A Reflection of Outbound Telemarketing through Classic Love Songs of the 70’s and 80’s

A Reflection of Outbound Telemarketing through Classic Love Songs of the 70’s and 80’s-done

There are reasons why people never forget songs from the past. First of all, they were written back when songwriters really wrote from the heart, when they used faithful words and metaphors of how they felt at that time. It is also because old songs are universal – although they may tell particular love stories, they may also be applied to almost anything in life.

Say, Outbound Telemarketing and Lead Generation?

Like a typical cycle of human emotions, Outbound Telemarketing and Lead Generation also follow a path where every action matters and could either be helpful or detrimental to the goal. It’s easy to understand how the Telemarketing process works by relating them to timeless songs:

Hello (Lionel Richie, 1984)

  • Of course, everything starts with a greeting. This initial contact is one of the most crucial parts of a Telemarketing call. If not done right, a professional telemarketer may not even get to proceed to anything at all.

Getting to Know Each Other (Gerard Kenny, 1980) –

  • Also a make or break stage, this is when the telemarketer tells something about his company and at the same time asks the prospect about certain details relevant to Lead Generation. Although it is not the actual sales pitch yet, asking the wrong questions or introducing impertinent points may ruin the conversation.

Words (Bee Gees, 1977) –

  • Words are all telemarketers have to take a prospect’s heart away. This is it – this is where the real stuff happens. The telemarketer discusses specific information on the goods or services or potential contract details. As expected, the telemarketer would also have to answer the prospect’s curious questions and clarifications.

It Might Be You (Stephen Bishop, 1983) –

  • Depending on the outcome of the product discussion, the prospect may now realize the benefits and likelihood of the proposal. He may give hints that he is interested and may be now ready to take things a step further.

I’d Really Love to See You Tonight (England Dan & John Ford Coley, 1976) –

  • Well, not tonight, but definitely in the future. This is when Appointment Setting is done, usually an in-person meeting with a Sales Executive or a phone call during the prospect’s preferred schedule.

The Search is Over (Survivor, 1985) –

  • The prospect’s meeting with the Sales Executive may seal the deal, and the Telemarketer’s mission is completed, unless otherwise if the deal was not made.

Don’t Throw it All Away (Bee Gees, 1978) –

  • If the prospect declined a business partnership, it’s still considered a lead, but one that has to be recycled and followed-up in the future. It goes back to the Telemarketers work list and may not be touched in the near future until a new need has developed.

Somewhere Down the Road (Barry Manilow, 1981) –

  • A sales call may not always turn out productive, but the good thing about it is that in this industry, “no” is not absolute. As long as Outbound Telemarketing services providers keep records of target information, there will always be opportunities and needs somewhere down the road, and when that time comes, the mission is reborn.

Lead Generation: How to Perform Outbound Telemarketing Without Sounding Like a Telemarketer


Lead Generation - How to Perform Outbound Telemarketing Without Sounding Like a Telemarketer

Lead Generation has come a long way, and as professional telemarketers move towards perfecting the craft, so does the target audience. They, too, become more and more knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with sales and lead generation calls. Basically all the tricks of the trade are already out there, and everything is no secret. Therefore, the standing question: Is it still possible to perform a telemarketer’s task without sounding like one?

First of all, why wouldn’t a telemarketer want to be “tagged” as a telemarketer during calls? The answer is obvious: Not all people like spending time talking to telemarketers. In fact, some would even go as far as paying good money to BLOCK sales calls, especially in Business-to-Business (B2B) Outbound Telemarketing. So naturally, the first thing a telemarketer would not want to happen in a call is when the prospect immediately realizes that he or she is talking to a telemarketer.

The problem is, most telemarketers could (or would) not do away with the standard opening spiel that’s being used in lead generation calls. What else could substitute for introducing one’s name and affiliation? Common phone etiquette dictates that norm, and it would be rude to skip that part. And when a prospect hears an unfamiliar company name, their instinctive response would usually be: “Is this a survey?”

Obviously, it would be difficult to generate sales leads if prospects don’t want to talk. So how to deal with people who have telemarketer-phobia? The trick is to acknowledge, assure and ask.


Acknowledge the truth. Even if a telemarketer would lie about being one, eventually the gig would be up and the chance to build a relationship would be lost forever. So why not employ a little honesty and acknowledge the fact that one is indeed a telemarketer? It’s a risky move, but if done smoothly can turn tables and earn the prospect’s trust. It’s all about how to transition.After introducing one’s self and company, the telemarketer would have to cut to the chase and immediately reveal the purpose of the call. And that’s when assurance comes in.

Assure from the heart. Before the prospect can even think about how politely (or otherwise) he or she could end the call, there must be assurance that the call is not in any way invasive, that it would not take much time, and its purpose is not solely to sell things, but also to learn about their company and how they might require assistance in the future. Assurance is often partnered with sincerity and a genuine interest with the prospect’s business needs and welfare.

Ask the right questions. Now that the foundations have been established, it’s time to carry out the main task of extracting information from the prospect. Even in throwing questions, the telemarketer would have to maintain the air of comfort and trust by asking in a way the prospect would feel valued and appreciated.


This approach is very rarely used in telemarketing because it’s gutsy and straightforward. It entails practice and determination and it will ultimately help achieve the goal of performing the duties of a telemarketer without sounding like one.

Do You Wanna Know a Secret?

Outbound Telemarketing Tips using Song Titles from The Beatles

Do you wanna know a secret? Outbound Telemarketing Tips using Song Titles from The Beatles

Not counting the unpublished ones, the legendary catalogue of songs by The Beatles contain so many timeless tracks which imprints on world culture can never be faded out. These songs tackle almost all aspects of life, either literally or implied, and are often referenced to by countless writers, speakers and fellow musicians who just want to spread whatever message they have to convey.

