Callbox Mines a Shimmering Success For Jewelry ERP [CASE STUDY]

Callbox Mines a Shimmering Success For Jewelry ERP


Callbox Mines a Shimmering Success
For Jewelry ERP


A B2B marketing specialist that fuses digital and calling strategies to drive revenue for clients worldwide through high-end marketing services.

All relating to retail, wholesale, and manufacturing of gold and other precious metals, diamond and other precious stones

• Shareholders
• Managing Director
• IT Manager
• Accountants


The Client started providing technology and business solutions more than a couple of decades ago, and has acquired a weighty database of customers despite some challenges encountered. In 2014, the technology solutions leader launched an ERP software for jewelries that would provide reports that are useful in increasing business profitability. However, the target market was quite conservative – the kind who doesn’t easily believe and engage in software solutions for business advancement and prefer to do business the old way. That was one big challenge for the Client which urged them to outsource their lead generation campaign to Callbox.

• Utilized Callbox’s Multi-Channel Lead Generation Program
• Utilized Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool
• Won Over Elusive Target Prospects


The initial campaign generated only 3 leads but the Client wasn’t surprised at all of the result as they knew that a jewelry software is all new to the target market. They considered the campaign as testing the market.

In 2016, the Client reconvened with the Callbox team to run another round of campaign despite the market’s indifference to the product. Callbox still maximized its multi-channel lead generation, utilizing the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool using the same campaign process as of the initial campaign.The two-period campaign showed erratic trend results: Month 1 with 5 appointments, month 2 with 10, month 3 with 8.

The 4th month (start of the 2nd period), spiked to 12 appointments but the 5th month decreased to 6, and went up again to 10 appointments on the 6th month and finaled at 3 appointments on the the 7th month.

The ups and downs of lead results was one carousel ride but the Client probed into the matter and concluded that the target market has become quite welcoming of the product now as compared to 2015. The two campaign periods generated a total of 40 appointments, an average of 20 appointments per campaign period, which is an improvement over the Client’s own campaign from previous years.

As the target market slowly accepted the fact that the jewelry ERP could have a place in their business, the Client again launched another campaign in 2017. The first month generated 18 appointments and the 2nd month concluded with 10.

A total of 85 leads were generated by the Callbox team for the jewelry ERP provider, 51 (60%) of which were converted into proposals, potential additional revenue for the Client valued at $612,000.00.



1.Callbox validated the contact information in the database by sending initial emails with overview on the jewelry ERP software.

2.Prospects’ active responses like opened emails, website visits, clicked links, downloads and queries were tracked via the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool and saved for follow-up.

3.Invalid emails like bounces and other contact details were updated upon speaking with the prospect.


1. Active contacts were prioritized for calling.

2. Agents followed a careful process in the call flow: they had to speak in the clearest manner as target prospects were mostly seniors who are less interested with the new technology and must verify all contact information first before introducing the ERP software.

3. Prospects who agreed to speak with the Client were sent calendar invites to keep them reminded of the appointment schedule.

4. Prospects who were not ready to discuss yet were sent follow-up emails.

Callbox Concluded Success for Digital Marketing Analytics Leader [CASE STUDY]

Callbox Concluded Success for Digital Marketing Analytics Leader


Callbox Concluded Success for
Digital Marketing Analytics Leader


The Client is a leading digital marketing analytics (business intelligence) company that collects, filters, analyzes and aggregates data from social media, forums and other online locations.


Social media has become a way of life, thus getting people to sit down and talk about social media analytics may be a less interesting topic, but this group of millennial entrepreneurs whose minds are packed with fresh innovative ideas weren’t shaken and took the challenge. The target of 36 leads was quite high for a three-month project run with only two in-house staff to do all the marketing tasks, but the Client remained unruffled despite time constraints as outsourcing a lead generation provider was originally part of the marketing plan. The last thing that awaited resolution was “who” to employ.

• Utilized Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool and Multi-Channel Marketing Program
• Exceeded Targets
• Well- managed Campaign and Sanitized Database


The 1st week of the campaign saw the bulk of the initial touch points made by the Callbox reps as they set about establishing contact with the prospects, as evidenced by the number of email opens and contacts profiled.

