Generating More Sales Leads In The Economic Squeeze



Times can be really tough, that is fact. For Asian countries, this is not helping at all. This can be worse if your client base is in Europe, which is still in the midst of an economic squeeze. Conducting a lead generation campaign to attract prospect there can be full of challenges. Of course, not everything is that bleak. Think of the current situation as a mere challenge for Asian marketers who are intent on generating more sales leads. And there are ways for you to deal with that.

The first point you need to consider before you conduct your appointment setting campaign is choosing your market carefully. Putting yourself in a niche can be a good way to protect yourself during hard times since niche markets are more likely to be resilient (not to mention more willing to spend more) than the mainstream.

Secondly, monitor signs of trouble in the market. If you see that you are gradually losing market shares, or if a new product or service is becoming the talk of the town, then that is the perfect time to do damage control. It also helps if you can preemptively deal with any changes in the market, or employ an information dissemination tool, like telemarketing, to your advantage.

Lastly, stay flexible. You do not have to be lean or anything, unless being a large company becomes an annoyance. What is important here is that you have enough people and resources to deal with any rapid changes in the market. If you can do that, then you would still be productive in your B2B leads.

It is not that bad idea, right?

Simplicity Is Beauty For Lead Generation


It is said that a true test for a chef is to make a simple dish taste exquisite. That is also the same principle in marketing as well. How can you simplify the lead generation process without sacrificing quality and productivity, indeed, actually end up improving, of generating sales leads? Turning a complicated concept into a simple, impactful, and meaningful message is nothing less than a complex exercise. How you do that would be the true test of your ability as a marketing and appointment setting specialist.

So, how do you make that happen?

First of all, you need all the data that you can get. Be it figures, graphs, reports, etc. all of these can serve as information source. Once you have everything you need, now is the time for you to take them apart, piece by piece, looking for that common detail that they all share, that one detail that pretty much summarizes what your company’s product, purpose, and market is all about. Sure, this can be real work, and you might not be able to manage it, so you might want to leave the analysis to a business database agency.

Next is the crafting of the message. Remember, your message must tell a story, one that appeals to the emotions. Emotions are what influence a customer to buy from you or not. Next is the communication medium to use. It must be one that can have the maximum impact on your audience at the shortest time. Direct marketing tools like email and telemarketing might be good places to start. No matter what you use, if it can help bring you a lot of B2B leads, then stick to it.

Lastly, always be human. Marketing lead generation is a social activity. You are dealing with real people with their own idiosyncrasies and preferences. You have to adjust your marketing efforts to meet the unique needs of your audience.

Grow Your Calling List Better With These Lead Generation Tips

Lead generation is, simply put, a way for you to attract interested prospects to your business. You market your business in almost all avenues, trying to cover as much ground as possible. This may look too much for you, but it is necessary if you want to generate more sales leads. With the sources being varied as it is, it will not hurt your marketing efforts if you try to use as many communication tools as you can. One of the most effective tools, seemingly, is still telemarketing.

But to make sure that this really succeeds, you need a good calling list.

Now, how do you build one, anyway?

    1. Have a strong foundation – before you ever get your foot into appointment setting territory, you need to prepare your market first. Research the segment you wish to enter. Know who are the main players and those who do business in that particular segment. Get their contact details. You can conduct phone surveys to do that, just be sure that you have carefully crafted your questionnaire.


    1. Become an authority – this one requires you to announce your expertise to the market. Remember that this expertise has to be the one that you are trying to sell. Work on building the trust of people you wish to do business with.


  1. Be everywhere – be it in trade fairs, forums, symposiums, try to create presence in the market. By announcing yourself to be available to accept clients, you can attract the interest of potential B2B leads. They will come to you on their own.


It is easy enough, right? All you have to do is to put it in motion.

What Can Albert Einstein Teach You About Lead Generation

What Can Albert Einstein Teach You About Lead Generation?

What Can Albert Einstein Teach You About Lead Generation

As marketers and lead generation specialists, we all have our own heroes and idols to look up to. That is not a bad idea at all. We need role models whom we can seek inspiration from, not to mention answers, to many of our sales leads issues. But has anyone thought of Albert Einstein, the genius mathematician, being a role model in marketing? It has nothing to do with the numbers, mind you. He just does things that marketers can learn from, such as:


  1. Being the expert – nothing can be more convincing to potential B2B leads than being the expert in the specified field. What are your credentials to prove your expertise in, say, appointment setting? In Einstein’s part, he had degrees from top universities. What about you?
  2. Do not fear to be different – when Einstein presented his theory of relativity, he challenged the thinking of his era. It is the same thing with your business. If you have a marketing idea or concept that differs from the norm, but it may advance your business, then go for it.
  3. Always tell a story – the reason Einstein became popular (aside from E=MC2) is because he presented his work with clear and easy examples for his audience to understand. This is also the same principle that you, as a marketer, should be doing as well. Telemarketing campaigns can also benefit from this, since the lack of visual cues for the audience can make communication hard.
  4. Skip the jargon – Einstein was a mathematician, through and through, but he also knows how to express complex ideas in a clear and understandable form. Avoiding the jargon and corporate-speak that sounds so cool (but empty) will help your business better in the long run.
  5. Connect your marketing to a strong brand or personality – Einstein has the Nobel Prize and the title of Father of Modern Physics to back up his writings. You should do the same as well, creating a strong brand or a strong personality that will carry your marketing content.


