continuous inkjet (CIJ), laser marking, thermal inkjet (TIJ), thermal-transfer overprinting (TTO), case coding and labeling, and wide array printing.

Customer Profiling Campaign

Location: APAC

No. of Records: 10,000

The Challenge

The Client wanted to cleanse their Asia Pacific list containing more than 10,000 contacts, most of which are obsolete and inaccurate. The campaign was to zero-in on the manufacturing industry, using Customer Profiling for basic information such as name, job title, company, address, phone, and email. This also includes segmenting the list according to each contact’s location in the Asia Pacific region.

On top of the customary Customer Profiling task, the Client also instructed the Callbox team to gather additional information during their conversation with the prospects such as:

  • The number of people or machines where a product goes to a process of labeling marking or printing
  • How they code or mark on their product (e.g. expiry date, manufacturing date, batch number, barcodes)

The Callbox Solution

Callbox standards dictate a thorough and meticulous process of delivering the output to its clients. For this particular campaign, the courses of action that took place were as follows:

  1. The Client sent their contact list of more than 10,000 records over to Callbox, along with their Suppression List (do-not-call list).
  2. Callbox then submitted these records to its Research Team for them to cross-reference the list with their own database of updated contacts. This was done to eliminate duplicate entries and supply missing elements with accurate information. Callbox made sure that the list has undergone through pre-cleanup prior to the actual calling campaign to avoid wasting resources.
  3. Since the Client’s own list contained dead records, Callbox obtained additional contacts from its own database in order to produce 10,000 profiled records for the Client as agreed to industry and business size.
  4. Callbox assigned 10 expert agents for the Customer Profiling campaign.
  5. Each batch of completed profiles was forwarded to Callbox’s Email Marketing Team for re-verification, as well as lead generation using a prescribed email template. This email blast was done constantly throughout the campaign on a weekly basis.
  6. All contacts which resulted in bounced emails were sent back to the calling team for reconfirmation.
  7. The Client required Callbox to provide weekly reports to ascertain the campaign’s positive development. Callbox collects all completed profiles in a single compilation and then submits them to the Client.
  8. The Client then uploads these newly cleansed records into their database. Invalid records were returned to Callbox for re-verification, until such time that all records are checked for accuracy.


The Client was pleased with the efficiency and success by which the Customer Profiling process was carried out. Callbox delivered 10,000 clean and working records within the set period, with only minimal returned data for re-verification.

As a result, the Client recommended Callbox to their Global Visibility Manager, which in turn partnered with Callbox for their succeeding campaigns.

Pilot List Build Campaign

Location: India and Korea

No. of Records: 700

The Challenge

Fresh from the success of the previous campaign, the Client penned a deal with Callbox for another Customer Profiling engagement. This time, the campaign was focused on cleansing prospect contact lists from India and Korea.

The goal was for one full-time agent to produce 700 profiled records, each for both target locations. The target industry was still manufacturing, and data profilers were still required to ask prospects regarding the number of production lines and the manner by which they code their products.

Furthermore, at the request of the Client, callers were to determine whether prospects prefer to be contacted via their mobile phones or their landlines. This data is crucial for the Client in deciding whether they need to allot more focus on contacting prospects via mobile phones, in which case would entail more cost on their end.

The Callbox Solution

The flow was pretty much the same as the original campaign, except that the Client only required one calling agent for India and another one for Korea.

  1. The Client first sent its contact list for India, after which Callbox subjected it to its standard process of pre-cleanup by means of database cross-referencing and email blasting.
  2. Two weeks after the campaign started, the Client sent its contact list for Korea.
  3. Once both lists have undergone pre-cleanup, the calling campaign commenced, with two full-time agents calling for each target location.
  4. Reports were submitted on a weekly basis, and records were revalidated until deemed accurate.


Callbox sailed through the campaign with flying colors, delivering 700 clean records for both target locations within a month, despite the uniqueness of the campaign and some initial hurdles.

