The Three C’s Of Value In Lead Generation

With the way information has become more mainstream in the Singapore marketplace, it has become even more important for firms to stand out even more. This means you have to show your value to prospects. This is a challenge faced by SEO service providers, since there are a lot of firms competing in the country. So, how can you stand out on this? How will you be able to attract the attention of business prospects? This is where your understanding of the three C’s of value proposition come in. Your perception of value will depend largely on these three factors.

Capability – when conducting appointment setting work, SEO leads will often challenge your capacity to deliver the service. That is why you should have a clear concept of your own business. Knowing your strengths and limits will help you fend off attacks on your business.

Clientele – the kind of people you wish to serve will also determine the value of your firm, as well as the quality of your sales leads. You have to understand who exactly you wish to serve, since you do not want to waste your time and effort in chasing after prospects that will not become SEO leads.

Competitors – you also need to know who the other players are in the market. Identifying who might weaken your position in the business can help you head them off before they reach your prospects and steal them from you.

Once you know the details of your three C’s, your B2B lead generation work will be easier to do.

How To Start An Interesting Blog For Your Small Business

This week, we’re going to tackle the basics of how to set up your own blog for your business. A good blog will attract quality sales leads using your content and can eventually become the main lead generation channel of your business.

Every day, there are about 2 blogs created every second around the world, and a significant percentage of these blogs are by beginners. Due to the popularity of online entrepreneurship, most of these blogs are probably connected to a company website from a fledgeling business, much like yours. If you really want to make a significant dent in your target niche, then you have to make sure that your company blog will be able to attract your sales leads. To help your businesses get better returns for your efforts on blogging, we have provided here the essential tips on how to start a company blog from scratch.

The best way to start a blog is by using available free platforms for blogging, the most popular of which are WordPress and Blogger. Both platforms have their own strengths; Blogger, being affiliated with Google, allows for faster integration with Google-owned business tools while WordPress, being a bit more for professionals, offers more customizability for your blog. Using free hosting sites such as these will save you from the expense of purchasing the services of a hosting company. If you have funds set aside for you blog however, you can make use of a self-hosted WordPress blog for a few dollars, the cheapest web hosting service being about $3-$4 a month.

After you’ve selected a good blogging platform, it’s now time to create the design of your blog. A free hosted blog provides free templates from which you can choose and easily apply to your site. A self-hosted blog will let you create a more customized blog or, if you want, you can hire a web designer to design your blogsite for you from scratch. This is the best choice if you want to integrate your blog design to that of your website.

The important things to consider about design are:

  • It should be user friendly – you don’t want your sales leads to have a hard time finding previous or recent posts on your blog, much the the RSS button.
  • The colors should be appealing to the eyes and, ideally, reflect the colors from your website.
  • It would be best if you have a responsive design for your blog so that the template automatically adjusts when your leads view your blog through their mobile devices.
  • All elements of the site should load quickly so that your readers won’t bounce off, so as much as possible, keep flash designs to a minimum.
  • Integrate good SEO tactics like using meta and title tags in the framework of your blog to make it search engine friendly.

Do not forget to include a call to action on your blog. A splash page which instructs your viewers to sign up for newsletters will allow you to easily add them to your business list in case you have to email them or need your telemarketer to call them about product updates.

The next post will be all about what to write on your blog, what your posts are about, and how to make these easily searchable through search engines.

Sales Leads: How Important Are They For Your Business?

– by James Copper –

Sales leads are very important for any business to flourish. In this fast-paced business activity, it is very important to make use of proper sales leads. But you must be very careful in selection of these leads, as they must be capable to provide you with the desired return on investment. A mixture of different business leads is usually involved and made to work together, in some cases. In case of internet marketing, telemarketing, direct marketing, public relations and search engine marketing, these mixtures of different leads are made quite often. Then, these strategies are tested for performance. The management of revenues from ads placed on various websites can be done on a PPC basis. It would reduce the cost, and give the management accurate information on whether the method was providing benefits to the firm in reality or not. This would be clearly indicated by the sales volume. Many SEO strategy and PPC Management experts are able to garner huge sales for their companies.

The protection of potential consumers is the primary purpose behind the usage of business leads. This is the main reasons why almost all the firms try to gather a lot of information about the leads before putting them to use. Big corporate houses spend a huge sum of money for sales lead telemarketing for getting ways to attract buyers to them.

Extensive studies are carried on by corporate executives to lure a person to buy products of their company. The companies normally keep a record of the potential customers for the purpose of expansion of sales. They use many methods by which they maintain huge databases of them. Some of the popular business to business sales leads include advertising, promotions, referrals, telemarketing and other techniques.

When it comes to sales lead telemarketing, an effective way of getting new clients is cold calling. But the problem these days is that people don’t appreciate getting such calls. So this method was successful in the past, but cannot be fully relied on in this scenario. For the purpose of making their products known, companies opt for advertising of their products through various media like radio, television, billboard, pamphlets, etc.

It is very important to carefully handle sales leads. The quality standards of the products must never be compromised on. So it becomes very important to identify and test the usability of the product being offered.

After this evaluation is done, it is a positive signal if the product is accepted and qualified. If not, further research can be conducted for evaluating the business sales leads for the purpose of increasing sales. This process, which involves converting sales leads into sales, is called ‘conversion’, which measures the success that a sales team has achieved.

For most of the small and big business owners, salespeople and professionals alike, sales leads are extremely important for generation of sales, more so in the B2B marketplaces. The employees of the sales department are always pressurized by the sales manager to get more business leads, thereby getting more sales. Obviously, it cannot be done without leads! That shows how important a sales lead is.