Telemarketing Rules in Singapore that you Should Know

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Telemarketers are rampant not only in the US but also in Singapore and all over the world. Many Singaporeans don’t like getting telephone calls from telemarketers advertising different products and services. That is why some Singaporeans decided to register on Do Not Call (DNC) Registry which was officially launched in December 2013 to protect their data from annoying telemarketers disturbing them while they’re busy at work because their numbers will be excluded in a calling list.

According to CCAS (Contact Centre Association of Singapore) here are the telemarketing rules in Singapore that you should know.

Know when to call the right person at the right time.

Contact Centre Association of Singapore - Telemarketing Rules

Telemarketing calls must only be done on the hours mentioned above, except with the express prior consent of the called party. Reach the right person at the right time when there’s a higher chance of getting hold of your prospects and conversion rates are at its most optimal, leading to a higher percentage of success calls. And because of the restrictions, Callbox has to improvised a tool 

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Provide proper Identification.

During an outbound call, the telemarketer must identify herself, state the name of the company they are calling on behalf with and the purpose of her call.

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Supply information upon request of the party being called.

If the call recipient requested for the following information, telemarketers must provide the information.

  • The telemarketer’s name and contact details
  • The name of the telemarketer’s supervisor
  • The name of the organization the telemarketer is calling on behalf with
  • The nature of business of the organization
  • Source of the prospect’s contact information (if available)

Do not Call List

All prospects registered in a “Do Not Call” list must not be contacted and advertised of various products and services. When someone asked you to take them off your calling list, telemarketer must update and maintain his/her records on a regular basis. The prospect being placed on a “Do not call” list must remain on the list for at least a year. After which, telemarketers can call them again. However, when asked to be put on a “Do not call” list again, must be included in the list of companies who wishes not to receive any telemarketing calls.

PDPC (Personal Data Protection Commission) chairman Leong Keng Thai said:

“Telemarketers looking to promote their products or services to individuals with Singapore telephone numbers must abide by the DNC provisions. It is a frustrating experience for individuals who have registered their numbers with the DNC registry to continue receiving unsolicited telemarketing messages, and the PDPC will take enforcement action against those who continue to ignore the rules.”

All telemarketers must abide to these rules especially if your target area is within Singapore. Be considerate of your prospects time and respect them by providing information upon request of the party being called.

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