How NOT To Manage Your Telemarketers

How NOT To Manage Your Telemarketers

Have you noticed something in your room that sits in a corner or hidden in a box for maybe over a year now and seems to occupy a space for supposedly more valuable things? Clutter and that needs to be purged out of your room.

But did you know that there are also clutter in the office? Not merely papers, staple wires nor aged receipts but telemarketers who just sit there, make calls, take a break and leave for home on the dot. Can you purge them out of the office, too? Not too soon.

Being so stringent on your telemarketers during the whole shift, noticing every action they make will not guarantee you a leadership award nor grant your team a company-paid vacation in the Bahamas as top performers, but most likely result in a fast turn-over in your staffing. This means that you should give your telemarketers a room for growth and manage independence.

So learn team management best practices that you may implement among your staff that are less stressful and do not require much stringency. Below are tips on how not to manage your telemarketers.

Set Proper Expectations

Give your telemarketers the big picture of how their responsibilities would impact the whole team’s performance and the company as well. Regardless of how small or large their tasks are, make them understand that everything, done right or otherwise, would contribute to the end results. One telemarketer with failed statistics will definitely push the team’s statistics down.

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Perk Up Interest

Leaders are being looked up to by his subordinates at all times so walk your talk and show templates of performance which your telemarketers can use in order to improve their skills and enhance their knowledge. Create and innovate strategies that would draw their interest to perform at their best and exceed expectations. Like when a new calling tool is introduced, take the time to learn and utilize the tool before sharing knowledge with your telemarketers.

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Entrust and Trust   

Assign them additional tasks that would mold them into better telemarketers and eventually contribute to their growth like having them update systems and spreadsheets and assigning them tasks during team meetings like keeping attendance and contribute ideas. Let them do, discover and recreate on these tasks by themselves, thus will merit them self-confidence and hone their leadership potentialities.


As a leader, you have to continuously nurture your telemarketers’ knowledge and skills for them to become consistently effective in their jobs. Also, shape their characters to draw self-motivation to keep them success-driven. Team and individual coaching should be available not only b schedule but anytime your agent needs it.     

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Drive Them Through The Right Track

Leaders are role models and have the weighty task to do only the right thing at the right time for the good of all. If you commit mistakes, take the courage to correct it at the soonest time to avoid complication. Draw lessons from mistakes and craft actions steps with the whole team on how to handle similar cases in the future.   

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Note that not everything that sits idle should be deemed valueless, instead contemplate on options on which can be improved, revised or reused. Not all clutter deserves to be purged; some may just need to be free from rust and dust to uncover their worth and possibly become more valuable in the future.