Tips in Finding Assistance for Telecalling Campaign in Singapore

Tips in Finding Assistance for Telecalling Campaign in Singapore

Planning a perfect vacation is not solely finding a virgin island with a white sand beach in the Bahamas and staying in the comfiest bed of a 5-star hotel, but starts off with a checklist of stuff you need to take note of before, during and after vacation. Deciding where you want to go, booking a flight and hotel and finding the best restos are just part and parcel of the whole trip. Little things like double-checking plane tickets, passport and visa details and setting the proper expectation in the office before you leave may have to be necessarily considered before you pack your bags.

Setting a telecalling campaign would require you to find assistance from people and tools in order to cope with campaign requirements. Having a goal and employing staff to set appointments on your behalf is not enough to hit your targets for the business. You’ve got to have the right people in place and use the right tools. Here’s a simple checklist on finding assistance for telecalling campaign.


Find A Telemarketing Team

Choose the one that has been in the business for at least 10 years and could provide collaterals to prove their services effectiveness. A referral from someone who has worked with a certain telemarketing provider may work well rather than those you just researched.


Look Closer On The Necessary Marketing Tools

This could possibly be provided by the telecalling company but you have to take a closer look on the the kind of tools and processes they use. Make sure that the tools are capable of the providing the needs of your campaign like email marketing, nurturing and smart calling. Check out 5 Lead Nurture Tools to Turn Cold Singapore Prospects to Warm


Set Call Metrics

Track call metrics or key performance indicators with your telecalling provider in order to gauge success. Getting many numbers of appointments in a day will not guarantee solid appointments but needs to be capped by quality in terms of speaking with the right prospects, uncovering business needs and gaining trust and commitment to ensure work quality.

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Leverage On Multi-Channel Programs

Technology has taken its toll on business and you’d eat dust if you don’t keep up. People think, talk and move fast through all sorts of communication: web, mobile, email etc. These are intertwining communication avenues that most businesses utilize. Reach the right prospect and get your message to them at the right time via the different communication channels. Choose the one that could best connect and let you clearly communicate with target contacts.     

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Gather feedback on how the last campaign went. Seek suggestions from both your staff and the telecalling provider team to filter the most effective strategies that you may continue to use. Come up with action plans that focus more on process improvement and quality.

Find the best assistance for your telecalling campaign using the checklist above and get that “vacationing-in-Bahamas” feeling after your successful telecalling campaign.