Telemarketing: Why Singaporean Prospects Turn You Down

Telemarketing: Why Singaporean Prospects Turn You Down

For a lot of B2B companies in Singapore, telemarketing is still a strategy that enjoys mass appeal among solutions providers across different industries in the city-state. The reason for this is that a lot of Singaporean companies believe in the fact that humanized interactions are important in business outreach. You simply can’t win hearts and minds if you just settle for communication channels where there are limits to how you can influence your audience.

Which leads us to the question of how to make telemarketing calls even more effective in terms of generating quality sales leads.

First, however, we have to know what makes a truly effective telemarketing call. Every company has its own notion of what makes an engaging talking point. But when it comes down to the actual application, not many of these companies could hit the right notes.

For sure, success rates vary depending on the type of people handling a telemarketing campaign. But beyond that, there are other factors that influence the success of a cold call for the purpose of generating a lead.

It is also essential to focus on crafting conversations that strum the right chords and keep prospects within the sales cycle. Most of the time, gaining a new client relies on how well you construct the information you want them to hear. It also involves identifying talking points that can instantly turn a prospect off.

If anything, there are reasons why prospects get turned off. And if you want to improve your lead generation efforts, you need to avoid these pitfalls.

1.) The prospect didn’t understand you

Especially for the IT, software and the financial crowd, we just can’t help ourselves from being too technical when we talk about our product and services.

But often, it is these technicalities that cause ambiguity. Assuming that the prospect already knows what you are talking about will, in fact, give your prospect all the more reason to reject you. They are, in fact, more concerned about results than the mechanics involved.

A word of advice: Don’t keep your prospect in the dark by using a language they have to decode themselves. Go beyond this barrier and just communicate in their own terms by telling what results you can right off the bat. Learn how to counter your prospect’s rejection.

2.) The prospect is already eyeing another vendor

Sometimes, the reason why prospects decline your telemarketing calls is that they already have legitimate reasons to do so.

One of these reasons is that a competitor has already grabbed their attention. There’s little you can do at this point – except of course you give a pitch that will eventually change the prospect’s mind.

Situations such as this should be addressed appropriately because these offer opportunities to make better offers. With this, you have emphasized the high points of your product and make a perfect case for showing them how different you are from the competition.

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3.) The prospect is on a tight budget

So, you feel that you’re prospect’s interest is at its peak and it is high time to make a pitch. But the moment you talk about price, the prospect will suddenly have a change in tone.

“We are not ready to purchase yet” is probably the safest reply a B2B telemarketer could get but it speaks volumes about a prospect’s potential to purchase.

But even if that were the case, it will be a waste to sever your ties with the prospect right then and there. Instead of taking the road of defeat, give your prospect some time to think about the details of your offer and make ask if you can make another call in the future to discuss an opportunity to scale the price tag down.

The prospect is unimpressed

Like it or not, you just can’t force your prospects to like you. But it all depends on how you present your brand actually.

There is, after all, no magic spell that will draw prospects in, but this doesn’t mean the end of your engagement. You only need to retreat and try again. Tell the prospect that you appreciate their feedback. After that, ask if you can make a follow-up call in a week or two. It will be enough time to think through your initial conversation and create better-talking points that suit their demands and finally impress them.

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