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Outbound Telemarketing Tips using Song Titles from The Beatles


Not counting the unpublished ones, the legendary catalogue of songs by The Beatles contain so many timeless tracks which imprints on world culture can never be faded out. These songs tackle almost all aspects of life, either literally or implied, and are often referenced to by countless writers, speakers and fellow musicians who just want to spread whatever message they have to convey.

Even in outbound telemarketing and lead generation, The Beatles’ songs can serve as a mystical guide to success just by their titles alone; you can create a long-lasting (and easy to remember) mantra for yourself to realize your maximum potential in achieving your sales goals.

Create your own, or take your pick:

Hello, Goodbye – Everything around the communications technology has evolved, but the basic greeting and closing of a phone call remains the same: “hello” and “goodbye” represents both the front and rear ends of a prospective client’s notion towards you as a telemarketer. While a good opening creates positive opportunities, a better ending leaves behind a more long-lasting impression that can be critical for future transactions.

Eight Days a Week – Any endeavor requires dedication. Sales leads don’t just fall down from the skies into your hands. They have to be scouted, qualified, cultivated, nurtured, and most of all, valued. It takes patience and perseverance, and at the end of the day, all efforts – productive or not – will be all worth it.

A Hard Day’s Night – Not all efforts are fruitful, though. There are times when things don’t get rolling, but the important thing is to have a common vision of improvement. After a long day of struggles and difficulties, everyone must take part in knowing what the weaknesses were, and what to do about them.

Let it Be – A professional telemarketer can easily spot the difference between a dead-end prospect and a fruit that’s not yet fully ripened. If things don’t go as planned, there’s no point in pushing things to the limit. Sometimes, you have to let things unfold by themselves so real opportunities can present itself when the right moment comes.

Can’t Buy Me LoveBusiness-to-business telemarketing may sound serious and stern, but still, it all boils down to human relationships. Not everything is measured by how much profit each one would make. It’s also about reputation, integrity, and caring about the clients.

With a Little Help from my Friends – Telemarketing may essentially be a one-on-one conversation, but the entire lead generation campaign is a team game. The collective efforts of the telemarketers, team leaders, quality assurance specialists and researchers bring about the success of any sales operation.

Here Comes the Sun – When the mother ship arrives, don’t twist and shout yet. Everything should not only be about celebrating the success. Find out why you succeeded, and find out how you can improve more. That way you can gain something more important than success: consistency.

There are literally hundreds more in their catalogue that can be learned from. You can use your favorite tunes or explore the unpopular ones. You’d know why their songs are so precious – their messages are universal, certainly not only in outbound telemarketing and lead Generation, but here, there, and everywhere.

Telemarketing Lessons From The NBA Play-offs


With all eye focused on the NBA Finals, perhaps this is a good time to also discuss about the implications it has in the future of the game. Not only that, it might be worthy of study, for all aspects of our lives, even business and marketing are no exceptions. To be honest, you might learn a thing or two here that can help manage your lead generation operations. Even if you have to take a page out of sports, if it can help improve your ability in generating more qualified sales leads, then you should do so. Now, what lessons can you glean from this?

First off, you have to consider tactics. Yes, even in a job as regular as appointment setting, you still have to make plans. Just like in a basketball game, you need to know who you are playing against, where you will play your game, as well as the kind of game play that you will display. Convert these concepts into business terms, and you have a fairly good idea where to start.

Secondly, you should also think about your people. Different people have different styles or strengths, so their game might look different. Just make sure that they are all heading to the right direction. For example, if someone is good in telemarketing, then use him to get in touch with prospects on the phone.

Lastly, make sure you deliver. The NBA achieved its current level of popularity because it delivers what basketball fans demand. It is the same way with your business. If you want B2B leads to continue coming in, you need to make sure that you deliver what you promise to those you currently have. This will build up goodwill, as well as create a positive perception of you and your business.

Now, who said you cannot learn anything in basketball, anyway?

Lessons from The Godfather: Outbound Telemarketing and Lead Generation

Lessons from The Godfather  Outbound Telemarketing and Lead Generation

It revived Marlon Brando’s career, and it launched Al Pacino into stardom. The Godfather has been on top of many lists of greatest films of all time since its release during the early 70’s, and on countless occasions it has been quoted, parodied, and referenced to, cementing its impact on pop culture as a true classic, an almost “perfect” film.

It teaches many valuable lessons in business, family, and life in general, and yes, even in ways unimaginable, it also reflects insights on Outbound Telemarketing and Lead Generation, both essential aspects of survival in the ferocious world of commerce and the growing industrial revolution.

So what does Don Vito and the rest of the Corleone family teach us about Outbound Telemarketing and Lead Generation?

