Telemarketing in Singapore: Best Practices for Sales Prospecting Calls

Sales prospecting calls will still be a major mainstay in the world of B2B lead generation and it does not look like it has hit its demise anytime soon. Outbound telemarketing has been integral to the lead generation strategies of many large companies in Singapore, but how do you really go about it with your own business? In this article, we will be examining the best practices for sales prospecting calls in the B2B sales process and how it impact B2B lead generation in Singapore.

Establish Rapport

“You were never that close to your spouse when you first met, but now you share a family together.”

There are many tips and tricks that telemarketers use, but the first one we’re going to tackle is establishing rapport. 

Establishing rapport is conversing with someone on the phone to the point that they can trust you to a certain degree. We know that it can be difficult at times, but people who are generally happy or pleased that they are speaking with you can generally help drive sales higher. It has become a term in outbound contact centers because of how effective it is when dealing with a client.

Do Your Research

Do you want to succeed in business? Then, you better understand that knowledge is power. Before you even go about calling your list of prospects, you have to understand that you have to do your research beforehand. Communicating on a sales prospecting call is more effective if you know who you are talking to and what that person is generally interested in.

Doing your research allows you a competitive edge in any type of situation.

Stay Focused on What You Are Doing

A lot of contact agents get easily distracted when they do sales prospecting calls because the scripts can be easily memorized and sometimes it becomes a habit to just talk. However, being laser-focused on what you are doing allows you to be able to be more effective in generating leads that you can really rely on.

Avoid being on Facebook or communicating with other people when you are cold calling because your main goal is to communicate effectively with your prospect. It’s not that hard to do when you already have the habit in place.

Prospecting in batches 

Set aside a certain amount of hours each day to make calls. Making numerous outreach calls in a succession is far more efficient than calling one prospect, preparing for a demo, attending a meeting, making a couple more calls, connecting with ten people on LinkedIn, and so forth.

You’ll not only be in the prospecting mentality, but you’ll also be able to store all of your supplies close at hand.

Talk Less, Listen More

This point is another significant point that you really have to practice. Most of the time, people give away clues about their intentions through the words that they use. Think of it as part of the research, you want to know more about a prospect so you listen to them, not only are you building rapport as a good listener but you are essentially mining for information at the same time.

Staying focused is important here because unlike a face-to-face conversation, you won’t be looking at gestures but rather focusing on intonations and tell-tale signs based on their speech.

Be Grateful

Regardless if they want to talk to you or not, still be grateful for the opportunity to have had the chance to talk to your prospects. This goes a long way because it establishes your company as a graceful one and it also uplifts your mood and gets you ready for the next call.

A lot of contact center agents will often complain about their ruined moods after talking to someone who has been so negative on the phone. This is unavoidable because humans are relational beings. However, one sure fire way of getting this sorted out is by being grateful. It stabilizes your mood and keeps you happier about everything.

Look for Pain Points

Do you want to be more effective at what you do? Ask questions about the prospective client’s business. This is a great way for you to find more about how you can help them. It leads to more fruitful conversations and also adds to the rapport that you are trying to build.

You are here to establish relationships that are long term, this is the backbone of repeat B2B sales.

Solutions Are What Works

Your aim is to be a consultant and not a salesman. 

Nobody likes having products or services jammed down the phone, and as much as possible you want to be solutions-based and not product-based. When you become solutions-based, you stop being part of the sales team and you end up being someone that they can rely on to help make a difference in their company.

People do not want to know how good your products or services are, they want to know how they can have their problems fixed. Trust us, this is one of the most effective ways to communicate.

By being able to apply these simple principles you will be able to modify the process of how you go about your sales prospecting efforts. An efficient cold calling strategy will not only save you on costs, but it will also make your sales process much more effective. Never underestimate the power of outbound telemarketing!