Project Returns for IT Innovator Is A Sure Win with Callbox ABM Campaign

The Client

The Client is known as Innovation Partner with business operations in more than 50 countries and regions, providing premier professional services from consulting, system development to business IT outsourcing.

The Challenge

The Client has just recently closed a partnership deal with SAP, one of the world’s leading providers of travel, expense and invoice management solutions, to expand their offerings and services in the Asia Pacific region. The partnership called for them to support customers, especially those who are considering or are using other SAP Cloud applications, through the complete adoption cycle from accessing the solution fit and benefits through implementation. The Client’s goal was to turn in results from the project within a 3-6 months timeline.

The Callbox Solution

Callbox designed an Account-Based Marketing Lead Generation and Appointment Setting campaign package which consisted of:

  • Account-Based Multi-Channel Lead Management which utilized Voice, Email, Chat, Web, Webinar and Social Media
  • Sales Enablement & Support which covered Team Training, Account Setup, and Back Office Sales Support
  • Tools & Subscriptions to Callbox Pipeline and HubSpot CRM
  • Account Management with Strategy Building, Reporting and Product Knowledge

The Goals

  • The Callbox team was to generate leads and set appointments for the Client with qualified prospects who have the need for SAP Cloud applications (SAP Concur, SAP S/4 HANA)
  • Keep the database clean and accurate
  • Build more social media connections to create massive awareness about the campaign

The campaign involved two key steps:

Account Research and Selection

  1. The Client specified target industries and decision makers
  2. Callbox worked out the Client’s ideal customer profile (ICP) which served as a basis for identifying qualified accounts
  3. Callbox compiled a list of potential contacts to target which was reviewed and approved by the Client

Account and Prospect Profiling

  1. The Client provided target decision makers for the Callbox team to reach out which consisted of detailed demographic and firmographic segmentations.
  2. The buyer personas designated as the campaign’s primary targets were CFO, Finance Director, Finance Manager, Financial Controller, HR Director, HR Manager, CIO, IT Director and IT Manager
  3. The master contact list was segmented based on these personas, and was further grouped according to industry type.


The six-month ABM Lead Generation and Appointment Setting campaign delivered 76 Sales Qualified Leads, 290 Marketing Qualified Leads, and 280 Social Media Connections.

With the high converting leads that the Callbox team delivered, the Client was certain that the campaign would turn in positive results within the 3-6 months project time frame.

Callbox Helped Decode Issues And Brought Significant Sales Uptick For 5-Star Cybersecurity Software Provider

Callbox Helped Decode Issues And Brought Significant Sales Uptick For 5-Star Cybersecurity Software Provider

The Client

The Client is one of the trusted names in cybersecurity in the IT industry that offers endpoint security solutions. They are composed of teams of bold malware hunters, software engineers, and security industry veterans, and their innovative technology has been awarded six patents since inception.

The Challenge

Apart from expanding their market reach to neighboring nations, Malaysia and Hong Kong, the Client also needed to address some vague issues about their product.

The Client needed to educate their target customers further than their anti-malware tool does more than just removing known viruses, but can isolate and remove trojans, block or flag malware and detect threatening files and behaviours that are common in viruses.

Although news and updates about their products were regularly published via newsletters, and webinars and in-person events were held, the cybersecurity expert decided to look for a partner who can provide proven process and tools that could speed up information dissemination to target customers, as well as generate leads and appointments to grow their sales pipeline.

The Callbox Solution

Callbox tailored a multi-touch, multi-channel account-based marketing campaign for the Client. It’s a marketing ensemble of voice, email, and LinkedIn which delivered what the Client needed. They approved the proposal and signed for a two-term appointment setting and lead generation program.

The Callbox team was to generate leads based on the Client’s target specifications and set either zoom or face to face meetings with qualified decision makers who articulated their issues and interested to speak with the Client. The campaign involved three key steps:

Account Research and Selection

  1. The Client specified their target industries and decision makers.
  2. Callbox refined the Client’s ideal customer profile (ICP) which served as a basis for identifying qualified accounts.
  3. Callbox then came up with a list of potential contacts to target, which was reviewed and approved by the Client.