As trust and a rapport began to build between Callbox and the prospects, 10 appointments were generated towards the end of the first 4 weeks, while 15 were generated between the 5th and 8th weeks, and more came in as the campaign progressed – 19 in between the 9th and 12th weeks.


1. Apart from calling to set appointments for the Client, Callbox also profiled the contact list through verification of information with the prospect himself.

2. During the calls, Callbox shared an overview of the social media analytics platform and helped the prospect identify his business needs via probing questions.

3. This allowed Callbox to gain the prospect’s trust on the Client’s behalf and generate interest in the Client’s products, and eventually, quality appointments.


1. The Callbox team utilized the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool to send initial emails containing information about Social Media Analytics.

2. Follow-up emails with information on the specific social media platform which the prospect is concerned with were sent after the agent has
spoken with the prospect.

3. Final emails were also sent to both prospects who wanted more information about the business intelligence platforms and those who agreed to a meeting.


1. The Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool was also used to profile the contact list. Based on the sendout results, Callbox was able to identify and filter active contacts from inactive ones.

2. Invalid emails (bounces) were replaced and contact information (name, address, phone numbers, social media accounts) of prospects was updated.

3. Active responses by prospects like Opened Email, Clicked Link and Visited Website were tracked in real time and were set as follow-ups, and were profiled as to how the Callbox team would be able to reach them (call, email, mobile or social media).

B2B Marketing Specialist and Callbox A Rare and Stellar Collaboration [CASE STUDY]

B2B Marketing Specialist and Callbox: A Rare and Stellar Collaboration


B2B Marketing Specialist and Callbox: A Rare and Stellar Collaboration



The Client is a B2B marketing specialist that offers major marketing solutions all over the United States of America and worldwide. They fuse digital and calling strategies to drive revenue for their clients through high-end marketing services.

They stand on a mission to help their clients achieve full business growth through creativity, technology and strategic vision to become an organization that draws, develops and retains exceptional relationships.

All Industry

All Over US


From a simple telemarketing service 12 years ago, the Client’s business spawned into a broad range of marketing solutions like List-To-Lead Management, Content and Digital Marketing, Automation, and Web Services which includes Social Media Management.

However, not surprisingly, along with the big time expansion arose the need to increase the number of target clients – a large database of qualified prospects who have the need of the Client’s expanded services. Although the Client promptly addressed the need for a beefy database, a handful of related issues came up which seemed too much for the Client and its telemarketing team to handle: due to the extensive number of targets in the database to be called, productivity went against time so the information shared was somehow incomplete which resulted to low call quality and revenue. The Client decided to look for other options as the lead flow in the sales funnel seemed like jelly pearls passing through a large straw from a tumbler of winter melon iced tea – very few and flimsy.

The facts:

  • The Client’s callers used to make 80 calls/agent/day until the database was expanded and the daily target was raised to 140/caller/day, which came as a challenge, averaging only at 150/agent/day.
  • Number of leads generated averaged at 3/caller/day but went down to just 1/agent/day, a drastic decline of 60%.
  • Call quality rated average was 85 but slipped to 76.5, down by 10%
  • Campaigns closed averaged at 7/month, decreased to 4/month, revenue down by 50%


Prior to the Appointment Setting program, Callbox and the Client agreed to sanitize the database via Customer Profiling. Customer Profiling is part and parcel of Callbox’s holistic campaign management. Moreover, Callbox takes full responsibility in managing the database by cleansing and profiling the contacts before, during and until the campaign ends.

  • Data Cleansing – all contacts on the database are called to confirm every piece of business information
  • Deduplication – missing details are retrieved and necessary changes are applied to eliminate goneaways, duplicate entries, and contacts that fall outside the target criteria.
  • Data Verification – contact names and contact numbers are validated, as well as email addresses, postal codes, and other pertinent contact details.

Callbox not only prides itself with more than a decade of sales and marketing experience and world-class service to its clients worldwide but for the proprietary technologies it has incepted like the Multi-Channel Lead Generation Program which has benefited numerous clients.

The Client thought of taking things one at a time and start the project as new – unloading their quite ambitious goal of going big at a snap in such a short period of time (3 months) and instead embrace a new set of strategies like the SMART Calling technology from Callbox which catalyzed their goals into success.