Even in outbound telemarketing and lead generation, The Beatles’ songs can serve as a mystical guide to success just by their titles alone; you can create a long-lasting (and easy to remember) mantra for yourself to realize your maximum potential in achieving your sales goals.

Create your own, or take your pick:

Hello, Goodbye – Everything around the communications technology has evolved, but the basic greeting and closing of a phone call remains the same: “hello” and “goodbye” represents both the front and rear ends of a prospective client’s notion towards you as a telemarketer. While a good opening creates positive opportunities, a better ending leaves behind a more long-lasting impression that can be critical for future transactions.

Eight Days a Week – Any endeavor requires dedication. Sales leads don’t just fall down from the skies into your hands. They have to be scouted, qualified, cultivated, nurtured, and most of all, valued. It takes patience and perseverance, and at the end of the day, all efforts – productive or not – will be all worth it.

A Hard Day’s Night – Not all efforts are fruitful, though. There are times when things don’t get rolling, but the important thing is to have a common vision of improvement. After a long day of struggles and difficulties, everyone must take part in knowing what the weaknesses were, and what to do about them.

Let it Be – A professional telemarketer can easily spot the difference between a dead-end prospect and a fruit that’s not yet fully ripened. If things don’t go as planned, there’s no point in pushing things to the limit. Sometimes, you have to let things unfold by themselves so real opportunities can present itself when the right moment comes.

Can’t Buy Me LoveBusiness-to-business telemarketing may sound serious and stern, but still, it all boils down to human relationships. Not everything is measured by how much profit each one would make. It’s also about reputation, integrity, and caring about the clients.

With a Little Help from my Friends – Telemarketing may essentially be a one-on-one conversation, but the entire lead generation campaign is a team game. The collective efforts of the telemarketers, team leaders, quality assurance specialists and researchers bring about the success of any sales operation.

Here Comes the Sun – When the mother ship arrives, don’t twist and shout yet. Everything should not only be about celebrating the success. Find out why you succeeded, and find out how you can improve more. That way you can gain something more important than success: consistency.

There are literally hundreds more in their catalogue that can be learned from. You can use your favorite tunes or explore the unpopular ones. You’d know why their songs are so precious – their messages are universal, certainly not only in outbound telemarketing and lead Generation, but here, there, and everywhere.

How to Win in Outbound Telemarketing Just Like Miami Heat Wins the NBA

How to Win in Outbound Telemarketing Just Like Miami Heat Wins the NBA

Miami Heat is currently winning the NBA, 23 times in a row. The 2013 NBA Champions are on a roll and if you can win in telemarketing the same way as they dominate against other strong teams, you are definitely going to be a champion. Telemarketing is a lot like a basketball game, you should keep the ball on your side and keep scoring while battling  the pressure of time and the defense of the other team. In telemarketing you have to take control of the call, score number of sales while taking  the time constraints in consideration.


Listen to  the Decision Maker
Miami Heat has a smart coach that the players consult when they need to carry out a play. In telemarketing there is a final decision maker, and it is best that he/she must be contacted regarding the sales effort. Hence he/she is the one you need to impress with the advantages that they will surely be getting.  If you are not contacting the final decision maker your effort will probably go to waste.


Just Go Ahead and Score
In basketball there is a 23 second shot clock so as much as possible just don’t go around dribbling the ball.  Aside from it’s going to be a waste of time, it’s going to give you space to make errors.

Telemarketing calls should be concise.  Although the nature of the prospects business may be mentioned do not lengthen the call by engaging the decision maker into a conversation about their company. Time is important in business. Make the offer or the reason for calling detailed and set the decision maker’s expectation. Just go ahead and aim for the goal, which is to score a sale or appointment.

After you have convinced the prospect, try to get a sale or set an appointment. Watch out for the phrases that indicates positive response to your offer and take advantage of it.  Once you get that affirmation, try not to ask more questions that might affect your prospects decision.


Focus on the Game Plan
Every call must have a plan and as much as  possible stick to the plan.  Do not let irrelevant topics distract you. Just ask only questions with context to the product or the services that you are offering.  Miami Heat’s strength is their ability to pull off their game plan and close quarters. Stick to the call flow and once you have gained the prospects trust just go ahead and wrap up the call and move on the next. If you are setting an appointment let the prospect choose the time and date of their convenience, if possible give them options.  If the prospect show signs that they are not interested just thank them and end the call and move on the next prospect.

Basketball may be a bit harder than telemarketing marketing actually. Just as long as you have a game plan and skilled sales people that delivers, you have the chance to score big.

Get Better Success On Trade Fairs With Event Telemarketing


Trade fairs are a popular way to network with new and existing clients, and are great places to find hot sales leads. However, it’s no secret that trade shows can be quite expensive, which is why you have to make sure that when you attend or host a trade show, a good quantity of qualified sales leads must be present.

Invitation methods to these events can vary, and there are various options you can choose. One good choice is to hire professional telemarketers to increase the number of attendees of your event. These outbound telemarketing professionals help to make sure that your targeted leads actually attend so that you don’t just end up with a venue full of absentees.

Anyone who’s been through a trade fair before knows that invitees have a tendency to promise an attendance, and yet when the scheduled date arrives, they suddenly have an important matter to attend to instead. Professional telemarketers from a reliable lead generation company can increase the likelihood of your sales leads attending by reminding them of the event a few days or even a few hours prior so that they don’t forget. But that’s not all they can do to help you. These outbound telemarketing professionals can also follow-up on your leads right after the trade show, which further increase your chances of closing a sale with your leads.

So for your next trade fair, find the right telemarketing company that can provide you with professional telemarketers who have years of experience doing event telemarketing, and you will have better ROI on your next event.