Additionally, Callbox was able to provide useful insight to the Client in terms of the divide between contacting prospects through mobile or landline. Callbox reports showed that prospects were more comfortable in providing their landline numbers over their mobile numbers. This outcome contradicted the findings of the Client’s internal calling team which supposedly revealed that prospects preferred being reached via mobile.

Customer Profiling Campaign

Location: India

No. of Records: 3,000

The Challenge

For the Client’s third partnership with Callbox, the campaign was centered in India alone, and it came with specific parameters to be strictly observed.

The goal was to produce 3,000 profiled records from a 3-seater, 2-month campaign. The Client provided its approved market verticals under the manufacturing industry, as follows: aero/auto, baked goods and cereals, beverage, building materials, cosmetics/personal care, dairy and eggs, extrusion/wire and cable, packaging materials, pharma and medical, and salty snacks.

The campaign was a mix of customer profiling and lead generation, with a list of roughly 3,000 contacts provided by the Client. Callers were instructed to reach out to Production Managers, Maintenance Managers, and Purchasing/Procurement Managers. In case these positions are unavailable, they were to look for Operation Managers, Facilities Managers, and Finance Managers.

Data profilers were still required to ask prospects regarding the number of production lines and the manner by which they code their products.

The Callbox Solution

The approach prescribed by the Client required Callbox to basically send out marketing material to the prospects. This objective was to be accomplished in conjunction with the usual Customer Profiling task that was done in the previous campaigns.

  1. The Client sent its 3,000-contact list for India, after which Callbox subjected it to its standard process of pre-cleanup by means of database cross-referencing and email blasting.
  2. Callbox assigned 3 expert agents for the calling campaign, each of them tasked to produce 1,000 profiled contacts.
  3. The Client subjected each call to their own quality assurance standards, so Callbox was required to provide recordings for every interaction they had with the prospects.
  4. Callbox, in strict observance of various Anti-Spamming laws, requires its agents to made sure that prospects have agreed to receive any form of literature from the Client before sending them out.
  5. Prospects who have responded positively to calls were subjected to normal lead generation protocol based on their level of interest.

Callbox delivered the goods as expected, with the last few weeks spent on formatting the data according to the Client’s preferences. They were also very pleased that a lot of calls resulted in legitimate leads for their business, even though lead generation was not the main priority of the campaign.

The India campaign became much more smooth-sailing because of the prior experience in penetrating the location, as well as the improvement in the communication lines. Also, Callbox’s own updated database of records helped fill in the gaps for incomplete or inaccurate contacts.

Campaign: USA

Towards the end of the campaign, the Client set up a Customer Profiling campaign that aimed to clean up around 500 test records from the US. Although this US campaign still revolved around the manufacturing industry, the Client was open to explore other verticals aside from the ones previously prescribed.

The campaign was carried out simultaneously with the India campaign that was still in progress. Callbox allotted a few hours a day for its agents to call US contacts. The campaign successfully ended after 5 days, with Callbox delivering 500 profiled contacts as agreed.


After three successful customer profiling campaigns, Callbox was able to clean the Client’s contact lists, making them more updated and targeted without any obsolete or duplicate entries. This resulted in a shortened sales cycle on the Client’s part, which is expected to make a direct impact on their bottom line.

The campaigns also gave them significant money-saving insight into their communication strategy as they were able to establish their prospects’ inclination to being reached via landlines, discarding the need for a costlier alternative in mobile phones.

Throughout the customer profiling run, Callbox was also able to generate several warm leads for the Client’s sales team. At the very least, the callers were able to establish an acquaintance with the prospects, especially those with new job titles and are unfamiliar with the Client’s company.

The Client has retained Callbox’s services for their current campaigns which involve not only Customer Profiling but other services as well. They were very pleased with how Callbox was able to deliver time after time, and they definitely see Callbox as a partner in more projects down the road.

