Crisis Management 101: How to Get Out of Sticky Situations when Needed

Crisis Management 101 How to Get Out of Sticky Situations when Needed

You don’t always expect things to run smoothly within the domain of B2B Telemarketing.

Privacy issues, copyright lawsuits and court-sanctioned searches can put your company under a bad light. Not only that, these problems may deal a painful pinch that could suffocate your company and render your lead generation efforts null.

Indeed, dealing a crisis can signal the death knell of a well-conceived marketing plan and more importantly a well-sculpted reputation.

In the event of such difficult dilemmas, the only logical step is to mobilize a crack team of damage control experts and resolve these problems professionally.

Here is how to aptly do just that:

Get a PR team.

This is your company’s A-Team, ever present during periods of highs and lows. But mainly, their abilities are best measured whenever something critical comes up. A public relations plan is an important company facet upon which rests its existence and credibility. In this respect, your PR Team will always be there to operate your defenses. And for this you will need to partner up with the appropriate agency.

Hire competent legal experts.

A company attorney should have the legal prowess, and not just the “Atty.” prefix. Your legal team must be composed of proficient individuals who are more into performance and result than to simply widen their lists of clients. Also, never measure legal competency by the ability to memorize every passage of your country’s constitution. Go for someone who can efficiently analyze documents and contracts as well as provide you with sound advice.

Okay, so now you have an army of experts to do your bidding. The next step is for you to determine which strategies to use. The following are typically employed to save you from a potential PR nightmare.

Public apologies.

Whether it was due to an awkward tweet or a poorly managed campaign, making a public apology simply means that you are handling the matter like any mild mannered adult would. Guarantee your existing and potential prospects that your management will treat the problem.

Internal contingency plans.

In most cases, crises can originate within the organization. Staff errors are always a possibility. Thus, trainings and company symposiums are the best way to orient your personnel to prevent problems from arising, identify potential issues, and fix the issues themselves before they blow out of proportion.

Considering these points, don’t expect success to be a rickshaw ride through Hong Kong. Anything can happen along the way, leaving you with the option of preparing for the worse or ignore everything and hope for the best. The answer couldn’t get any more obvious.