As marketers, Einstein is a genius that we might not be able to stand on par with, but we can always emulate his principles. If we can take a page out of his professional book and apply it to our lead generation efforts, then it would be to our advantage.

First Call Resolution In A Telemarketing Campaign


First-call resolution (FCR) is the immortal mantra of inbound marketing campaigns. If you cannot satisfy a customer’s questions on the first call, then your marketing campaign is not doing enough. While this is clearly applicable in the inbound marketing business, will it also apply to outbound lead generation processes? The answer is actually a ‘yes’. You can employ FCR strategies when looking for qualified sales leads.

The premise is actually simple: we want to resolve everything in just one call. This will save everyone the time, money, and effort involved in entertaining each call. The less repeat calls you make on a single person, the more people that can be contacted in a single day. In terms of marketing and appointment setting, qualifying leads with a single call can mean a big thing. But for this set-up to work in a lead generation campaign, you need to have initiative.

It is not bad to follow your sales script, especially if it comes from your client. In fact, you should follow it to the letter. But if you want to do better, then you have to take some initiatives and decide on your own if you should add more qualifying questions during the call. This will require some experience for you to do it right (not to mention a few experimentation), but in the end, this might be just what you need to generate more B2B leads. Such a judgment call may not be that bad to make, you just have to try


The Power Of Social Media (To Destroy Your Lead Generation Campaign)

This article comes right after the heels of this Mashable article on Taco Bell that has been circulating around the Internet since last Tuesday. I will skip the details, since it is too gross for me to write about it, but here is the undeniable fact: Taco Bell’s reputation is in the gutter – again. For a company that relies on social media to generate more sales from its customers, this is a problem that will not go away easily (but then again, Taco Bell sure had some history with that). It can be a real nightmare for a company’s lead generation campaign, and you ought to find some way to deal with it.

Frankly speaking, social media can be a really powerful appointment setting tool. It can reach a lot of people, engage the most prospects, and you can do it in a very affordable way. The problem here is that it is also the best medium to display even the stupidest act someone could make. And if that someone happens to do that in company property or whatever, well, you can imagine the huge backlash in the online community that will reverberate around the world. Your marketing team can pretty much kiss whatever B2B leads they were trying to generate goodbye.

You can say that this is a good lesson for your company’s marketing efforts. To avoid gaffes like these, it pays to educate your employees on what they can or cannot post, tweet, like, or share to the audience. And this is not just in social media. Be it on email, search engine optimization, telemarketing, or whatever marketing method you use, everyone in your company must put their best foot forward. If not, then you can expect big marketing fails as you go along. Believe me, it can happen.

How To Turn Memes Into An Engine Of Telemarketing


What does Rebecca Black, The Grumpy Cat, The Dancing Baby, and Oreos have in common? These are media subjects that have become memes in the online world. Internet memes are, without doubt, powerful enough to capture the fleeting attention of millions of people. And this is the very power that marketers wish to harness in their lead generation efforts. Imagine, a single image grabbing the attention of millions of people (the I Can Haz Cheeseburger meme, for example, garnered half a billion views in one year). Such numbers are an attractive source of sales leads for your business. And if we could use that interest to attract prospects, would that not make our telemarketing efforts easier to do?

So how do you make memes work for your appointment setting campaign?

To start with, you need to be updated with the latest pop culture. After all, memes are the products of popular topics, or probably just any topic that gets the attention of people. Second, you need to examine your own products and service, identifying key characteristics in it that can be meme-worthy. Last point is to be prepared. There are a lot of trending topics that can come up in the internet, and you have to be ready to use them to your advantage. For example, if you are a manufacturer of non-stick frying pans, and a video of an ice skater dancing awkwardly on ice goes viral, you can use that to promote your business and generate B2B leads better. Interested prospects can either click on the link added on your meme, or research more about the source of the meme (basically, it is you).

Just keep alert and let your creative juices working overtime. That will help you with your memes and telemarketing.

Using Big Data To Power Lead Generation Campaigns

Using Big Data To Power Lead Generation Campaigns

When promoting your business to a specific market segment, you need to be sure that you have sufficient information to help your lead generation efforts. After all, when it comes to looking for new B2B leads, you ought to have the most accurate information as possible, one that can give you an in-depth idea on what you need. To do that, you will need to use big data.

A lot of our marketing efforts have become dependent on the availability of pertinent business data. You cannot just conduct an appointment setting campaign without first checking who are the decision-makers of the company, what their problems seem to be, what solution you can offer them, as well as their capacity to make payments. While these questions could be answered during a telemarketing call, it would be better if you could use this data to first identify the potential sales leads that you should be talking to in the first place.