The campaign flow:

  • The Callbox team sent out flyers to the profiled contacts via the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool. Opened emails, clicked links and downloads were tracked real-time and were followed up by callers at a certain time.
  • During the follow-up call, the agent must first be able to get the prospect to agree to receive the Client’s business eBook which contains a comprehensive information about their products and services. After which, the caller should set an appointment at the prospect’s most convenient way and time.
  • To ensure accuracy in the program, the Callbox team sent out calendar invites to prospects who agreed for appointment and a reminder to all those who agreed to receive the eBook.


  • The Callbox team averaged at 180 calls/agent/day (16% increase from the Client’s 150 average a day)
  • Leads generated averaged at 4/agent/day (25% increase from the 3/agent/day)
  • Call quality scores improved to 90 (15% hike from the 76.5)
  • After the campaign period, deals closed averaged at 10/month (30% increase from 7/month), raising the Client’s monthly revenue to potentially $200,000 or more

While Callbox makes no promises when running a campaign and just simply addresses the need of the Client’s business by giving them the power to scale up their business potentials to boost sales numbers, the Client on the other hand, deserves commendation for going down the humble road and seeking help with their marketing requirements from an industry colleague. An unusual, profound business collaboration and teamwork between marketing rivals resulted to stellar business success.

Callbox Bridge to Global Market for Improved Code Review Tool [CASE STUDY]

Callbox: Bridge to Global Market for Improved Code Review Tool


Callbox Bridge to Global Market for Improved Code Review Tool



The Client is a group of Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Data Integration experts, providing consulting and implementation solutions to numerous enterprise clients in the areas of Data Architecture, Data Modelling and ETL. They also provide consulting services relating to Reporting, Development, Modularized Solutions and Change Management.

Companies Using Informatica, Datastage, ODI


  • CTO/CIO/Sr. VP/VP/Director/Manager – Data Warehouse
  • CTO/CIO/Sr. VP/VP/Director/Manager – Business Intelligence
  • CTO/CIO/Sr. VP/VP/Director/Manager – Data Engineering
  • CTO/CIO/Sr. VP/VP/Director/Manager – Data Quality/Governance
  • Informatica Tech Lead
  • Informatica Architect
  • Informatica Administrator
  • Architect
  • Solution Architect
  • Data Warehouse Manager

USA, Europe, Middle East


The Client required a software license to complete product development, Their product, being a tool developed for Informatica PowerCenter, required the Client to team up with informatica users to obtain substantial information about the facets of the product’s development and come up with best practices.

The challenge was to “gain stronger and larger presence in the global market”. In order to achieve this, the Client needed access to Informatica users to help earn credibility and to increase trials for the software.


Callbox’s Multi-Touch, Multi-Channel Lead Generation Program was all set to drive success for the Client. At the initial campaign term and even in succeeding terms, Callbox rolled out a Customer Profiling program to make the most out of the Appointment Setting campaign.

Initial email copies were sent to email addresses via the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool to validate the activeness of the contacts. The said email copies contained CTAs like links to the Client’s website, query boxes and downloadable questionnaires. All actions taken by prospects and email replies were tracked in real time.

Replies and actions were monitored by the Callbox team and were set as follow-ups. in order to appropriately profile the contacts, the agent first verified information details followed by the required probing questions that focused on companies who are current Informatica Users for their code review tool and later on expanded to companies who also use ODI (Oracle Data Integrator) and IBM Data Stage code review tool.

The feedback from these users were properly noted and to in order to help the users carry out the best of the tools, the agent set for them appointments with the Client’s demo specialists to discuss with them some how to’s and DIY’s.


The initial term generated 35 appointments for web demo, the second term brought in 29 appointments and the third term rolled out 31 appointments, a total of 95 web demos.

15 qualified leads in 22 calling days

Callbox bridged communication between the Client and its target market. The information that were dished out of the current Informatica users were substantial to the improvement of the tool and has earned them a higher credibility from their customers. On top of that, the three term-campaign that Callbox initially ran for them has allowed them to establish a larger and stronger presence in the global market.

As of the writing of this case study, the Client is still engaged with Callbox for yet another campaign term.

HR Market Leader Wins It All Back and More with Callbox [CASE STUDY]

HR Market Leader Wins It All Back and More with Callbox


HR Market Leader Wins It All Back and More with Callbox



The Client is a market leading designer and developer of payroll software in New Zealand since 1983.