Account and Prospect Profiling

  1. The Client provided buyer persona profiles of the prospects that they want the outbound campaign to engage. The profiles consisted of detailed demographic and firmographic segmentations.
  2. Buyer personas were identified as the campaign’s primary targets: IT Director, CTO, CIO, Desktop Manager, IT Security Manager, Security Architect, CISO, Desktop Administrator
  3. The master contact list was segmented based on these personas, and was further grouped according to industry type.


Overall, the six-month Lead Generation and Appointment Setting campaign produced a total of 86 appointments, 36 marketing qualified leads, 84 requested for more information, 98 for follow-ups, 94 for callbacks, and 542 LinkedIn connections.

Callbox’s Call-To-Invite Campaign Delivered ICT Leader From Buyout Concussions (Featured Image)

Callbox’s Call-To-Invite Campaign Delivered ICT Leader From Buyout Concussions

The Client

The Client is a global computer technology pioneer that develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers and related products and services. They empower countries, communities, customers and people everywhere to use technology solutions that help them do and achieve more.

The Challenge

The Client made history and proved its might in the technology sector when it completed a merger valued at approximately $60 billion with one of the biggest data storage companies, in 2015.

Although It was known to be the biggest tech deal ever, several roadblocks halted the deal’s success which affected the business in many different ways. One of those is product redundancy.

The Client’s newly acquired partner hosts several subsidiaries that were meant to augment technology bases and slope up the business but turned out to create a complex battleground, resulting in customer anxiety instead.

In the hope of driving awareness on customers about its new line of combined products and services, the Client decided to host a series of events.

The Callbox Solution

Callbox and the Client methodized a three-month Call-to-Invite campaign.

The goal was for the Callbox team to invite target participants and register to the series of events that the Client will be hosting in different countries and schedules.

The discussions focused on automation and data security.

Account Research and Selection

  1. Callbox helped analyze and refine the Client’s ideal customer profile (ICP) that served as basis for identifying which companies to include as target accounts.
  2. Callbox improved the Client’s ideal customer profile (ICP) which served as a basis for identifying which contacts qualify best as target participants.
  3. Callbox then compiled a list of potential contacts to target, which was reviewed and approved by the Client.

Account and Prospect Profiling

  1. The Client provided buyer persona profiles of prospects they want the outbound campaign to engage. The profiles consisted of detailed demographic and firmographic segmentations.
  2. Two buyer personas were designated as the campaign’s primary targets: mid-level IT managers or directors and mid-level network managers.
  3. The master contact list was segmented based on these two personas and further grouped according to industry and business size.


The three-month Call-to-Invite campaign concluded the key objective set for the project: to drive awareness on target customers about the new line of merged products and services as one brand.

The Call-to-Invite campaign delivered the following results:

First Month, Thailand

  • Total calls made: 2,970
  • No. of RSVPs: 70
  • For follow up: 65
  • Requested more information: 40
  • Total positive contacts: 424

Second Month, Singapore

  • Total calls made: 3,080
  • No. of RSVPs: 80
  • For follow up: 70
  • Requested more information: 53
  • Total positive contacts: 512

Third Month, Malaysia

  • Total calls made: 1,776
  • No. of RSVPs: 30
  • For follow up: 40
  • Requested more information: 25
  • Total positive contacts: 115

Overall, the three-month Call-to-Invite outreach produced a total of 180 leads (confirmed attendees) as against the Client’s target of 100.

The leads delivered were best-qualified targets which turned in 55% conversion for the Client.

ICT Leader Aced More Than A Thousand New Leads With Callbox’s ABM Appointment Setting Program (Featured Image)

ICT Leader Aced More Than A Thousand New Leads With Callbox’s ABM Appointment Setting Program

The Client

As a multinational company and one of the world’s top ICT brands, the Client specializes in advanced electronics technology. It’s core business focuses on fusing hardware, software and services to open up wider possibilities for businesses and consumers alike.

The Challenge

The Client has more than four decades of ICT experience and leadership. It started with service-oriented technologies and has kept the battle in its hands until it lost bearings in 2011 due to management hit-or-miss and tough market competition.

The ICT magnate saw a decline in their revenue and sagging interest from their customers with competitors’ rapid release of mobile devices that made them seem invisible in the market.

Although several innovations were launched to snatch their target customer’s interest back, the problem continued for a couple of years, resulting to difficulty in promoting their new line of products. This called for the client to outsource some of its functions, particularly sales and marketing.

