Shorten your Sales Cycle through Efficient B2B Telemarketing

Two business persons doing a handshake

When telemarketers start calling prospects on their lists, the core operation of marketing begins. This is the part where everything is put on the line; the fate of the entire B2B lead generation campaign will ultimately be decided on whether a call is successful or not.

But aside from that, telemarketing calls also serve another purpose: it also shortens the sales cycle so that more leads can be accommodated. However, there’s a catch: it only works when telemarketing is at its best.

Efficient telemarketing can weed out bad data. Through a systematic ‘sweep’ of a typical database, initial touches can help get rid of inaccurate and outdated information so that the more proficient telemarketers won’t be wasting time on fruitless calls. The only way that you can truly verify the accuracy of data is to talk to someone from the company, and telemarketing can address that.

Efficient telemarketing can add relevant data into the mix. Of course, once a communication line is established, telemarketers can also incorporate additional information for future callers’ disposal. For example, if Telemarketer A calls and gets rejected, he can at least ask for future entry points (such as expiration of current contracts, seasonal needs) and update the pipeline. This would be helpful for Telemarketer B in preparing for the next touchpoint, thus making the process more efficient.

Efficient telemarketing can institute brand awareness. Not every call will be entertained. But as long as each call is branded properly, there would have to be some sort of brand retention in the prospects’ minds, and it should facilitate in establishing familiarity. It also leaves an impression among prospects that a certain provider is committed to offer products and services that may come in handy later on.

Efficient telemarketing can improve the marketing-to-sales handoff. When leads are captured at the right moment and for the right reasons, passing them over to the sales department won’t be as chaotic as it usually is. This in turn reduces instances of rejected leads and disagreements in terms of qualifications, eventually resulting to a shorter, more productive sales cycle.

To achieve all these, one needs additional resources and manpower. Lead generation and appointment setting services companies have a pool of competent B2B telemarketers ready to take on the job. It’s quite an investment to engage into, but the returns are long-term and measurably satisfying.