Lesson #1: It’s nothing personal – it’s strictly business.

In the Mafia world, all efforts, even acts of violence and murder, are justified by one’s desire to protect a business or livelihood, and they are not considered personal attacks but merely a business initiative.Similarly, professional telemarketers should also learn to draw the line between his or her duty and whatever personal biases he or she may have as an individual. When conducting Business-to-Business(B2B) Lead Generation and Appointment Setting, the telemarketer simply represents a certain company, and must not go beyond the business’s established values and goals just for personal gain or prejudice.

Lesson #2: Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

As the Don or the head of a prolific Italian-American family in New York, tough competition is to be expected, not only in business but also in power and influence. That is why Don Vito Corleone spends a great deal of money and effort to make sure he knows the whole lot about anyone or anything that can affect his empire. He has a dedicated group of people whose sole task is to keep him informed on what’s going on out there – who’s in charge, what they want, what they do, and how they do it. On a smaller but comparable scale, a good Lead Generation services provider should also have qualified people,tools and resources to keep the pipeline data sufficient and updated. Likewise, they must also be kept posted on what other providers use as methods to gather relevant information about the target market.

Lesson #3: Make them an offer they cannot refuse.

When making business deals, Don Vito sees to it that both sides have something to gain. He offers financial support, protection and security to a businessman in exchange for sheer friendship and loyalty- things he values the most. Every day, professional telemarketers also talk to CEO’s and Managers proposing potential business partnerships. Using their skill, knowledge and charisma, they must nurture the relationship with trust to establish a strong business “friendship”. They must also be flexible to the needs of the prospect in order to work out a deal where both sides can profit and everybody is happy. The point is to make them an offer they cannot refuse – without resorting to Mafia-like crime and violence, of course.

What are the Benefits of Telemarketing?

What are the Benefits of Telemarketing_DONE

It has been established that telemarketing is one of the most effective tools in marketing. Telemarketing is the process of advertising and selling a product or a service over the telephone. What makes it mainly effective is that the sales person can communicate directly to the targeted customers and consumers hence creating a solid foundation for an effective relationship with customers and consumers.

So what are the amazing benefits of telemarketing?

Instant Sales
The chief and important reason why telemarketing is effective because it yields immediate results. The sales person can create a sale during a call.  This is because the representative has the enough time to concisely explain the details of the product and services and other offers that could make the sale easier.  If customers have inquiries about the services and the products the representative can also immediately answer them thereby building trust that oftentimes lead to sales.

Builds a Strong Customer Relationship
Telemarketing is done through direct communication, between two participants. Customers often want to have the response to their questions answered directly and in a manner that they can understand. When the sales person talks to the customer, they get to have a peak at their personality giving them an understanding on how to approach the question of the customer. Sometimes although he customers ask the same questions, the answers should be right-sized to the customer. In telemarketing the relationship between a business organization and its customers becomes interactive thus promoting the customers loyalty to the business organization.

Immediate Interest
Everyone is a customer and based on observation, sales calls are rarely ignored.  A sales person has the power to grab a customer’s attention at the instance of the call, because a sales call is directed towards the individual customer unlike in mediums such as radio promotion and TV advertisement that goes broadly towards a general audience.

Round the Clock Support
Customers absolutely love a service that is available 24/7.  Some customers have inquiries popping out of their minds in wee hours or during weekends, and telemarketing call centers mostly operate every day of the week. This also gives the customers the liberty to call whenever they want. Being there when your customers need you adds to the factors that attract their loyalty.

If you evaluate telemarketing in details, there are so many benefits to it as long as its best practices are properly executed by the sales person or by the people handling the calls. In telemarketing, whoever represents your business, organization or your company, they must have the perfect knowledge to answer wide ranging questions of the customers.  They must also represent the company well and accurately. For all the good results to be reaped, you must sow the techniques properly.

Breaking The Bad News To Telemarketing Clients In Singapore

Breaking The Bad News To Telemarketing Clients In Singapore

Among the most stressful tasks that you have to do in your telemarketing campaign is reporting bad news to your clients. And that is the one thing many entrepreneurs pray they never do. But that is also the one thing that they have to do well, for the sake of their business and future in generating B2B leads. Pull it off badly, and you can say good-bye to your clients, and the bad press can make it harder for your appointment setting team to generate sales leads anymore. So, you need to know where to start, and how you can deliver the news softly.


Acknowledge the impact – your clients have deadlines, too, so you have to address that as well. Telling them that you understand the issue will tell your clients that they are still your first priority. From there, frame your conversation around reaching their goals.