The Callbox Solution

Callbox and the Client built a detailed plan for a two-term account-based appointment setting campaign.

The thrust was for Callbox to get the Client’s sales specialists appointments with relevant IT purchase stakeholders, B2B prospects that have a need to purchase servers or PCs within three to six months time.

Account Research and Selection

  1. The Client specified target industries, employee size, decision makers and number of users.
  2. Callbox refined the Client’s ideal customer profile (ICP) which served as a basis for identifying which companies best qualify as target accounts.
  3. Callbox then compiled a list of potential accounts to target, which was reviewed and accepted by the Client.

Account and Prospect Profiling

  1. The Client provided buyer persona profiles of prospects they want the outbound campaign to engage. The profiles consisted of detailed demographic and firmographic segmentations.
  2. Two buyer personas were designated as the campaign’s primary targets: mid-level IT managers or directors and C-level IT decision makers.
  3. The master contact list was segmented based on these two personas and further grouped according to industry, business size, and technologies in use.

Multi-touch, Multi-channel Outreach

  1. The campaign combined phone and email channels to maximize engagement with the target prospects.
  2. The touches were carried out based on a combination of calling and email marketing interactions with live agents.
  3. Messaging (used in scripts, email copies, page content, ad copies, etc.) was tailored according to the buyer personas and contact segments.


The six-month campaign exceeded all key objectives set for the project: individual channels, main activities, and overall campaign. The campaign produced the following results:

  • Average appointments per day: 8
  • Decision maker reach rate: 39%
  • Accounts touched: 59,103
  • Average touches per account: 3.35
  • Total emails delivered: 21,164

Overall, the six-month campaign produced a total of 1,248 qualified appointments (sales-qualified leads).

The appointments delivered were best-qualified. Although the Client did not specify, they confirmed that the bulk of the leads were converted into new accounts. Callbox was able to establish a good working relationship with the Client which resulted to two referrals from them.

Managed IT Firm Long Term Callbox Client Closes 150K in One Campaign [CASE STUDY]

Managed IT Firm, a Long-Term Callbox Client, Closes $150K in One Campaign


Managed IT Firm, a Long-Term Callbox Client, Closes $150K in One Campaign


The Client is an Atlanta, GA-based managed IT services provider with a branch office in Sydney, AU. The company works with SMEs in both the Atlanta and Sydney metropolitan areas, offering a variety of IT services including procurement, consultancy, technical support, project management, and cloud management.

Mining, Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation & Public Utilities, Wholesale Trade, Retail Trade, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Services

Owner, Office Manager, IT Manager, Finance Manager

Boston, GA, USA and Sydney, AU metropolitan areas


The Client started working with Callbox in 2017. Throughout the ensuing 12 months, Callbox has remained a strategic marketing partner for the company, helping them reach key business milestones.

As an extension of the Client’s marketing team, Callbox is responsible for planning and executing targeted outbound prospecting campaigns based on the company’s growth objectives and revenue goals.

During the project’s first two campaigns, the Client focused on increasing awareness and acquiring customers for its growing suite of managed services aimed at SMEs in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

As the company’s marketing priorities shifted (such as the addition of new offerings like its IT advisory and cloud management solutions into the product mix), Callbox was consistently able to readapt how it planned and managed campaigns according to the Client’s changing requirements.

The specialized nature of the Client’s services also meant that marketing reps handling the Client’s campaigns needed to have a good technical grasp of the offerings. This ensured that the company’s unique value proposition was effectively communicated to the target prospects.

In August 2018, the Client expanded into the Australian market by setting up an office in Sydney. The bulk of the outbound activities have since been refocused toward engaging potential customers in the new market

  • Designed and deployed a long-term appointment setting program for a managed IT solution provider
  • Accelerated the Client’s pipeline growth with consistent stream of qualified appointments
  • Delivered prospects that converted into $150,000 in new contracts for the Client



Each three-month campaign consisted of an integrated phone and email outreach cadence designed to qualify prospects and book them for a meeting with the Client’s reps. Accordingly, each campaign focused on three main activities:

Researching and Profiling Contacts

  • Callbox helped the Client refine its ideal customer profile (ICP) by analyzing and documenting its target market and existing customers.
  • Callbox’s database team then collected contacts that matched the ICP through Callbox’s in-house data repository and also through desk research.
  • For both Atlanta and Sydney campaigns, the Client wanted to target business owners, office managers, it managers, and finance managers from companies in 10 industries, with 15 to 500 employees.

