Reason Why You Cannot Sell Software Services Effectively? Communication

Software companies are wondering why it’s getting harder and harder to sell software services to businesses. In order for a software company to stand out in the B2B appointment setting game, they need to gain the trust of their sales leads prospects.

Easy for us to say, “You must have faith in what you offer” or “Have a referral program and ask your customers to promote your business to those they know”. Whatever your advice is, you will never understand unless you sell software yourself. In my 10 years of experience in sales, I know how hard it is to market software products and services.  What is the reason for this?

The answer is simple: communication.

The main culprit in failed B2B software lead generation campaigns is poor communication. Here are some of these errors.

You talk while you think

A lot of marketers are guilty of this, especially those involved in B2B telemarketing. While it is true that you need to think of the possible objections or questions from your prospect in order to provide solutions. However, you must do that before you make calls. Talking while thinking can cause you to lose focus on your discussion with your prospect. A simple solution is to prepare beforehand and just think a bit before answering.

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You do not follow through

I once spoke with a telemarketer selling internet services. I’m driving at the moment and asked him to call me back. She promised to call me back in ten minutes. Problem is, he did not. 2 weeks after someone else called me back. Whenever your prospect asked you to call back, follow through what you said. That person on the other end of the line is probably waiting for you.

You never listen

Rebuttals are necessary for a call, but never should it become an avenue for you to argue with your prospects. A good salesperson should probe and ask questions even if the prospect is not interested. Rebuttals are there to give your B2B leads prospects more reason to do business with you. However, having a debate with your prospect won’t do you any good. You should avoid that as much as possible.

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You are too defensive 

Many telemarketers tend to provide solutions to non-existent problems. In order to handle your call effectively, you must only say important information needed by your prospect. This trait is a typical ‘pushy salesman’ image that you should avoid. Keep in mind that your business exists solely to satisfy your prospects’ needs, and to ensure that the people receiving them are actually in need of the service. Selling your prospects something they do not need is unprofessional. It will ruin your chance to close the deal. So, when you’re selling something, make sure the other party is actually in need of it. Get Started with these Effective Telemarketing Scripts for All Industries [FREE TEMPLATES].

Communication will always be a part of the business. After all, doing business is all about interacting with your prospects. What a better way to interact with them is to communicate, right? Your ability to generate more B2B software leads will depend on your skills in communicating. It may be hard at the start, but at least you have something good to work on. Just take your time and practice, and you will polish your communication skills.