All industries with 20 – 200 employees

Business Owners, Managing Directors, Finance Managers

New Zealand


The Client prides itself with a 33-year experience in providing over 10,000 customers with low cost, simple and very effective payroll solutions. However, this market dominion was somewhat threatened when payroll system providers in New Zealand offered the same or similar packages on software functionalities like Auditing, Templates, Tracking Capabilities, Costing Statistics, Pay History, Contributions and Help Desk Support, which deflated the Client’s huge number of customer database by 20%.

The competitors were seen to be quite aggressive in generating more customers, so the Client decided to combat the move by undertaking feisty initiatives like outsourcing a lead generation company who would help them look for new customers and win back those they’ve lost.


Callbox’s multi-channel marketing program was designed to help clients maximize the full potential of a well-profiled and managed database to get them in front of their target prospects with the right message, at the right time.

In the said campaign, the Client required the Callbox team to generate leads using two different approaches for lost customers and new targets. The generated leads were differentiated into two categories, and from which the Client customized their solution/offers:

  1. Prospects (new targets) who agreed to speak with the Client’s representative to discuss about the product /solution and its benefits


This type of target customers were sent initial email copies that contained FAQs about their pain points like Holiday Pays, Leave Rates calculations, etc. As soon as the prospect opened the email or took action like clicked the Client’s website or accessed any link in the email, which were tracked real-time by the Callbox team, the contact was then scheduled in the Callbox PIpeline to be called by the agent and set for an office, online demo or phone appointment with the Client’s specialists.

  1. Lost customers who agreed to speak again with the Client’s specialists and were interested to know about new offers


For winback customers, the initial email copies included cost- and time-saving offers from the Client such as systems upgrade at the same package cost, restructured payment schemes and a sample comparative script of how their old service would look like upon return. A day after the initial copies were sent out, whether or not the prospect had opened or taken any action on the email or not, the agent made follow-up calls to those targets and set them for office, online demo or phone appointments with the Client’s specialists.

In addition, the agent incorporated a customer profiling activity during follow-up calls which made the database more accurate by updating contact information like the decision maker’s name, company name and address, contact numbers, email addresses and social media accounts.


The Callbox team generated a total of 84 Leads: 11 Office and 35 Phone Appointments and 38 Online Demonstration Bookings which were all part of the 2,343 Positive Contacts that included warm follow-ups. Out of the 84 Leads, 38 (40%) were winback customers.

Callbox’s multi-channel marketing platform was effectively utilized for the payroll leader’s lead generation campaign and which realized their goals to win back lost customers and acquire new ones worth nurturing.

Callbox Three Step Tactic Success Marketing Specialist [CASE STUDY]

Callbox’s Three-Step Tactic To Success for Marketing Consulting Specialist


Callbox’s Three-Step Tactic to Success for Marketing Consulting Specialist



The Client is a Marketing Consulting Agency which was founded in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2002. The company is an event specialist mainly for IT and Software industries providing Signature Campaigns, Event Management, Retail Services, Partner Programmes and Content Development in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, and had ran several successful events for IT giants like Intel and Microsoft.

As the Client’s reputation grew in 2007, more industry giants like Bosch, Castrol, DiGi and Disney Channel entrusted them to handle major events which brought them more acclaim in the region.

All industry types and sizes

IT Managers / IT Admin / Helpdesk Managers / Infrastructure Managers

Singapore & Malaysia


The Client’s successes in the past did not leave them overconfident and content with their achievements but rather drove them to set their sights higher with plans for expansion of their services in the Southeast Asia by providing service to multinational IT and software companies. This objective was crystal clear but the tools and processes to run the project remained a gray area. This led the Client to look for a third party provider who possesses the expertise that would help them realize their plans. They considered partnering with a telemarketing company – specifically someone who has rich experience in events marketing campaigns and can provide a large and well profiled database for them.

Callbox was among three providers that were shortlisted by the Client but stood out to be their best choice in the end. Find out the reason why.


The Client planned out a trade event for a giant IT firm. The objective was to gather as many attendees as possible and get interested prospects who would be good targets to follow up for succeeding events.