Outreach and Follow-up Activities

  • The campaigns followed a multi-touch outreach cadence primarily made up of email and phone touches to contact and schedule prospects for one-on-one meetings with the Client’s reps.
  • Social media was also used in later campaigns as an added touch point for profiling and nurturing leads.
  • The Callbox team prepared all campaign materials including the call scripts, email templates, landing pages, and social media posts.

Lead Management

  • The first two campaigns were executed using the Client’s own CRM, but later projects were migrated to Pipeline (Callbox’s proprietary marketing automation tool).
  • Pipeline includes SMARTCalling, a data-driven call optimization feature, to maximize decision maker reach, as well as Lead Nurture tool to help the Client customize the outreach cadence.
  • Callbox also provided real-time updates on campaign progress and lead/appointment status, and sent out timely notifications to ensure meetings took place as scheduled.


The project has now completed three full campaigns (each with three months of appointment setting activities) and is currently in the middle of the fourth campaign. So far, the results are in line with the Client’s targets.

The three completed campaigns have generated a total of 90 qualified appointments, or an average of 30 per campaign (around 10 per month). The Client says this far exceeds what their team can produce in-house.

More importantly, during the second campaign, the Client was able to win new contracts worth $150,000 from the appointments delivered by the Callbox team.


Mobile Platform Deepens Pool of Potential Merchant Partners in SG Campaign

Mobile Platform Deepens Pool of Potential Merchant Partners in SG Campaign

The Client

The Client is the Singapore office of a South Korea-based Internet platform developer that specializes in e-commerce, online-to-offline (O2O) solutions, and digital marketing. The company is a fully-owned subsidiary of a Fortune Global 500 firm with 2,300 employees and offices in eight countries.

The Challenge

Headquartered in South Korea, The Client established its Singapore office in 2012, providing a suite of integrated marketplace platforms tailored for the local online and mobile commerce segments. This included its flagship social discovery app launched in 2013 that allowed users to share and recommend places of interest in Singapore.

One of the app’s key selling points was that it featured an extensive network of merchant partners that actively engaged users with exclusive offers and promos. The app gave participating merchants an added channel for having real-time conversations with customers, improving brand visibility through user-generated content and micro-influencers, as well as gaining valuable customer insights and contextual marketing information.

Several months after releasing the app, the Client wanted to accelerate the growth of its merchant partner network in response to very positive user adoption numbers. This led the company to consider implementing targeted marketing tactics alongside its inbound marketing efforts.

But with little experience in direct marketing and much of its marketing resources already tied up in existing programs, the Client realized the best way forward was to work with a third-party provider that specialized in targeted outreach.

The Callbox Solution

The Client chose Callbox after reviewing a shortlist of marketing agencies, pointing to Callbox’s long-term experience deploying successful campaigns in Singapore as the deciding factor.

Callbox and the Client then developed a campaign plan that combined emails and phone calls delivered as a sequence of multiple touches. The main campaign objectives included:

  • Engaging decision makers to gauge fit and interest
  • Booking face-to-face meetings with qualified prospects
  • Collecting information needed in the Client’s sales process

Appointment Setting

  1. The target prospects included business owners, restaurant managers, marketing managers, and general managers from retailers in Singapore.
  2. Callbox prepared all campaign materials including the call script and campaign list, which were reviewed and approved by the Client.
  3. The Callbox team maximized decision maker reach rates by leveraging SMART Calling, Callbox’s proprietary call management system.

Email Marketing

  1. The campaign’s first touch point was an intro email that primed prospects up for the sequence of one-on-one calls. Follow-up emails and targeted send-outs (for distributing additional marketing materials) were also used at later stages in the campaign.
  2. The Callbox team created and tested all email materials including templates, copies, and landing pages. The team also handled replies and prospect requests.
  3. The Client monitored the entire campaign (including both email marketing and phone-based appointment setting) through Pipeline CRM, Callbox’s lead management and marketing automation tool.


Callbox completed the campaign in six months (or 132 days at 22 days per month), and handed off a total of 129 qualified appointments and 302 verified leads to the Client.