In case data management is not your strongest points, you can also opt to work with a business database management agency. Such firms can provide you with a clean and updated calling list with all the details you need for the job. You do not have to spend a lot of time trying to analyze or manage all the big data you have collected. Your business database provider will do it.  The only thing you need to do now is to actually use it in your marketing campaign. It will be to your advantage when you do it.

Why Branding Matters In Lead Generation


Why Branding Matters In Lead Generation

Before you begin your lead generation campaign, be sure that you have a brand that will back up your business. After all, in today’s highly brand-conscious market, how you describe your business, as well as the name you choose, could very well spell a bonanza of B2B leads, or probably make your appointment setting team’s work harder to do.

A company brand is essentially your name and calling card. This is the first thing that your business prospects will see in your calling card, as well as the name they will hear when you give them a telemarketing call. You brand would be the one on display during trade fairs or symposiums you participate in. That is why you need to choose your brand name well.

To do that, you need to first think about the tone. You need to choose a name that fits your image, like the way Ford uses nostalgia and classics in their imagery. It also helps that you research your brand. You may have thought it up on your own, but there might be others using it already. Avoid using brand names that have already been used, lest you are ready to deal with trademark lawsuits. And be kind to feedback, mind you? If people do not like your name, or could not connect your brand to your business, then it means you need to change it. Remember, you are creating a brand to generate sales leads.

Choose your branding well, and you can do better in lead generation.


Why Family Can Screw Up Your Lead Generation Campaign

Before anything else, I just want to tell the readers that I have nothing against family-owned businesses. In fact, I encourage them. In these trying times, we need more entrepreneurs to power the economy. What I do have against family deals with efficiency issues, especially in lead generation efforts.

Really, having family members manage the generation of qualified B2B leads might not be a good idea at all.

To start with, no one really has the heart to criticize family members, right? Be it your kind uncle managing your telemarketing team, your savvy sister monitoring social media networks, or probably your wise mother who knows the ins and outs of the appointment setting environment, you really cannot say anything in case they screw up. Come to think of it, because you live close with them, you might never notice that they have made some mistakes. Now that would be an even worse scenario.

Still, family members’ contributing their best to the business is a sound idea. It is ensuring that the quality of business that comes your way that becomes a problem. In cases like these, having an impartial helper in lead generation is a good plan. Good for you if you can partner with a professional appointment setting firm, since this will ensure consistency in marketing performance. That would be a winning arrangement.

Just be sure that your family really helps. Letting slackers in your business is a sure-fire ticket to ruining your future and mess up all your lead generation efforts.

Going Global In Lead Generation The Coca-Cola Way


We all know how big Coca-Cola is as a brand. It is practically everywhere you go in any part of the world. And while we might say that all large companies can do that, and smaller firms could only sit and moan their situation, it is a rather flimsy excuse. No matter the size, a company can still go global in their lead generation efforts. Generating sales leads from different markets (not to mention countries) can still be done. In Coke’s case, they went for a simple mantra – same company, different approach.

Coke serves a huge market, and they know it. That is why they set up marketing teams in every country they get into. These people must be immersed in the local culture, aware of the norms, knows what clicks with the audience, and come up with a marketing plan that jives with the local market and the global branding efforts. And here is the keyword to be remembered: research. You have to do proper research in the local market if you want to

This is a good lesson for you and your appointment setting team, especially if you are employing certain promotions to advertise your products or services in the global market. Before you begin any marketing campaign, you need to do your homework well. And you might have to double up your efforts if you do not have a local team to guide your way.

It is necessary. You need to understand what message is acceptable or unacceptable in your business. You also need to know what medium will work best. If telemarketing brings in the B2B leads, then so be it. It is a mix and match kind of marketing you have to do, since you have to test the waters and see what works best.


To Succeed In Lead Generation, Ditch Perfection


We all strive for perfection. From the way you arrange your plates on the table to the way you talk to lead generation prospects, we all seek that level that we can call perfect. And really, if our efforts in generating qualified sales leads are any indication, then organizing the perfect marketing becomes one of our greatest goals.

This is a rather disappointing set-up, mind you.

Truth to be told, perfection is impossible. No matter what you do or improve on in your marketing campaign, there will always be something that will pull it down, or someone who can come up with a much better plan. Come to think of it, even the idea of perfection is relative. If you want to have the perfect appointment setting team, you have to first define what exactly your idea of the perfect team is.

You might as well aim for progress. At least, with this kind of mindset, you are constantly in improvement mode. Not only will this push you to do better, it will also help you be more connected to your market, giving you a better picture of what is going on. This kind of arrangement is a useful for marketing campaigns that employ telemarketing as a communication medium. You can agree that this is a powerful tool for engaging your business prospects.

Anyway, just concentrate on making your lead generation campaign work better, not perfectly. Attempting to reach the impossible will certainly not get you any good results at all.