Callbox, known for its thought technology as a top lead generation provider, designed a multi-channel marketing campaign for the Client and employed the use of the Callbox Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool, a marketing automation tool that streamlines actions and communication between the Client and the targets, creating a seamless workflow for the Callbox team throughout the duration of the campaign.

The presentation of the whole idea of how the project will be ran was the very reason why the Client blithely chose Callbox over the other two lead generation providers.

The process was easy as counting 1-2-3:

  1. Event invitation emails were sent to prospects before the calling commenced. This was coursed through the Callbox Pipeline Lead Nurture tool which served a double purpose – to formally invite prospects and at the same time to validate the information details of the contacts in the list. The validation process filtered invalid contacts like DNC and Bounced emails by moving these entries from the target list to a repository list. Once updated, these were uploaded back to the target list to be blasted with email invites.
  2. A one call resolution tactic was applied in making follow-up calls to prospects who took actions like opened email, replied or clicked a link on the page upon receipt of the invites. The agent’s follow-up call was not simply to share more about the event details or answer the prospect’s queries but as much as possible, aimed to seize the lead by walking them through the whole registration process. Once done, the agent immediately sent out a calendar invite that contained complete event details like title, date and time, venue and confirmation codes as a steady reminder for the prospect.
  3. The third and last step was calling all the registrants a day or two before the event date to confirm their attendance. During the confirmation call, the agent had to make sure that the registrant had accepted or accepts the calendar invite and confirms his or his representative’s attendance to the event.


The campaign officially registered 129 confirmed attendees for the giant IT company. But for this Marketing Consulting specialist, the successfully concluded campaign was just a start of even bigger things, for them the best thing was nurturing 150 warm follow-ups who are all possible attendees to upcoming events, and a rich database containing well-profiled and accurate contacts.

The event campaign saved the Client much time and money as they not only gathered a good number of attendees for the IT giant’s event but at the same time, currently reserves another batch of warm prospects for the next event that wouldn’t necessarily require much time and effort to follow-up.
In fact, as of press time, Callbox is set to launch another event campaign for the Client.

Callbox Partnering for Sales Increase in Sydney IP Services [CASE STUDY]

Callbox’s Multi-Channel Marketing Program and Marketing Automation Platform: Partnering for 33% Sales Increase in Sydney IP Services


Partnering for 33% Sales Increase in Sydney IP Services



Established in 1998, the Client is an Australian-owned cloud, data centre and connectivity provider. Specializing in enterprise cloud, robust data centres, managed connectivity solutions and multi-provider internet services, the Client’s network extends throughout Australia with its own points of presence in five states.

Small to Medium Industries with 10-500 employees and
2 million annual revenue

Office Manager, Gen. Manager, Managing Director

NSW, Australia


In 1999, the Client partnered with Optus to wholesale Internet Protocol (IP) Services to middle-tier ISPs and voice service providers in Queensland, and extended its market to Sydney in 2006. The Sydney operation did quite well in the first five years, maintaining a good number of customers.

However, the following years saw the Sydney operation fall into a predicament. Annual ROIs barely moved up as in-house sales and marketing schemes became ineffective in acquiring new customers. The Client knew that in order to increase their clientele list, more advanced sales and marketing methods and tools were needed. But such requirement further led them to another challenge: they were not equipped with the best tactics and tools that would scale up the sales numbers.

After some foresightful study, the Client took a backseat from the situation and decided to outsource their sales and marketing efforts with Callbox.


Callbox and the Client were a match made in heaven.

The first project was a single seat, 3-month appointment setting campaign that ran in a very modest, but effective way.

The database, containing specific zip codes from the Sydney area, was kept accurate by both Callbox and the Client by regularly washing and profiling the contacts. The process saved much quality time to reach more decision makers with each call.

Along with the managed database, the Client worked closely with the agent by providing insights on how to carry out substantial pitches about the product’s benefits through promotions and great deals, while allowing the agent to keep her fundamental appointment setting skills, resulting to quality leads.

Moreover, the Callbox Pipeline marketing automation features like lead management, campaign monitoring and lead nurturing brought so much confidence to the Client. This dependable platform served as the sole reference for them to monitor prospecting calls, follow-up emails, and booked appointments, thereby, for most of the time, not requiring any further verbal discussion on campaign status and plans of action at all. As per the client, “it’s a neat diary“.


