Keep Happy Sales Leads In Three Ways

Keep Happy Sales Leads In Three Ways

Be it customers or suppliers, you are always in need of new B2B leads. How else would you be able to handle the competition in today’s market? This is a challenge that a lot of marketers are concerned about whenever they conduct a lead generation campaign. It can be even trickier if you have to deal with both the supplier and buyer ends of your business. So, how do you manage it? How can you ease up the pressure on your appointment setting team, letting them focus more on winning more prospects?

It can all be summed under one word: happiness.

To put it simply: you have to make buyers and suppliers happy. And this is how you do it:

  1. Your suppliers can be partners – when you value the relationship with your suppliers, it becomes easier for you to negotiate with them. They will feel vested in your success, since a successful business would mean a repeat customer for them.
  1. Follow industry standards – no matter how much you want to reach your sales leads bottom line, you have to make sure that you are following the standards of your industry. This will not only ensure consistent quality, even your customer service will be better.
  1. Empower your team – giving your telemarketing team the freedom to deal with prospects as they see fit will help you gain better results. As long as they follow your general guidelines, you will be fine.

Take note of these pointers, and you will achieve a happier and more successful lead generation process.

Beating Your Sales Leads Competitors In Singapore


Having problems with your competitors in Singapore? Worry not, since that is just part of everyday life in business. Lead generation is not a smooth sailing activity. You will get tossed around by the fickle tastes of the market, not to mention getting rammed by other players in the field. Still, if you know the basics of effectively getting qualified B2B leads, then you will succeed in the long run. With a little creativity, ingenuity, as well as intuition, you can beat the others in generating sales leads. You just need to:

  • Focus on your strengths – this is your defensive point when convincing prospects that you are a much better deal than your competitors. If others sell cheaper goods, you offer more quality ones.
  • Stay small – this is one good way to control your costs, as well as minimize wastage of resources. This forces you to concentrate on the essentials, maximizing your value.
  • Look for large clients – yes, getting such a deal is near impossible for start-ups or untested providers, but if your telemarketing team can show these prospects that you can deliver what they need, then it would mean a more profitable deal for you.
  • Know your limits – you cannot take all the deals you want. At some point, you will be overwhelmed with orders. You need to know where to stop taking deals, as well as figure out if the profits from the deal will cover your initial cost.

These are the four most important points you need to follow to be more competitive generating sales leads in Singapore.

Lead Generation For Singapore Tactics To Change In 2013

Lead Generation For Singapore Tactics To Change In 2013_DONE

Marketing trends and tactics change every year in Singapore, and your company should be ready for it. How you do that will determine whether you get to generate enough qualified sales leads or not. But that is up to you and what you need to achieve. Each marketing goal requires a different strategy to reach it. Aside from choosing a specific lead generation tactic, you also need to know improve the way you present yourself to business prospects. Only then will you be able to realize a better chance of attracting more B2B leads. So, what should you be improving this year?

  1. Think in strategic terms – in all the lead generation tactics you employ, you need to make sure that everything is consistent with the message you bring. When sending emails to prospects, do you include your company name? When conducting telemarketing campaigns, do your people provide a level of service consistent to what you are advertising? When talking to potential sales leads, do you adjust your pitch according to what they need? These are just some questions you need to answer.
  2. Think more content – yes, content is still the king! People and businesses still give a premium for websites that remain consistent in the quality of content that they add. The better and fresher the content, the better your chances of turning prospects into real sales leads. You have to invest well in this part of your marketing process.
  3. Think of giving – we are often too focused on a give and take relationship that we forget the value of simply giving. Either new business information or tips about the market, giving something without anything in return is a good way to improve market impression (ultimately making your appointment setting campaign easier to do).
  4. Think of better rapport – nothing beats the advantages that good customer rapport brings to your business. Sending out personalizes emails, acknowledging customer messages, interacting some more in social circles like Twitter and Facebook, etc. can bring you into a deeper relationship with customers. It might not bring the B2B leads you want, but at least it makes the job easier.
  5. Think about more promotions – advertising your business is also an important part of your appointment setting campaign. You need to improve your presence in the internet, in the community, as well as in industries that may be in need of you services. To start with, how will business prospects trust you if they have not heard of your company at the beginning? You will need an effective marketing strategy to do it right.

There are other things that you ought to change or do better for this year, but these five would be a good start. Conducting a lead generation campaign in Singapore is not that hard, contrary to popular belief. You just need to be ready to adjust and meet the demands of the changing market. Once you do that, it will be an easier thing to generate the sales leads that your business will need.­

The Need For Telemarketing In IT Managed Services


If you are an IT managed services provider in Singapore, and you want to get more clients to come in, you will need a way to grab their attention. This is the reason for you to conduct a lead generation campaign. But you have to be sure that you are choosing the right way to do it. Depending on whether you have a marketing team or not, perhaps an appointment setting service is your type. In this case, it will also be necessary look for ones that can use a variety of communication mediums, like social media or telemarketing. This is all for the sake of you generating sales leads.

Of course, the idea of outsourcing the work can raise the eyebrows of a few of you out there. Still, this is a necessity. As IT professionals, you may not be familiar with the intricacies of calling prospects on the phone, so you might not be able to handle the task. If we put this in the Singaporean perspective, it will be better to just leave the job to professionals who know how to generate B2B leads better. There are other factors to be considered, like cost and efficiency, but the important point here is that generating sales leads requires professional help. Of course, you still have to choose which B2B leads generation service provider you should be working with.

There are plenty of them around, but you can be sure that only a few of them will need what you have. Good appointment setters can help your IT managed services to grow.