Make People Click Tips to make your web content interesting

Make People Click: Tips to make your web content interesting

Everyday there are more than 2 million blog posts published, 294 Billion emails sent, 250 million photos uploaded, and 860,000 hours of YouTube videos uploaded. Think of these godlike statistics of interactions happening in the Web everyday as you write down your own blog or upload a picture and video, probably you’ll start wondering how people will ever notice your web contents.

How to make people click? This question is perhaps buzzing in your head. In a congested E-market where everyone has the equal ability to create their own content, it is extremely difficult to get an edge in lead generation and conversion. Here are some tips to make people click:

Be yourself

Don’t write because someone else told you to do so. Write because it interests you, not because you think it’s going to be interesting for others. The content becomes even more effective if the writer knows what he is talking about.

Be concise

On the average, readers take 45 seconds or less before they give up reading certain content. They will not read more than two paragraphs unless they will find it really interesting. Establish the focal point of the content and don’t go beyond it. Keep it short but direct.

Give exclusive scoop

People will always want to be the first in every exclusive scoop. Give people information they can’t get anywhere else.

Connect to the reader

No one will ever want to read an article they can’t relate to, even it’s very informative. Yield with an idea that will connect the article to the needs of the reader. Make the context of the connection broad so that it can cater more diverse readers.

Avoid industry jargon

In marketing, it is very important to understand your target audience. Never try to use words or phrases the readers might not recognize. Take the perspective of the content where the reader can immediately understand the idea imposed by the content.

Add pictures and illustrations

Pictures will not only make the content attractive, it can also help tell the story to the reader. It adds credibility to articles and retains interest of the readers.

Give the convenience of contacting you

Add contact information everywhere so it’s easy to find. It should be just a click away otherwise, they might not bother to contact you anymore.

The Web is information-saturated making users impatient. They are skeptical about web contents that are focused too much on advertising. Use this not as a disadvantage but as an opportunity by making your web content relatively interesting and striking.

Quick Fix for Lead Generation Content that isn’t Getting Found

Quick Fix for Lead Generation Content that isn’t Getting Found

In a typical content marketing lifespan, you cannot avoid getting into a phase when you start wondering why your pieces of great content – those which are with quality and viral potential – are not stumbled upon by your target market.

It’s a frustrating time, especially when you’ve become really proud of your content outputs yet they don’t really help in generating leads for your team.

Apparently, there’s a whole lot of difference between creating good content and promoting it, and the latter is what ultimately decides the “searchability” of your posts. There are things you could do to effectively promote your content, as proposed by Sonia Simone, co-founder and Chief Content Officer of CopyBlogger Media.


#1: Build your network

Today, tomorrow, next week, and next year, you need to be building your network of web publishers.

Those are the bloggers, web journalists, social media power users, and others who have the audience you’re looking for.

2 tips for expanding your network and making connections with influential folks on the web:

  1. Do something epic.
  2. Be a good egg.

You have to do something (like create some fantastic content) worth paying attention to. And you have to be the kind of person that others can stand to hang out with.

Incidentally, don’t try to only cultivate a network of “big” publishers. Those are nice, too, but you also want to expand your network of publishers whose audiences are close in size to yours.

Networking isn’t about sucking up to people you don’t like. It should be about cultivating relationships with publishers who are passionate about the same things you are. Spend your time on people you respect and like — it just works better all around.

#2: Make it shareable

As you’re building your network and creating that epic content, remember to make it easy to share.

  • Format it to be reader-friendly.
  • Put a decent headline on it.
  • Make it easy to share on social sites.
  • Make it entertaining and useful.

Make a careful study of the content that gets lots of shares on your favorite sites. Try to model your content on that — not just superficial elements like a Buzzworthy-style headline, but in delivering an experience that the audience wants to share with others.

#3: Clones don’t win

You’ll never be able to really effectively promote stale, “me-too” content. Even if you make it useful and interesting. Even if it has good headlines.

Your content needs a unique voice. It needs a point of view. You have to stand for something. You need a thumbprint — something about you, your approach, and your content that no one else has.

No matter how crowded and cluttered your topic is, there’s always a way to differentiate. But you need to put the work in. It can take time, and thought, and a lot of words written. But there is always a way.

Read the full post at Copy Blogger

Promoting your SEO Content Here are 4 Things to Consider

Promoting your SEO Content? Here are 4 Things to Consider

If you’re an SEO marketer, you’re more than likely inclined to give your content an extra push. You probably don’t want to settle with using great content that can be used for natural link-building. If B2B lead generation is in your blood, you would want to broaden your horizons a bit more.

To do that, you need to promote your content more effectively. Here are four simple tips:

1. Target the right audience

As a B2B lead generation marketer, you would want to create content that is attention-grabbing and relevant, but you also want to come up with something that will interest as wide an audience as possible within your target market. And it goes without saying that the broader the interest, the more links you can create. Of course, those links are likely to be good in quality if your content is relevant to your website and your business.

