Ten Cold Calling Mistakes You Should Avoid

Singapore has a lot of potentials for your company, if you know how to take advantage of it. You know that generating B2B leads can be hard, but you are also aware that this is a necessity. Otherwise, how would you be able to get any customers coming your way? You have to work on your B2B lead generation campaign well, particularly if you are cold calling business prospects. Despite your best efforts, you might still end up committing some marketing errors that you just cannot afford to make. As a marketer, you should be aware of what these errors are, and make the effort in avoiding them. And what could these be?

  1. Talking rapidly – yes, you might want to say everything during your B2B appointment setting campaign, but talking too fast will just irritate your prospects. Besides, who wants to listen to a fast talker? Try talking a little bit slower.
  2. Calling while in the wrong mood – try smiling before you make that telemarketing call. This can help improve your mood, as well as voice, when you make that call. Be friendly and conversational during the call.
  3. Reaching the wrong person – not only would this be embarrassing, it would also be a complete waste of your time and efforts, it also wastes the time of the other person. Your aim should be the main decision-maker, this should be your sole purpose.
  4. Calling for the wrong reasons – remember, every call that you make should be focused on conveying your business message. Calling for no reason would imply your unprofessionalism, as well as lack of skills in the marketing side of things.
  5. Sharing too much information – while it may be good that you share information with your business prospects, telling them too much might not be a good idea. There is only so much that sales leads prospects can handle in one day.
  6. You turn them off – a good rule of thumb in the telemarketing business is that you only have forty-five seconds to get the attention of your prospects. Beyond that, they either hang up or fall asleep.
  7. Failing to ask deeply – probing questions is essential for a good B2B appointment setting process. You need to understand what is really wrong before you can suggest solutions for your prospects.
  8. Assuming that you know them – take note, in a B2B telemarketing call, your aim is to know your prospects better. Assuming that you know what they need, and you did not ask more about them.
  9. Assuming that you are understood – this is a really bad mistake, since most misunderstandings during contract signing or delivery of goods or services stems from this point. You need to clarify everything before you end that call.
  10. Not properly scheduling – similar to point eight and nine, where the misunderstanding causes you to miss appointments, or arrive in meetings where the prospects is unavailable. This would be a complete waste of time and effort on your part.

Really, if you can avoid these major cold calling gaffes, then you might get yourself that deal easier.

Improve Sales Through Lead Generation

Your office phone isn’t ringing as much as it used to, but that doesn’t mean that your company needs to start closing its doors. You (or your salespeople) just need to get back to prospecting and lead generation.

Getting your business and services out there to the public is more important now than ever. Thanks to the recession, people are more careful about where and when they spend their money. Waiting for your target customers to turn themselves into leads is a noble effort, but it’s largely a waste of your time.  It’s your job to let them know what you offer, because they’ll never know otherwise if they need it or not.

By prospecting for potential sales leads yourself, you have a better control of the pace of your sales process. It’s not the most enjoyable part of being in business, but it’s definitely the most crucial. There are plenty of methods you can use to help with your prospecting. You could start sending more emails, if you haven’t already. Look into joining trade shows, and even television advertising if you can afford it. If you feel like doing it the cheap and old-fashioned way, you can always grab the nearest phone book or search on Google. You can even hire professional telemarketers to do the cold-calling for you, or you might opt to go straight to a reliable telemarketing company for your telemarketing needs. All these methods have their advantages and disadvantages, but the important thing is you get your products and services noticed by the right people.

Acquire a Better Chance of Generating Leads from Singapore Through B2B Telemarketing

Generating leads has become much tougher ever since recession has rolled into the lives of many businesses. This can be thoroughly felt even to businesses that are located in Singapore. Many have dodged this event and are still lucky to have survived it. However, there are still those that are unlucky enough to have experienced this. Many companies that have been hit with recession have been seen to bear a great burden when it comes to their lead generation campaign. There are those that have given up with such a marketing strategy as it may be too costly for them while others have given up on their businesses entirely.

Through outsourcing their lead generation campaign, businesses (either hit by recession or not) can stand a chance in gathering quality leads. Outsourced telemarketing services for this marketing strategy is one of the best options one can take advantage of for the benefit of their business.

The key benefit that can be attained through outsourcing is that skilled professionals use the process known as cold calling to gather warm leads. The chances of qualifying a lead are high through this medium for the fact that a direct line of contact is created. Telemarketers can then send whatever data they acquire through their pipeline so that their clients can easily fold out any information they receive.

Outsourcing to a telephone marketing firm enables businesses to get warm leads at a very fast pace.