Callbox Telephone Survey Primes the Pump for Market Expansion [CASE STUDY]

Callbox Telephone Survey “Primes the Pump” for Market Expansion


Callbox Telephone Survey “Primes the Pump” for Market Expansion



The Client is the world’s largest pump manufacturer with an annual production of more than 16 million units. It has more than 18,000 employees and 80 authorized distributors in 55 countries. Its product line includes all types of pumps for industrial water supply and commercial applications including circulator pumps for heating and air conditioning and submersible pumps.


Recognizing the need to move closer to its customers in the Asia-Pacific region, the Client decided to conduct a telephone survey to get a broad and detailed view of market conditions. The Client’s objectives were:

  1. To determine their market position relative to competitors.
  2. To identify market drivers, restraints, trends, and growth potential.
  3. To establish or improve its market presence and positioning.

The Client needed at least 1500 respondents to complete a survey in 25 business days – a task too big for its in-house calling team to handle in such a tight timeframe. After learning about Callbox’s extensive experience in running time-pressured campaigns, the Client decided to supplement their efforts by outsourcing the survey.


They began with a pilot survey of 50 respondents to test Callbox’s capability. Satisfied with the results, they had Callbox conduct larger surveys in Australia and New Zealand. The Client required Callbox to use the Confirmit CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) system for this survey. Since Callbox was experienced with CATI systems, the team was able to go live with the calls after just two days of training.

Target contacts were asked about their opinion of the Client’s product to deduce its position in the market. Customers of the Client’s direct competitors were also asked about their perception of their own suppliers’ market position and solutions provided.


Callbox completed the 25-day campaign to the Client’s satisfaction with 1,625 surveys completed, well exceeding the target. This led the Client to expand the survey contracts with Callbox across Asia, Oceania, and Europe.

Early in the campaign, Callbox used the Client’s business list. However, Callbox quickly determined that the respondents needed to be targeted more precisely in order to maximize the limited campaign time. So Callbox offered its own strategic target lists sorted by multivariable relevance to achieve an immediately higher contact rate. Callbox also improved the survey questions to generate responses directly relevant to the Client’s objectives.


Callbox locks up the Leads for Giant Insurance Broker [CASE STUDY]

Callbox Locks Up the Leads for Giant Insurance Broker

The Client

The Client, based in Singapore, is the largest privately-managed insurance broker in the world with offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and South Korea.

The Challenge

The Client has an in-house team in Hong Kong which supports its marketing activities in Asia, seeking prospects of S$20M companies. In order to increase the volume and value of sales, the Client needed to build an intelligent prospecting campaign focused on sales-ready prospects. Since it lacked commercially available data to support this activity, the Client partnered with Callbox to segment its market and create a database of targeted prospects. However, after speaking with a Callbox sales rep, the Client was impressed with the company’s telemarketing capability so it signed up for a three-month Appointment Setting and Database Profiling campaigns.

The objective of this campaign was two-fold:

  • To build a well profiled database of the Client’s prospects in Singapore.
  • To market the Client’s Corporate Risk and Employee Benefit insurance programs.

The Callbox Solution

Callbox set up a telemarketing team for a two-phase campaign: Database Profiling and Appointment Setting. The Client personally selected and trained the agents assigned to the calling campaign and the target prospects were identified: HR and Finance Managers. Callbox telephoned contacts in the Client’s database to identify companies in Singapore whose indemnity insurance was up for renewal.

Callbox then embarked on an outbound telemarketing campaign to arrange office meetings between qualified prospects and the Client’s outside sales reps. Appointments were qualified based on the Client’s criteria:

  • For Employee Benefit Insurance: prospects must have between 20 and 50 full-time employees.
  • For Corporate Risk Insurance: prospect companies must have a minimum annual revenue of S$20 million.

As the campaign progressed, the Client narrowed down the lead qualification criteria in order to capture larger prospects with near-term requirements. The target size for Corporate Benefit was changed from 50 to 100 full-time employees and for Corporate Risk Insurance, from S$20 million to S$50 million companies. The Client also required that proximity of renewal dates should not be longer than three months from the time of call. Prospects whose renewal dates were longer than three months were profiled and entered into the Client’s database for tracking and future follow-ups.

