How to Handle Early Sales Objections, According to Science [VIDEO]

Objection: “Just send me some info…”

How to Respond:

“Sure, I want to make sure I send the right info. Tell me more about…”

Why it Works:

  • This uses the ‘Context Effect’ in psychology.
  • The context surrounding an event affects how it’s perceived.

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Objection: “We already work with your competitor.”

How to Respond:

“That’s great. What results are you getting?”

Why it Works:

  • This response reverses the direction of change.
  • It’s the best way to overcome status quo bias.

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Objection: “Call me back in 6 months…”

How to Respond:

“What are your company’s other priorities right now?”

Why it Works:

  • Prioritizing activities is better than time management.
  • Best-selling author Rory Vaden shows this approach defeats procrastination.

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Objection: “We don’t have any budget right now.”

How to Respond:

“That’s okay. I’m not calling to sell you anything today.
But if I could ask you about…”

Why it Works:

  • This response shows empathy.
  • Harvard neuroscience research finds that trust depends on empathy.

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Try these tactics out for yourself
…and take the conversation to the next level.



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