Since the campaign followed a multi-touch cadence that started with email activities designed to initiate contact, the Callbox team only began generating appointments near the end of the first month. Once the nurtured contacts began converting, the campaign was able to consistently deliver between 18 to 25 qualified appointments each month.

The Callbox team also achieved a relatively high decision maker reach rate of around 24% and, by the end of the campaign, the team connected with a total of 3,045 decision makers.

The Client projected that 80% of the appointments generated in the campaign would convert into qualified sales opportunities, with 60% turning into signups. That translates to 62 potential new merchant partners for the Client’s social discovery app.

Cloud Consulting Firms Sales Outlook Drifts Higher with Callbox [CASE STUDY]

Cloud Consulting Firm’s Sales Outlook Drifts Higher with Callbox

The Client

The Client provides industry-specific implementation, training, and consulting services for Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Its target accounts include medium- to large-sized business in North America and the Caribbean. The Client is a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner.

The Challenge

The Client’s core mission is to help companies implement and optimize Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM applications. It sells its services primarily to large- and mid-sized businesses in verticals such as distribution, manufacturing, and professional services.

The company recently refocused its marketing initiatives toward growing the customer base for its three industry-specific modules: industrial, professional services, and AX users. Part of its new customer acquisition strategy called for targeting prospects throughout the U.S via outbound channels.

Being a small company (with only 35 employees), the Client clearly needed some outside help carrying out many of its marketing activities. Past experience has taught the company that its small team of in-house sales reps was best deployed following up qualified leads and nurturing opportunities, instead of spending a great deal of their time prospecting.

Once the company finalized its requirements, the Client began looking for a potential outsourcing partner that could:

1. Identify accounts that fit the target customer profile for each of the Client’s three modules
2. Qualify contacts for each identified account by gauging purchase intent and solution fit
3. Collect additional prospect information to be used by its in-house reps

The Callbox Solution

The Client chose Callbox at the suggestion of one of its partner IT companies. The Client pointed out that Callbox’s marketing experience in the enterprise cloud space was a deciding factor.

Callbox then put together a 6-month appointment setting program consisting of six monthly campaigns. Each campaign focused on a specific segment for the company’s three main modules. The entire project made use of live phone outreach integrated with email and social media activities.

Appointment Setting

  1. Callbox compiled the list of target prospects from companies that meet the Client’s requirements for industry, location, and annual sales.
  2. Contacts whose organizations are currently evaluating their ERP or CRM software and are looking to acquire a new platform within the next 12 months are tagged as qualified prospects (qualified appointments or completed leads).
  3. Probing questions for solution fit uncover information on software usage, business pain points, buyer role, etc.

Email Marketing

  1. The Callbox team used emails for warming up/ nurturing prospects and for distributing Client materials.
  2. Callbox’s SMART Calling technology prioritizes calls based on time and frequency of email opens, clicks, and replies.
  3. Callbox also prepared and optimized all email marketing  collaterals (templates, landing pages, etc.) used in the campaign.

Social Media

  1. The Callbox team nurtured positive contacts further by connecting with them on LinkedIn.
  2. The campaign’s social media specialists used LinkedIn to collect and verify prospect data, as well as to generate additional leads.
  3. The team also leveraged LinkedIn to boost the company’s online presence by joining and participating in relevant groups.


The six campaigns ran for a total of six months. In each of the campaigns, a good part of the first half was spent warming up prospects and doing research. This meant that much of the initial campaign activities focused on email marketing and social media. For the entire project, emails and LinkedIn produced the following results:

• Email delivery rate: 99.4%
• Email open rate: Up to 38.3%
• Email reply rate: Up to 5.13%
• LinkedIn connections: 1,492
• LinkedIn groups: 144
• LinkedIn leads: 6

Live conversations with prospects generated the following results:

• 21 qualified appointments
• 2 completed leads

Most of these results were recorded during the closing stages of each campaign. The Client says that all 21 appointments meet their sales criteria, so they expect to convert around half (or 11) of these prospects within the next 6 to 12 months.

Callbox Nets New Users for Analytics Firms Research Tool [CASE STUDY]

Callbox Nets New Users for Analytics Firm’s Research Tool

The Client

The Client is the Malaysia division of a US-based company that supplies information and analytics products to professional and business customers worldwide. Its primary product line includes content-enabled workflow solutions for use in legal, regulatory and business research.