One challenge encountered during this campaign was frequent cancellation of meetings because the Client did not have enough sales reps to accommodate the growing number of new appointments. To remedy the situation, Callbox prepared weekly schedules of appointments for the Client to review and approve. The Client worked closely with Callbox to provide feedback and updates.


One month into the campaign, Callbox delivered a total of 19 qualified leads and 897 profiled records with one Callbox agent achieving a contact rate of 30%. Surprised with so many leads after just one month, the Client decided to hire two more agents but to restrict the lead qualification even further, going after only the most promising prospects. This generated a total of 26 highly qualified leads and 1,698 profiled records.

Pleased with these results, the Client renewed its contract and expanded its campaign to five seats for six months. By the end of the third month, Callbox was able to profile 12,749 records and deliver 186 highly qualified sales leads. The campaign is currently in progress and the Client plans to use Callbox’s services for other long-term projects.

Callbox Successful Partnership with IT Heavyweight [CASE STUDY]

Callbox: Successful Partnership with IT Heavyweight


Callbox: Successful Partnership with
IT Heavyweight



The Client is a progressive internet and information technology company whose aim is to provide customers with the best range of products at the most competitive price. They offer domain name registration, web hosting, computer hardware, web design, computer networks and many more products to a large and diverse client base. They have clients from Global Fortune 50 companies to home users each getting the product and support they need to run their businesses. The Client also offers telecom services and SEO (search engine optimization). Their general offices are based in Dublin, Ireland.

For this marketing project, the Client targeted companies in the market for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to integrate all data and processes of the organization into a unified system.

The Client engaged the services of Callbox for the duration of 10 months (February to December 2006).


The Client needed research on companies that had either current or future plans of ERP implementation. ERP system implementation is a complex process. Evaluation of the current company system and the actual tuning or upgrading takes a significant amount of time and depends on the size of the business, the scope of the change and willingness of the customer to take ownership of the project. A small project (e.g., a company of less than 100 staff) may be planned and delivered within 3 months; however, a large, multi-site or multi-country implementation may take years. Due to the complexity involved in the implementation, ERP is, without a doubt, expensive.

While the benefits it provides to a particular business, especially large scale ones, spark interest in improving or changing their current system, it is the length of time involved that often discourages companies from proceeding with ERP implementation, and this is the most common reason for the Client’s lost sales.

The Client therefore needed their current as well as prospect companies to understand that despite the fact that it is costly and involves a certain length of time, the benefits and advantages from the system will do much for their business in the medium and long term. With Callbox, the Client needed to generate and maintain the loyalty of existing customers but more importantly, find new ones.

The Client needed to identify companies that needed any of the following:

1. upgrading
2. systems performance tuning
3. entire change of current software system


Callbox’s team went to work:

1. Profiled prospects for Client’s software services, specifically ERP

Significant business intelligence was gathered via phone research. After discussing the goals of the campaign and obtaining a list of prospects or existing clients, this list was surveyed using questions developed jointly by the Client and Callbox’s experienced researchers. Responses were then analyzed and presented along with the raw data.

2. Implemented a lead generation program, including:

  • Cold calling companies that needed upgrading, systems performance tuning or entire system overhaul
  • Callbox agents adeptly setting phone or office appointments with C-Level executives, accounting managers, IT managers, and controllers assuring Client of a steady stream of business opportunities.
  • Providing Client with PipelineCRM, a private online customer relationship management calendar including lead tracking and sales pipeline


For the 10-month duration of the campaign, the Callbox team generated a total of 456 leads for the Client.

The Client expressed satisfaction with Callbox by deciding to continue the campaigns after a one quarter break to digest their full pipeline.


Callbox ABM: A Quantum Success for Global Data Solutions Provider

The Client

The Client is a global leader in data backup, data recovery, and archiving solutions, providing expert advice and integrated solutions for reliable and cost-effective data storage management to customers worldwide.