Through the Callbox multi-channel marketing program and the Callbox Pipeline, the team booked 24 appointments in the first two months of the the three-month campaign period – good news not only to the company’s directors but most especially to giant partner Optus. The said number of appointments represented a significant 62% surge from their average leads percentage in the last three years.

But the best was yet to come…

On the 3rd month, things got off to a flying start as sale after sale came in.

September 4, 2014

“Hi Team, FYI, we are about to get our first large deal signed off. Thank you and your team for the fantastic result. Keep them coming!”

September 17, 2014

“Hi Team, I hope all is well. Some more good news, I have converted another lead this week. Please pass on my thanks to the team & keep up the good work!”

January 21, 2015

“Team, What a great way to start the New Year! Thank you very much.”

Callbox and the Quartered Success of The File Transfer Expert [CASE STUDY]

Callbox and the Quartered Success of The File Transfer Expert


Callbox and the Quartered Success of The File Transfer Expert



A group of file transfer software experts from Germany founded this File Transfer Appliance Company in 1996 which later spanned to France and Singapore in 2007.

The company stands on a mission to offer the latest Hardware Technologies coupled with the leading Software Solutions as “Plug-and-Play” appliances designed for security problems and compliance tasks.

Oil & Gas, Architecture firms, Precision Engineering firms, Property Developers, Advertising Media or Graphic Design
Houses, Large Manufacturing companies, Government-linked companies, Lawyers, Health, Pharmaceutical companies, and Building and Construction. With an Annual Turnover of more than SG$ 2 Million and having more than 20 employees.

Directors, Business Owners, IT Managers, Personin Charge of IT

Singapore & Malaysia


The campaign’s initial run in April 2011 mainly focused on the Singapore market. The client preferred to cater to companies that send out big files. These are companies that have worldwide presence and do site-to-site file sending, or those that require file-sharing with their resellers or customers.

The initial campaign production delivered 19 leads. Such number was instrumental to the client’s positive decision to renew for another campaign that was even more impressive with 34 leads. Since then, the team continuously worked on for the lead generation campaign. The number of leads fluctuated but nevertheless quality was maintained at its best. The following campaign period brought in 28 leads with positive contacts at 63%, the next with 26 leads at 50% positive contacts, followed by another month with 35 leads at 71% positive contacts, and proceeded to another renewal month with 14 leads at 71% positive contacts and the last month with 23 leads at 76% positive contacts.

As the Singapore database was close to being exhausted, Callbox proposed to the client to divert its focus to other countries. In 2012, Malaysia came into the picture and kicked off with 30 leads in the 1st run, and went on alternately running MY and SG markets for the rest of the campaign period, with 18-20 leads per month, renewing contract after contract of 3 or 6 months, until the final leg in May 2015.



Quality vs. Quantity

The campaign required the Callbox team more effort compared with the other campaigns. The leads that were passed were strictly qualified based on the set criteria, which were subjected to the client’s scrutiny and approval.

Database Use

The 4-year run made the most of its target database of contacts. Towards the end of the last 2 months of the campaign, both the Malaysia and Singapore databases went all in, as both target markets have been saturated, yet the campaign was still able to produce 18 leads at the least.


What A Difference It Has Made

This is one of the most successful and longest running campaigns in Callbox. But how was this huge success achieved?

The client truthfully engaged himself with the campaign by sharing full product knowledge with the team by conducting a thorough training on the product specifications, features and usage benefits.

The Callbox team had a first-hand experience of the product as they were able to practically navigate its interface which helped the calling agent efficiently position the offer to the prospects. These best practices also made the leaders effectively coach the caller on the challenges encountered in the calls, making them able to easily address issues that arise from day to day calling.

All available resources in Callbox were utilized.

Calling, sending of emails and other marketing resources like the social media were substantial to the exceptional results of the campaign.
Definitely, this campaign has made history with Callbox.

Turning Targets to Sales Ready Leads 50 Percent Shorter Lead Nurturing Cycle [CASE STUDY]

Turning Targets to Sales-Ready Leads with a 50% Shorter Lead Nurturing Cycle

Targets to Sales-Ready Leads with a 50% Shorter
Lead Nurturing Cycle

Callbox and Software Leader Spell Success [CASE STUDY]

Callbox and Software Leader Spell Success


Callbox and Software Leader Spell Success



The Client is a professional business software consulting firm based in Irvine, CA. They specialize in the Sage Software family of products – Sage MAS 90 and 200, Sage BusinessWorks, Sage CRM, and JobOps Job management software. The Client helps businesses increase productivity and profitability through the application of integrated accounting, distribution and management software. Their reporting tools allow users to quickly and easily extract, analyze and professionally present business information.