The Challenge

With operations in over 175 countries and a 200-year company history, the Client leads the legal research and intelligence market across the globe. Professionals performing various research roles in law offices, government agencies, and private organizations make up the bulk of the Client’s customer base.

The Client differentiates itself with its focus on combining deep content and technology to help customers gain business insights. The Client recently launched marketing initiatives aimed at increasing the number of users for its trademark media aggregation, monitoring, and analytics platform. Rolled out in 2015, the platform enjoyed steady user growth (both new and active) which remained fairly in line with targets. But with the introduction of new capabilities and similar solutions from competitors, the company decided to ramp up promotion and user adoption efforts.

The plan calls for rapid and direct outreach to key personnel in charge of public relations and corporate communications at companies in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. The primary objectives revolve around setting up appointments for customer acquisition. Given the time horizon and the scope of the project, the Client concluded that outsourcing part of the prospecting activities was a better option than carrying out the whole program in-house.

The company chose Callbox as its marketing partner, citing Callbox’s extensive database of local companies and experience in the area as crucial factors.

The Callbox Solution

Callbox’s multi-channel appointment setting package meets the Client’s primary goal of carrying out accelerated and targeted one-on-one outreach. The campaign’s main strategy emphasizes live phone conversations enhanced with emails and other channels.

The Callbox team and representatives from the Client agree that all campaign tactics, activities, and materials should work toward prequalifying and setting up appointments with potential users of the media monitoring platform.

Appointment Setting

1. The prospect list consists of prospects handling PR or Corporate Communications at firms in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya with at least 50 employees and at least $5 million in annual revenues.

2. The call script includes probing questions that uncover prospects’ pain points encountered with their current media research/aggregation tools. The script also introduces the Client’s media monitoring platform as a viable alternative to prospects with an identified need.

3. Prospects who agree to meet with a representative from the Client are tagged as successful calls. The campaign team forwards all appointments to the Client via email notifications and Pipeline updates.


As of this writing, the campaign has just wrapped up its second full month and is gearing up for the third. The Callbox team spent the campaign’s first couple of weeks laying the groundwork for the main appointment setting activities. During this time, agents focused on gaining initial traction and navigating the hierarchy of decision-makers at the target organizations. It wasn’t until the first month’s closing weeks when steady appointment setting results began to seep into the pipeline.

So far, the campaign has managed to deliver:

• First month: 11 appointments
• Second month: 17 appointments

The Client maintains a benchmark lead-to-opportunity rate of 90% and a close rate of 70%. That works out to around 18 potential new users acquired from the ongoing campaign.

Callbox Printed 3D Three Differentiated Campaigns For Co-Marketing Specialist [CASE STUDY]

Callbox Printed 3D (Three-Differentiated) Campaigns For Co-Marketing Specialist

The Client

The Client is a 16-year specialist agency that helps businesses reach their marketing objectives by bridging the gap between sales and marketing

The Challenge

Liaising with clients and creating co-marketing, direct marketing and channel marketing campaigns are the Client’s core competencies which they’ve honed and polished with more than a decade of experience running end-to-end B2B programmes. However, business had recently lulled due to challenges in their prospecting process, which promptly impacted their ROI.

The Client is the rare unconventional thinker who welcomes a partnership with the competition and recognizes in it the opportunity to progress the business. Such optimism opened doors for the Client to build a partnership with Callbox.

The Callbox Solution

Customer Profiling

1. A customer profiling campaign was rolled out to validate and update the databases.

2. Contact details like company and business names, address, phone numbers, email addresses and social media accounts were updated to ensure accuracy.

3. Contact validation was done by sending initial copies of the Client’s newsletters featuring the awards and accreditations they have received,
and also contained links to FAQs, the company website and a query box.

4. Active responses like opened emails, website visits, clicked links, and queries were tracked via the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool and saved for

5. Invalid emails (bounces) and contact details were updated upon speaking with the prospect.

Appointment Setting

1. The Client launched three consecutive lead generation campaigns for three of their clients which were all HP partners.

2. Active contacts that were filtered from the customer profiling campaign were prioritized and followed up via different channels (call, email, social, web and mobile) based on the prospect’s business buying behavior which was made possible by Callbox’s SMART Calling process.
3. Each campaign required 4 out of 6 probing questions be answered by prospects in order to provide substantial data for campaign consultant about the prospect’s current printing setup.