The Challenge

The Client previously hired a lead generation company, but needed additional support for other marketing initiatives that they wanted to work out for the current year. So they looked for a reliable telemarketing provider with significant regional experience and robust resources to augment their current activities. After searching and comparing several service providers online, the Client was impressed by Callbox’s long track record in the B2B lead generation industry, and immediately penned a deal.

The Callbox Solution

Being a data expert itself, the Client did a thorough analysis of which marketing tools and strategies would best work for their needs.

Callbox designed an Account-Based Marketing Lead Generation and Appointment Setting campaign which consisted of:

  • Account-Based Multi-Channel Lead Management via Voice, Email, Chat, Web, and Social Media.
  • Sales Enablement & Support done via Staff Training, Account Setup, and Back Office Sales Support.
  • Tools & Subscriptions to the Callbox Pipeline and HubSpot CRM.
  • Account Management with Strategy Building, Reporting, and Product Knowledge.

The Goals

  • The Callbox team was to invite participants to its open house events in Australia
  • Profile its database and generate market feedback to improve its sales lead generation campaign
  • Connect with prospects via social media

Below is the two-step campaign process:

Account Research and Selection

  1. The Client specified their target industries, locations, and decision makers.
  2. Callbox refined the Client’s ideal customer profile (ICP) which served as a basis for identifying qualified accounts.
  3. Callbox came up with a list of potential contacts to target which was reviewed and approved by the Client.

Account and Prospect Profiling

  1. The Client provided buyer persona profiles of the prospects that they wanted the outbound campaign to target. The profiles consisted of detailed demographic and firmographic segmentations.
  2. Both the Client and the Callbox team Identified two sets of target personas for the campaign.
  3. The master contact list was segmented based on these personas, and was further grouped according to industry type.


The Events Marketing campaign gathered a total of 61 RSVPs. The ABM campaign which ran for a total of 9 months produced a total of 165 Sales Qualified Leads, 291 Marketing Qualified Leads, and 468 Social Media Connections.

IT Firm Uses Callbox to Divide and Conquer Market [CASE STUDY]

IT Firm Uses Callbox to Divide and Conquer Market


IT Firm Uses Callbox to Divide and Conquer Market



The Client is a renowned IT consulting firm based in the US. It provides IT solutionsused by well-known commercial organizations and government institutions to improve operational efficiency and reduce telecom costs.


The Client hired a North American telemarketing firm to promoteits products.While the telemarketing companywas able to deliver good numbers,the Client recognized that much of its time was spent meeting and dealing with people who were not ready to engage or ultimately unqualified.

To make best use of its in-house resources, the Client sawthe need to refine its appointment setting process by segmenting its market and creating definitive profiles of its potential customers. The Client’s main objectives were:

  1. To identify more narrowly defined potentialcustomers and how to best reach them.
  2. To allocate more accurately its sales resourcesto meeting sales-qualified prospects.


The Client signed up with Callbox for a profiling campaign aimed at gathering information on the Client’s market. With the Client’s help, Callbox outlined a set of survey questions designed to evaluate each company’s communications set-up and existing voice and data contracts. Callbox then used this data to map the expiration dates of contracts and identify prospects with near-term requirement for a new voice and data provider.

While Callbox did not engage in actual selling,it gathered valuable insights to help the Client delve deeper into its market, focus on the right people, and determine the best time to follow up and set appointments with qualified sales leads. Callbox segmented prospects taking into account their location relative to the purchase decision process, budget, purchase history, and urgency of need.The Client worked closely with Callbox throughout the campaign, being particularly conscientious in following up leads on time.


The success of this campaign is best shown by the Client’s decision to re-sign with Callbox for an extension of the campaign period. Additionally, the Client included three additional states to its target market resulting in increased sales activity. Using the data generated from this campaign, the Client defined the best approach and the most relevant message for each prospect in each segment. This significantly reduced the number of wasted calls, increased efficiency, and improved overall sales output.