The Client’s services include software selection, system design and implementation, user training and support, data conversion, and eCommerce / EDI / CRM consulting. With the goal of being the most trusted and most responsive in the network technology and business management industry, they have helped over 400 companies in a wide variety of industries. The Client engaged the services of Callbox in August 2005


Considering the stiff competition and difficulty of marketing business software, it was crucial for the Client to double, even triple their sales and marketing efforts in order to find prospects. They lacked the team and resources to search for prospects. Sales and marketing was handled by one person who wanted to focus on presenting proposals and closing deals and could not be burdened by the time-consuming search for prospects. The Client needed to scour the market for businesses with upcoming software system projects such as software evaluation and upgrading. They targeted businesses that needed:

  • system change
  • system upgrade or downgrade
  • system maintenance
  • add-ons to current system

The Client sought a partner to find these prospects, generate interest for the products and services and provide all necessary marketing support to achieve their goal.


The Client turned to Callbox to rev up their sales efforts.

Callbox initially carried out an invitational campaign in Aug. 2005, calling prospects and inviting them to attend meetings and/or seminars conducted by the Client. A series of lead generation and appointment setting campaigns followed, spread out over a year, alternately conducted on a per-lead or per-seat arrangement. Since the start of the campaign, the call quota of Callbox agents rose from 100 to 160 calls per day, targeting 20 leads per month as required by the Client.

Callbox agents inquired about prospects’ plans to change or replace their business management software in the next 3-12 months. This was followed by a series of questions regarding:

  • satisfaction with the current software being used
  • flaws/problems with current software
  • current systems used for operation and accounting
  • evidence of manual or double entry for processes
  • interest in changing or upgrading current software
  • functionalities expected from the software
  • time-frame for implementation
  • budget

Aside from calling prospects, the Callbox team sent out brochures to customers asking for additional information. Prospects that had talked with the Client’s sales consultant were also forwarded to Callbox agents for follow-up calls.


Since August 2005, Callbox agents placed a total of 27,857 calls for the Client, and have forwarded 240 leads since the start of the lead generation and appointment setting campaigns. With Callbox handling the qualification and forwarding of hot leads, the Client now devotes full attention to closing deals significantly increasing sales. They were pleased with the performance of the Callbox team who delivered a total of 72 leads from February to June 2007. Thereafter, the Client pre-extended their contract through to September 2007.

Callbox Delivers Qualified Leads for Workforce Management Solutions Expert [CASE STUDY]

Callbox Delivers Qualified Leads for Workforce Management Solutions Expert


Callbox Delivers Qualified Leads for Workforce Management Solutions Expert


The Client specializes in empowering project workforce locally, and provides visibility globally. They make it possible to manage project workforce in real-time, eliminating the spreadsheets and custom-built applications enterprises use to fill the gaps caused by disconnected systems.

Their project workforce management helps streamline project management, optimize resource utilization and precisely account for costs and revenue across projects and workforce. The Client leverages existing software investments and adapts to structures and processes to automate time and expense tracking, cost and revenue accounting, workforce planning, as well as other project and workforce related processes.

The Client’s on-demand software has earned an unqualified SAS 70 Type II certification ensuring maximum data security, reliability, and scalability for our hosted customers. Since 1995, the Client has served over 800 organizations around the world, including Caterpillar, Corning Cable Systems RD&E division, First National Bank, Hydro Quebec – DPE, Invensys Systems Canada, Major Drilling, Pioneer Natural Resources, State of Wyoming, The Pentagon, University of Michigan, Fisher Scientific, and Wyeth Biopharma.


With the volume of traffic the Client’s website gets every day, the Client needed to gather significant information from all its visitors in order to enhance its service offerings. It sought the services of a sales and marketing expert to handle all website inquiries and calls on their behalf and more importantly, qualify visitors and identify their needs so that its sales team can focus more on closing deals.