4. Prospects who agreed to speak with the Client were sent calendar invites to keep them reminded of the appointment schedule.

5. Leads were categorized as A, B, C and D based on the prospect’s need, interest, and purchase plans. “A” leads comprised of prospects who have the need to purchase within 3-6 months, “B” prospects are interested to explore, evaluate and open to discuss about a specific printer model, “C” prospects have the need to purchase or upgrade and “D” prospects are open to discuss but without specific printer model in mind.


Callbox Prints Out Success For ICT Leader [CASE STUDY]

Callbox Prints Out Success For ICT Leader


Callbox Prints Out Success For ICT Leader


The Client is the largest HP partner in Asia, providing intelligent applications and innovative solutions and offers a wide portfolio of print devices.

Any business with printing needs with main focus on Financial Institutions & Manufacturing Plants.

IT Manager, HR Administrator, Procurement/Purchasing Manager, Buyer, Office Administrator, General Manager, Person-In-Charge of printers and photocopies


The Client consistently delivers the best print and copy solutions for their customers – a potent commitment which brought them successes in revenue and customer care since the company’s inception in 2005.

But as years passed, market competition has become tougher and the primal revenue target of 20% per year showed a dramatic decline in recent years, dipping to only 13%-15%. Due to this decline, the Client felt the urgency to regain what they’ve lost and immediately acted on the issue by taking the next best steps – looking for an outsourced lead generation partner and deciding on Callbox.


• Use of 5 marketing channels
• Warming up prospects via Lead Nurture Tool
• Increased contact rates via Callbox’s SMART Calling
• Lost revenue regained



1. Callbox validated contact details in the database to ensure accuracy by sending initial emails with overview on the total print managed services.

2. Active responses like opened emails, website visits, clicked links, downloads and queries were tracked via the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool and saved for follow-up.

3. Invalid emails (bounces) and contact details were corrected updated upon speaking with the decision maker.


1. Active contacts were prioritized and followed up via different channels (call, email, social, web and mobile) based on the prospect’s business buying behavior which was made possible by Callbox’s SMART Calling process.

2. At least 4 out of 6 probing questions should be answered by prospects to provide the Client’s consultants substantial data, a requirement fully complied by the team.

3. Prospects who agreed to speak with the Client were sent calendar invites to keep them reminded of the appointment schedule.

4. After each call, regardless whether the prospect agreed for an appointment or not, agents offered to share/send pertinent information about the program to prospects to ensure familiarity and build a higher chance of conversion in the next follow up call.


Callbox Instrumental to Manufacturers Marketing Success [CASE STUDY]

Callbox: Instrumental to Manufacturer’s Marketing Success


Callbox: Instrumental to Manufacturer’s Marketing Success



The Client is a 50-year old market leader that provides high technology tools and systems like desktop, portable, handheld XRF and OES materials identification and analysis systems, as well as coating thickness measurement and gauging instrumentation to industrial customers with diverse needs. They design and manufacture equipment that can fabricate, analyze and manipulate matter at the atomic and molecular levels.

Steel Manufacturing, Foundries, Automotive Manufacturers

Quality Manager

Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Korea


The Client, although prided with the value proposition of providing A1 screening tools for fast and accurate analysis of the widest variety of materials, truthfully admitted that coping with global competitions would be difficult to achieve without a partnership with some significant sectors like sales and marketing. Their products’ key benefits (point and shoot, verification in seconds, rapid, reliable and rugged, non-destructive testing and no sample preparation, easy to carry) were first-rate features that set them apart from competitors but were hardly positioned to their target customers’ attention due to some deferring areas in the business process that withheld progress and expansion goals:

  • Customers database is inaccurate with incomplete contact information
  • Customers evade long discussions and questions which inhibits the Client from being able to further explain how their product or service could be beneficial to the customer
  • Some customers’ needs were understated which caused application of inadequate solutions by the Client


As an industry expert on providing sales and marketing solutions to a global market, Callbox, upon its initial discussion with the Client deemed the course unique and framed a fitting solution for the aforementioned concerns.

The Client saw their database as obsolete as the last update was done over 3 years ago, but Callbox’s customer profiling service recreated the list as new.

