Increase Your Sales Leads Productivity, Without Breaking Down

Increase Your Sales Leads Productivity, Without Breaking Down_DONE

A productive lead generation campaign is necessary to keep your business healthy and profitable.

The only problem with this kind of aim is that it tends to push everyone to their limits. Having everyone working hard to generate qualified sales leads is normal, but keeping at it for extended periods of time will only cause problems in the long-run. Long hours, late nights, and stressful workplaces are guaranteed to affect your campaigns. You have to find more B2B leads, that is true, but you have to do it without sacrificing the quality of life your employees need.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Prioritize – believe it or not, a good chunk of work that you make your employees do may not actually be important to the overall productivity of your business. Spreading your employees to thinly will not only impact production, but will also increase the stress of your employees.
  2. Objectives – having a goal every week can be a powerful motivator for your team, pushing them to give their best and giving them a sense of success once you reach it. Set a number of calls that your appointment setting team needs to make, work with them on it, and see the numbers (not to mention morale) improve.
  3. Outsource – some of the work your sales team do may not be what they need to concentrate on (but you just cannot do away with them). In cases like these, it would be better to have it outsourced to a professional telemarketing agency. In this way, you can have your team concentrate more on turning these sales leads into actual sales or deals.

Integrate these into your business network, and you will have a less stressful lead generation campaign.

The Three Steps To Communicate Well In Lead Generation

Communications is essential in business, particularly where lead generation is involved. But you have to make sure that the way you communicate with others is correct. Miscommunication is a real enemy of appointment setting, and getting your details wrong could seriously derail any effort to generate sufficient sales leads for your business. To solve that, you will need to deal with a few details about your methods. It is not that hard, to be honest. All you need is to remember these three important steps:

  1. Know your objectives – remember, your marketing efforts should be a means to an end. If you are employing telemarketing as a communication medium, you have to be sure that your goals are clear enough to guide you through. This will help you maintain some perspective.
  2. Create a plan – once you know what you want, it is a simple matter to come up with a plan to reach it. All you have to do is to consider all the details before you proceed to the planning stage.
  3. Execute the plan – now, this is the toughest part. Remember, the success of your plans depends on the way you carry them all out. Make a small mistake, and you will end up right back in the drawing board. That would be a big loss in terms of the B2B leads that you could have gained.

These tips are really useful for effective communication during your lead generation campaign. What more do you think you can add?

Top Three SEO Tactics To Avoid (Wait, Is SEO Still Relevant Anyway?)

Search Engine optimization (SEO) was the buzzword of years long ago, like, 17 years ago. One might think that because it’s been around for so long everyone knows how to leverage it for their personal use and drive hordes of potential sales leads to their website. Although there have been a few successful stories, SEO is still a science of such fluid structure that even now marketers are having difficulty taming it.

When it first gained popularity, everyone who was anyone adopted it as an online marketing strategy. Then Google released the Panda update and everyone’s efforts went back to zero. Now that almighty Google is promoting value-rich content, has SEO become a thing of the distant past? With today’s digital marketing terrain, is SEO still optimal for promoting your website?

SEO is still very much relevant, although is has taken a considerable step backwards to make room for other digital marketing strategies such as social media, email and especially content marketing. Good SEO cannot exist without equally good content, as is highlighted by Google’s algorithm. Sales leads are driven towards your site by these relevant, well-researched, reliable and authentic content.

Whether you are still using these top 3 detrimental SEO tactics or plan to use them in the future – DON’T:

  1. Keyword Stuffing. The number one no-no for SEO and considered as spamming. Relevant content discusses topics using more than one word, so do yourself a favor and try to expand your own blogging vocabulary. Also, readers (i.e. sales leads) generally abandon a site the moment they read the same word used more than three times in a sentence.
  2. Reciprocal links and link farms. Almighty Google hates it. Period.
  3. Spreading articles through article marketing directories. These artificial link generating sites provide little benefit for your website. It’s much better to share your articles with topic-related websites that help promote your authority about your chosen keywords.

The moral of this story is that there is no holy grail for lead generation marketing. Each and every effective marketing strategy is the result of careful research and implementation where ROI is measured by carefully defined statistics. The main purpose of optimizing one’s website is  still sales leads generation, so whether your digital marketing makes use of this age-old marketing model, as long as it’s not broken and is doing its purpose, there is no need to abandon it just to join the current fad.