2. Publish it properly

One of the easiest opportunities is getting people who are already visiting and engaged with your website to share your content. Make sure you give your content the best ‘push’ possible by promoting and publishing it in the right places:

  • Via your blog.
  • Via an existing page the SEO performance of which you want to improve.
  • Via a new page created specifically for it.

3. Use social media

Social media shouldn’t even be a discussion; it’s an essential tool if your objective is to gain a good amount of publicity and exposure. It’s as easy as tying up all your content efforts with all the popular social networking sites available, particularly the giants: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Don’t worry about measuring the ROI or getting a firm grasp on results; just focus on maintaining an active online presence and the fruits will bear itself.

4. Reach out to influencers

A business’s power to use influencers to reach its target market ties in with social media. All you need to do is identify who’s influential in your subject area (usually those with lots of followers and friends) and get in touch. If they share your content, you’ll be able to reach more people, simple as that.

The good thing about influencers is that once they ‘tag’ you along, you’ll be temporarily using their influence as a means to reach a wide market, but the credibility and trust that go along with it are permanent.

The 4 E's of a Holistic B2B Content Piece

The 4 E’s of a Holistic B2B Content Piece

In today’s age of accessible information, there’s really no such thing as bad content. That is to say, the meat of the content is not the problem itself, it’s just that there are certain elements that are not present, things that could have otherwise made it more complete – in other words, holistic.

It’s important that your content delivers a complete package for it to be able to compel readers to view your business as a source of quality insight, as well as for them to think about doing business with you. For your content to achieve that level of completeness, it should be:


After reading your post, watching your video, or interacting with your surveys, polls and other engagements, your audience must be able to say that they have learned something, not only about facts and figures, but also about concepts, realities, commentaries and reactions. The worst thing they could ask themselves after spending time with your content is “What was that all about?”


Content should be actionable. This does not only pertain to your prospects being motivated to summon enough trust and allow your business to be part of theirs. Empowerment should also be endowed in a way that they begin to realize things they couldn’t have envisioned before, and that they become willing to take more risks than they’ve ever imagined. Your content should be able to provide them that inspiration.


Okay, so you don’t have a lot of facts to share or figures to analyze. But you have a great story to tell. That alone, should be enough to spark interest, if you know how to present it effectively. Entertainment in content is knowing how to touch a reader’s soft spots and leaving an impression after the experience. Wouldn’t you want your reader to enjoy your content and comment something like “That was fun”?


Once you’ve secured that the previous elements are present in your content, now it’s time to do a reality check: is your content relevant? Sometimes, no matter how educational, empowering, or entertaining a piece is, it still wouldn’t satisfy people because of its lack of applicability to their current situations. They must be able to absorb your message in the context that is relevant to them at the present time, and that’s the only way they could regard your content as “significant”. That element will seal the deal and compel your readers to proceed to the next level.

Need More Sales Leads Dispose Of Garbage Content

Need More Sales Leads? Dispose Of Garbage Content

Yes, you read the title right. Despite what pundits are saying all the time (now, I wonder what happened to them?), content still plays a key role in generating sales leads for your business in Singapore. It can come in many forms, like a simple tweet, Facebook post, a video, a webinar, or a blog article. There are great ones, as well as really bad ones, but as for the best of these lead generation tools, you will notice a similarity in all of them: the best ones have the best content. Now, more than ever, you need to keep your content fresh, helpful, and direct to the point. And here are the reasons why:

  1. More and more marketers understand the power of content – yes, be it the information written on an email or the main points enumerated during a telemarketing call, if you use the right kind of content, then you will attract more B2B leads. That is the truth.
  2. More marketers are competing now in terms of content – since they now understand the power of content, a lot of marketers will be fighting each other to release their content first. If one succeeds, you can be sure that others are not far behind.
  3. More content is needed – if last year, a press release or white paper is enough to last a year, then expect that this will not be enough today. In fact, if you want to stay on the same level of productivity last year, you need to release a whitepaper every month. For every persona that your company has.
  4. More marketing tools are becoming content-powered – email, web advertising, search, social media, all these disciplines have to depend on the quality of their content if they want to cultivate interest during their appointment setting campaigns. This is the first step they need to generate more B2B leads.
  5. More efficiency is being made in terms of information dissemination – with the development of new technologies and platforms in which to share and disseminate information, a lot of marketers today can send more content with the same budget.

What does this say about content marketing and its future? Perhaps one word can best explain it: flood. Yes, it will be a deluge of content. Maybe it is happening now, what with the virtual information overload we have now. So, what should we do about it? How can we get an edge over the competition?

The keyword here is quality. You need to create and share quality content. It is no longer enough to just share the latest market figures to your business prospects. You now need to present it in an engaging and entertaining manner. True, the data is still the same, but you need to make it more interesting. Cultivating interest is crucial in your lead generation campaign in Singapore.  Without it, you will not get anywhere near generating any sales leads.

Quality is important, there is no doubt about that. Not just in the products or services you offer, it also includes the content you share with others.