Callbox Providing Sales Support to One of the Largest Business Software Companies [CASE STUDY]

Callbox: Providing Sales Support to One of the Largest Business Software Companies


Callbox: Providing Sales Support to One of the Largest Business Software Companies



The Client is the world’s third largest business software company. It has branches in over 30 countries and offers a full range of enterprise business software including:

  • Customer relationship management
  • Enterprise asset management
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Financial management
  • Human capital management
  • Performance management
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Supply chain management, including business specific inventory management, transportation logistics and warehouse management software

The Client’s goal is to provide the best software experience and a lower total cost of ownership for their customers. To meet customers’ long-term needs, they provide an evolutionary path to support continuing business and technology innovation.


The Client didn’t have the in-house expertise to run a lead generation and lead management campaign, nor did they have the database tools to support one. To achieve their objectives, they needed a partner to develop and execute a comprehensive lead generation, qualification and appointment-setting program to capture greater market share for their business software solutions. While the company had a dominant market share in the industry, it lacked the support for their sales people to handle leads and prospect profiling.

With the rapidly increasing number of individuals from various companies across all industries downloading information from the Client’s website, it was crucial for them to:

  • profile and qualify all individuals using their website;
  • strengthen their sales force capabilities in handling the profiling and qualification

Calls had to be made across the Asia Pacific Region to verify the records of individuals and companies that downloaded files from the Client’s website. Qualification was necessary, as the Client wanted to ensure that their website visitors/prospects could be considered warm leads before their sales team pursued them. Aside from verification and qualification, the Client also needed a support team to call and invite prospects and customers to various company-sponsored events throughout Asia.


The Client teamed up with Callbox to carry out:

The Client’s target market consisted of decision makers who were looking for business-specific solutions to address their challenges and produce tangible results. Callbox’s sales force used cold calling to identify and qualify prospects for the Client. Qualifying questions determined:

  • Determine whether the prospects wanted to evaluate a new software solution.
  • Determine business pains and/or areas of interest to find a fit between prospects’ needs and Client’s solution offerings.
  • Identify the type of software prospects were using and for how long they’ve been using it.
  • Find out if prospects would be interested if presented with a new solution.

Callbox executed the cold-calling campaign using the list of target contacts provided by the Client. Agents who were assigned to this campaign used a customized spreadsheet to keep track of all call results. Calls were categorized as lead completed, not interested, competitor, invalid, duplicate, no action needed, etc., and were assigned to each respective column on the spreadsheet for easy reporting and evaluation. Leads generated from the calling campaign were posted on the PipelineCRM to be reviewed by the Client and feedbacks were discussed. Callbox provided daily and monthly reports on pipeline activity and campaign status.

The Client provided Callbox with their list of prospects and clients. The Callbox Team verified and updated all possible contact information by phone, including email addresses.

Callbox provided total sales and marketing support by carrying out several call-to-invite campaigns, inviting the Client’s customers and prospects to attend company-sponsored events in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. The Callbox Team then followed up every call with an email. Aside from company-sponsored events, the Client also held webinars. Callbox callers invited guests to these webinars and also confirmed attendance for the Client.

The Callbox solution provided the Client with a steady, predictable flow of qualified sales opportunities as well as a systematic methodology for tracking every opportunity and evaluating sales force effectiveness.

The Client has a very accurate and predictable sales pipeline. By the time the prospect was ready to truly engage with them, they already had complete information about their prospects and their companies.


With the Callbox Team averaging 2000 calls monthly, verifying contact information of current customers, qualifying prospective clients, and setting appointments for the Client’s sales team, the Client experienced a significant increase in conversion rates.

Backed by Callbox’s own PipelineCRM, the Client enjoyed easy tracking and monitoring of all leads. The Client was also able to consistently improve service offerings through call recordings made available by Callbox.

Since then, the Client has been renewing on a month-to-month basis with new campaigns — lead generation, call-to-invite and profiling for different types of products. Pleased with the overall performance of Callbox, the Client provides sales training for the team, conducted at the start of every campaign. The smooth integration of sales and marketing with disciplined lead management resulted in increased sales and also provided total control over the customer acquisition process.