Be direct and honest – go straight to the point. Beating around the bush not only delays the conversation, but will also irritate your clients as well. Show them that you are taking responsibility and that you are trying to minimize the damage.

Provide a solution – before you tell the client the problem, have a solution at the ready. In this way, you can show them that you can be trusted to solve the issue, gaining you credibility.


Still, it pays to be sure that problems do not arise in the first place. For the sake of your lead generation campaign in the future, you should be able to deliver what you promise.

3 Branding Mistakes In Lead Generation

3 Branding Mistakes In Lead Generation

Branding practically means everything in business. This is the face and soul of your company. Your brand will also influence your effectiveness in lead generation campaigns. It is the first thing that prospective B2B leads will hear from you, and it has to be one that will stick to their minds the most. Of course, in the quest for creating memorable brands, many entrepreneurs often make the mistake of producing catchy names. Later, these turn out to be huge headaches, reducing their ability to effectively generate sales leads from the market. You should not make the same mistake. So, how should you go about it?

  1. Research – you might have come up with a catchy brand, but you may not be the first one. To avoid legal, and costly, arguments with rights owners, you should research the existence of the name.Check the internet or the patent office; see if your brand name is there already.
  2. Applicability – some entrepreneurs create brands that work well in only a small area. If you have plans of expanding, or using broad marketing mediums like telemarketing, it is best that you create a brand that anyone will understand or remember better.
  3. Relatedness – this part may be a bit tricky, but the rule of thumb here is to use a brand that is related to your business. If you insist on doing different, then fine, go ahead, you got nothing to lose. But you have to make sure you can connect your brand to your business properly come appointment setting time.

Simple enough, right? But these are sure to help you avoid lead generation troubles associated with branding.


7 Habits Of Successful Telemarketers: No. 7 – They Are Humble Enough


If there is also a quality that you have to emulate from successful telemarketing representatives, then it has to be their humility. Even the best among men can make a mistake, but it takes exceptional people to admit that they did. But that is the secret for a successful relationship building with potential B2B leads. It is good to really be knowledgeable about your business, but you cannot really have everything at your fingertips. In case you are lacking, admit to your short-comings and make sure that you get back to your lead generation prospects once you have what they need.

It is not that hard to imagine just how difficult it is to be honest and simply admit that you have made a mistake, or fail to deliver. That is bad news for business. And it is only natural that you would try to deny it or make excuses for it. Now that would be much worse.

Also, it does not really hurt if you ask help from others, especially if those people are much more knowledgeable than you in terms of business and market experience. Yes, you might look stupid at the start, but once you got things right, you will also look right.

Another thing, remember that appointment setting requires some level of negotiations, so be prepared to give some compromises to your prospective sales leads.

True, being humble and really willing to help your prospects can help you be more successful in your lead generation campaign.


7 Habits Of Successful Telemarketers: No. 6 – They Know How To Sell


Of course, not all successful telemarketers possess the same qualities. There will be some who would be different from others, in terms of how they conduct their lead generation campaign or the kind of sales leads they wish to generate. Still, the one common tie that connects them all is this: they can sell. And when it comes to selling, they are actually very good at it. Despite the negative perception of the term ‘selling’ in the minds of a lot of people, there are things we do that actually possess the nature of selling, not to mention these are the very things that we can emulate for ourselves.

For example, good sellers can explain their side properly. You do not have to actually sell something, but the mere fact that you can get your ideas across other people is actually a very good habit. Also, good sellers are excellent listeners. This is something you will need in your appointment setting process, since you will definitely be making some negotiations at this point. Another quality of selling that you can follow is the act of compromise. No one can have everything in this world, and that is the same thing with business. You have to adjust to the needs of your prospects before you get them to become B2B leads.

There are other qualities is selling that you can emulate from successful marketers, and you can learn these along the way. Anyway, if you actually deliver what you promise, your telemarketing campaign would be more successful in the end.

7 Habits Of Successful Telemarketers: No. 1 – They Have No Back-ups

7 Habits Of Successful Telemarketers: No. 2 – They Work

7 Habits Of Successful Telemarketers: No. 3 – Go Against The Flow

7 Habits Of Successful Telemarketers: No. 4 – Aiming High

7 Habits Of Successful Telemarketers: No. 5 – Never Stopping

7 Habits Of Successful Telemarketers: No. 5 – Never Stopping


Another habit of excellent lead generation specialists is with regards to momentum. Once they have started their work, rarely will you see them stop. If they did, they would probably be switching gears or improving their offer, which would translate to better sales leads. A good marketer would be content with the success of their current campaign. An excellent one would try to find more ways to improve and make more money. This is a habit that will surely bring you more benefits in terms of B2B leads generated. But the question here is this: how will you go about it?

