Important B2B Telemarketing Metrics to Take Note

Important B2B Telemarketing Metrics to Take Note

Call it an ineffective observation, but many of us will point to mathematics as our least favorite subject. There is something in the world of constants and variables that intimidates us. Then again, we cannot scoff at the fact that nearly everything is subject to statistical inquiry.

In B2B telemarketing, businesses depend on mathematical functions to gauge the success of their CRM and lead prospecting activities. It is impossible to know what individual decision-makers want or whether one’s marketing investments are producing as expected, which explains the reason to use marketing metrics.

Lead generation telemarketing is influenced by several factors. And ignoring such factors is considered counterproductive. Anyway, how can you improve your marketing efforts or feed your pipeline with high-quality B2B sales leads without taking into account such metrics as buyer preference and ROI?

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Like it or not, you would need to assess critical marketing metrics. These variables after all can determine where you are in realizing your lead generation and appointment setting goals.

Conversion rates. Taking into account the conversion of B2B leads into prospects and prospects into sales, a business is able to provide itself with a clear description of its current strategies. A drop in conversions may call for improvement in your marketing structure, particularly the way one’s telemarketing staff responds to audience needs. An increase meanwhile suggests simple maintenance or further improvement.

Call volume. How often do your telemarketers contact leads? Or in another case, how many calls should your telemarketers make in a day? Call volume is important in that it shows lead generation productivity. Of course, high call volumes indicate high traffic of B2B leads which can be qualified for the sales team to engage.

ROI. Another important metric to take note of is ROI. Setting up a lead generation telemarketing campaign entails a lot of effort and expenses. It is thus vital to track whether your investments are efficiently returning to your coffers. Poor ROI obviously indicates a waste of resources, thus necessitating improvements in your telemarketing activities.

Lead quality. Always consider the pertinent data of each lead that comes your way. Do they fit snuggly with your audience profile? Do they belong to the industry that makes the most use of your products and services? How many wrong numbers were dialed? Taking into account these questions can aid in motivating your lead generation team to focus on quality and not solely on quantity.

These are the top metrics to observe in lead generation telemarketing. And learning to love them unconditionally can put your campaign on a winning streak.

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