Telemarketing for Financial Leads: Don’t Sound too Technical

Telemarketing for Financial Leads- Don’t Sound too Technical

Product knowledge means more sales. We all know that as a salesperson, you should be familiar with the features and benefits of your product. However, it is always not a good idea to show off how much you know about your financial software.

Sure, you can talk to someone from the Information Technology department. However, the main prospects for financial solution companies are Financial Directors, Financial Managers, CFOs or Financial Controllers because they are the end user of your product. So using terms that are too technical to them in your B2B lead generation telemarketing script can only complicate their decision to buy from you.

How? As a sales rep, if you sound like you know everything, even the technical part of your software will make them feel like they can ask you anything.

“How does your software work?”

“We already have software for our payroll. Can we incorporate it into our system and just use some of your software’s features such as reporting, accounts payable and accounts receivable?”

That is good, right? Because if they do, it could mean they might consider buying from you. However, it could also mean that they don’t need to speak to your Consultant because he can ask whatever it is that he needs to know from you. The worst part is what if you can’t answer some of your prospect’s questions?

What’s more important is for your prospects to understand what your financial software can offer that can help them. Not letting them know how much you know about your product. Here’s a sample script that I personally use when looking for financial software leads.

Hi! This is Katrina and I’m calling from ______. Am I speaking with Michelle Sy, the Financial Director?

Michelle, would you be the person in-charge of your financial planning and business forecasting?

I’m calling from_____. We provide Financial Budgeting and forecasting solutions. I’m calling to introduce our Budgeting and planning application.

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If I may ask,

  • Does your organization currently do budgeting and forecasting?
  • How do you currently do this process and how often? (Take note if they are using Excel or a specific tool. Try to get the brand name of the software)
  • How do you track your actual performance vs budget/forecast?
  • Are there specific areas in your current setup that you wish to be improved?

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  • When does your budgeting cycle start? When does it end?
  • Are you looking to evaluate a new solution?
  • Have you drafted a budget for the project?
  • What’s your role in the decision-making process? (Recommender, Evaluator, Decision Maker)

If NO:

Would you be open for a solution demo for you to see how our Budgeting application works to reduce the overheads with Annual Budgeting and periodic forecasting.?

We can send you a link to our quick online demo. May I have your email address, please?

Verify all contact details: Complete Name, Company address, Email address, Job Title, Contact Number, Direct Line or Mobile Number

Thank you for your time, Michelle. Have a great day!

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When doing telemarketing for financial leads, it is best to dig in about their pain points and offer a solution to their problems. In any case, it wouldn’t be a pleasant endeavor in the same manner as having managers to uncover what you are trying to say.