First, you need to actually start something. No matter how good you are in getting the telemarketing job done, if you did make any effort to actually do something, then nothing will come out of your efforts at all.

Second, try shutting off all distractions during your work. Be it your cell phone or emails coming in, once you are in the middle of your work, you should only concentrate in what you are doing. Answering all your emails (which will never end) or looking at your phone (which can pretty much be all the time) will not only waste your time, but will also reduce your productivity.

And lastly, look to do better. A hallmark of successful appointment setting campaigns is the constant improvements done to maximize impact on the audience.

Do these things, and you can be sure to be successful in your overall lead generation campaign.


7 Habits Of Successful Telemarketers: No. 1 – They Have No Back-ups

7 Habits Of Successful Telemarketers: No. 2 – They Work

7 Habits Of Successful Telemarketers: No. 3 – Go Against The Flow

7 Habits Of Successful Telemarketers: No. 4 – Aiming High

7 Habits Of Successful Telemarketers: No. 4 – Aiming High


The mark of an excellent telemarketing representative also consists of having a high aim. That is an essential part of a successful lead generation process. After all, having a goal can concretize your efforts, helping you maintain your pacing. Of course, when it comes to goals, you need to know what exactly it should be. Setting your sales leads aims too high will lead you to fail, while setting them too low will also cause you to be mediocre. In this case, you need to remember a few important points.

One, it must be a personal goal. Sure, you should follow the general aim of your marketing team, but if you do not put a personal intent in it, then you will lose steam in the long run. You have to make your aims your very own.

Second, it must be feasible. As I have mentioned earlier, your aim will determine the success of your campaign. So, if you set your appointment setting goals too high, you might not be able to reach it, discouraging you. Set it too low, and you will not be able to shine.

Lastly, it must also be measurable. You need to quantify the success or failure of your campaign, which means you need to conduct it through a measurable medium. For example, you can use telemarketing. It is very affordable, and it can reach a lot more prospects in a single day. Plus, you can measure it, too.

Follow these, and you can aim high in your lead generation campaign.


7 Habits Of Successful Telemarketers: No. 1 – They Have No Back-ups

7 Habits Of Successful Telemarketers: No. 2 – They Work

7 Habits Of Successful Telemarketers: No. 3 – Go Against The Flow

7 Habits Of Successful Telemarketers: No. 3 – Go Against The Flow


There are many good habits that successful lead generation representatives can practice. The third point to consider would be the idea of going against the trends. Following trending topics is fine. Come to think of it, this is an important part of the marketing process. You need to know what is foremost in the customers’ mind, and use that knowledge to craft a better plan in generating qualified sales leads. Failure to do so would only weaken your appointment setting capabilities. What do you think made marketers stand out? What made Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Warren  Buffett win?

They went against the flow.

Despite what the market trends showed, these people decided to go ahead with their revolutionary changes. The result is an astounding increase in sales and profits. Sure, these did not occur overnight, but the mere fact they went against conventions of their time changed the world we are living in today. Instead of following a sure trail, blazing a new path can bring you better results. It can be in the form of products you offer, or the marketing tools you use, even the likes of telemarketing. All these things can play a big role in your success in B2B leads.

Do not be afraid to go against the flow. Yes, the risk of failure is high, but the rewards you get if you succeed will more than make up for it. Just do your best, perform your research, and believe in what you do. That will give you success in your lead generation campaign.


7 Habits Of Successful Telemarketers: No. 1 – They Have No Back-ups

7 Habits Of Successful Telemarketers: No. 2 – They Work

7 Habits Of Successful Telemarketers: No. 2 – They Work


Another habit of very successful telemarketing representatives is that they actually do some work. Unlike the average worker, these marketers really do their best when they are in the production floor. This could best explain their ability to generate a lot of sales leads at the end of the day. A little productiveness can be a real benefit for those involved in B2B leads generation. And usually, the ones that work a lot during their shift tends to finish their job earliest. You can do that too. All you need is to follow these simple tips:

  1. No phones – turn off your phones when you are already in your work station. Unless someone needs to contact you by phone, there is no need for it in the usual run of the day. Besides, if your phone receives a call, it can create a nasty feedback with your telemarketing equipment.
  2. No emails – checking emails is good, but doing that all the time will just waste your time. You can just open it at the start of the shift, and then check in again before the day ends. That would be enough to tell you if there are any tasks to be done.
  3. No gossip – really, that should be the last thing you should be doing, since it wastes a good amount of your time, not to mention giving you useless information. Better concentrate with your own lead generation work, which is a better idea.

Really, just do these things, and your appointment setting campaign will be all right.