Turn Your Sales Coaching Challenge into a High Performing Machine [INFOGRAPHIC]

Turn Your Sales Coaching Challenge into a High Performing Machine

What is Sales Coaching?

It is a process to help sales reps develop their sales skills and deliver satisfying results. Coaching identifies the strengths and weaknesses of each member. Focus on individual strength in helping them improve their ability and skills, set goals, take actions and get better every day.

2 Ways of Coaching

  1. Individual – one on one coaching between the Sales Manager and the sales rep
  2. Group – the whole team will listen and evaluate the call

Purpose of Sales Coaching

  • Develop team’s sales skills and motivates them
  • Make your team become more effective in achieving their goals.
  • Create high performing team members
  • Help team adapts to new B2B trends.
  • Build relationship and trust between Sales Leaders and all the members of the team
Turn Your Sales Coaching Challenge into a High Performing Machine

Sales Coaching Challenges

Problem # 1: Not enough time to coach

Managing a sales team is the most challenging responsibility of a sales manager. However, because of their busy time, they put coaching at the last of their priority.

TIP: Spend more time coaching and developing your sales team to sell more and solve problems on their own. As a result, coaching will free up some your time.

Problem # 2: Sales Leaders don’t know how to coach

Most of the time, good sales reps are promoted as Sales leaders. However, not all people that are good in sales have the right skills to become a better coach.

TIP: Sales Coaching is a skill that can be learned, acquired and develop in time. Practice your skills by spending more time on coaching your sales reps and develop an effective sales team.

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Problem # 3: Sales Managers don’t have enough skills to coach different types of sales reps

There are different types of salespeople – the newbie, the intermediate and the expert. As a sales manager, you only have one goal, to help your team become more effective in sales and deliver results.

TIP: Listen to their calls and make a list of all the things you see they could improve. However, don’t neglect their strengths, it’s one way of motivating them to know that they did something good.