For Client’s needs, Callbox implemented an extremely effective marketing strategy — Lead Qualification.

The Callbox team handled all service inquiries in the Client’s website. Callbox agents profiled the Client’s visitors by asking them their role in the company they represent, what industry they belonged to, the motivation behind visiting the website and gathering their contact information. The more crucial process was finding out what service they were interested in and what their requirements were. The qualifying process included questions on:

  • Budget
  • Current processes and software solutions
  • Number of Users
  • Target implementation date
  • Industry

While discussing these criteria and requirements, each Callbox Lead Manager types notes directly into Thunderchild using the template of the question and determines which among his or her list should be given a follow up call.

Once a lead is set to qualified, the Callbox sales team will then take over. An appropriate sales representative is assigned to a particular set of prospects based on their geographic location as well as the size and scope of the implementation. The sales representative then calls these prospects for a more thorough discussion about their business requirements in preparation for an eventual product demonstration.


Owing to the Callbox team’s excellent communication skills, consistency and efficiency in the conduct of the Lead Qualification campaign, the Client has been getting a steady flow of qualified appointments. Its sales team is now devoting full attention to closing deals, significantly increasing sales.

Callbox Provides Maximum Marketing Support for Talent Management Solutions Leader [CASE STUDY]

Callbox Provides Maximum Marketing Support for Talent Management Solutions Leader


Callbox Provides Maximum Marketing Support for Talent Management Solutions Provider



The Client is a worldwide talent management leader with experience serving organizations of all sizes. The Client configures talent solutions for specific business needs to dramatically improve business performance. They provide on demand talent management solutions to assess, acquire, develop, and align workforce.

The Client delivers a comprehensive suite of solutions for businesses of all sizes, matching all sources of talent – be they professional and hourly candidates, agency referrals, campus recruits, contingent workers, or existing employees to all positions, whether it is centralized, decentralized, or multinational. It maintains its headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area and a research and development facility in Quebec City, where the company employs approximately 300 people focused solely on talent management applications.


The Client needed to invite prospects to its 2007 World conference. Its desired attendees were composed of its current customer base and prospects from all over the US culled from their in-house database.

This global company needed a reliable partner to update and manage its lists and gather pertinent information such as names of decision makers, email addresses and phone numbers, company names, addresses and zip codes. Using the lists from their database, the Client needed to generate interest and drive attendance to their event.


The Callbox team broke the challenge down into distinct implementation phases: Database Cleanup, List Management and Call to Invite Campaign.

Database Cleanup
The Callbox team helped preserve the valuable information in the Client’s global database which contained millions of key contacts. The team updated and enhanced their existing prospect and customer lists by:

  • reviewing, evaluating and studying the work that needs to be done for the Client’s lists;
  • updating addresses, name spellings, titles and email addresses;
  • removing or consolidating duplicates;
  • normalizing data formats;
  • adding key data fields
  • phone-verifying all contact and company information

List Management
With the team’s expert knowledge of the direct marketing business and trends in the List Industry, recommendations were given to the Client on how to best utilize their list. After studying the Client’s prospect list, target emails based on interest, demographics, or custom questions were prepared by the Callbox team and sent out using advanced software and systems. Responses and results were recorded, tracked and reported to the Client daily.

Call to Invite Campaign
After completing the list cleanup process and list management, Callbox agents went to work calling and qualifying potential attendees as a follow-up on all emails sent. All call activities were automatically logged in to PipelineCRM, Callbox’s customer contact and sales force management system where the Client can view, process or download reports of leads and/or appointments generated by Callbox agents. Personal contact and company information were collected from those who signified their intention to attend the conference, organized and forwarded to the Client to be included in their list of attendees. Highly-trained Callbox agents efficiently multi-tasked, making hundreds of calls daily, identifying potential attendees, providing conference information when requested by prospect and preparing reports for the Client.


With Callbox providing maximum support prior to their event, the Client was able to focus on preparing for the conference itself and exceeded its target number of attendees. Client was impressed with the Callbox team’s excellent prospecting skills and attention to detail in cleaning up and updating its lists that it renewed its contract several times.

With Callbox’s list management and efficient reporting, the Client was freed from purging, updating and mailing, as Callbox did everything for them. With enhanced database capabilities, they are exploring an even more extensive direct marketing aimed at solely building their email lists.