The Callbox team first sent out initial emails to the current list to see which contacts were still active by tracking replies and actions like website visits, clicked links and downloads. Those emails contained a one-page informational content which included CTAs like links to landing pages about specific subjects the target would be interested to see, website links, Q&A boxes and downloadable collaterals. Inactive contacts were scrubbed off to leave room for newly acquired ones.

Active contacts in the old list and the newly acquired database which was provided by the Callbox team, were then called by the agent to verify all pertinent information like contact name, business name, business address, active phone numbers, email addresses, social media accounts and industry focus.

Both lists were then deduplicated to ensure calling time and effort were maximized throughout the duration of the campaign.

The final action in the lead generation program was appointment setting. The Callbox team meticulously drafted a script for the campaign which would uncover the target’s concerns at base level. Only three key probing questions were asked of the target but were surefire to uncover the prospect’s pain points. This opened an avenue for the Client to speak with their target prospects how their products and services would benefit their business.


The combined lists from the Client and Callbox totaled to 4,894 profiled and updated records. The three-point probing approach unleashed significant answers from the prospects which were instrumental to the Client in tailor-fitting solutions for them.

Out of the 4,894 records, the Callbox team generated 93 appointments and 51 warm follow ups, and before the three-month campaign ended, the Client was already preparing proposals for three large companies.
The technology leader concluded that indeed, with Callbox’s Appointment Setting program, business advancement and expansion were imminent.


Callbox Solves Software Companys Marketing Conundrum [CASE STUDY]

Callbox Solves Software Company’s Marketing Conundrum

The Client

The Client is an American company offering PaaS (Platform as a Service) cloud based applications such as VoIP Services and other products including Cloud File Sharing, Cloud Email, Mobile Device Management and AV, and Secure SMS to businesses. The Client also gives them additional value by combining private and public clouds into a single, integrated environment. The company prides itself as a one-stop shop for all IT needs and specializes in secured IT platforms for companies providing next-generation services.

The Client is based in the state of Georgia, but covers the continental United States, targeting the Healthcare, Hotels, Retail, Law, Daycare, and Private Sector Industries.

The Challenge

Despite working with a number of third party providers for their lead generation campaigns, finding interested companies to engage with their services for the long term was a challenge. Unfortunately for IPV Solutions, their previous partners were not equipped with the best tactics and tools that would scale up the sales numbers.

It did not help that most of their present customers may not have been the best people to take full advantage of their enterprise-ready solutions that encourage and enable mobile and global connectivity. That and the possibility that their previous partners didn’t exert enough effort to uncover the prospects’ needs such as business continuity and disaster recovery protection or continuous communications and go-anywhere mobile capabilities, which incidentally, IPV Solutions provide.

Hoping to find the answers to these problems, the Client searched for a reliable partner who can provide them with a list of accurate contacts and quality appointments with interested prospects who have the need for cloud integration and secured IT platforms, and who would most likely keep a long-term engagement with them.

The Callbox Solution

To address the Client’s problem about the quality of appointments, the team carried out their best effort to profile and update each contact information with each call, and took the opportunity to ask decision makers probing questions to uncover not just perceived, but actual business needs. These were significant factors in generating high converting appointments.

The Callbox team utilized the dependable Callbox Pipeline’s Lead Nurture Tool which efficiently automated tasks that streamlined the workflow.

Lead Nurture Tool’s list cleansing feature took care of contact profiling, while custom emails were automatically sent to prospects in a scheduled manner. Part of what makes this reliable tool efficient is that, every action taken by prospects like clicking a website or submitting a form is monitored in real-time and callers respond to them immediately.

As is always the case, all call activities were automatically logged in to the Callbox Pipeline, Callbox’s lead management and marketing automation platform where the Client can view, process or download reports of leads and/or appointments generated by Callbox agents.

The Callbox Pipeline’s Lead Nurture Tool made sure the call list was accurate throughout the whole campaign, while the Callbox’s SMART Calling system guaranteed to reach the right prospects at the right time, when they are most available to talk. This seamless synergy turned the operation into one a hassle-free campaign.


The initial three-month program has generated a total of 29 success calls (28 phone appointments, 1 lead). While not jaw-dropping, it was a stark departure from the meager results their previous partners have provided. Currently, the team is on its first renewal. Feedback from the client have all been positive – from the professional way the team members conduct themselves to the quality of appointments that have been set. As a result, IPV Solutions has decided to move forward for two more months with the engagement.